Love is what it is
It has no name and colour,
For it is just as it is,
You can give a name to it, you can describe it
But does it need to be described, or you want to feel it, be it?
And in your description,
Do you do justice to it or it is a figment of your mind's imagination.
Seek not to love through need, but seek to share the love through mutual co-operation,
Seek love not to possess, but to release,
Seek Love not to control, but to be controlled by it
Seek love not be jealousy, but to heal the energy of jealousy with in oneself
Seek love not for self-gratification, but to be giver of love to others
Seek love not for adulation, but to show what Love can do to Unite people,
So, seek love, so that you may serve people and God,
For they are both the same.
Seek Love to be Bringer of Light and Laughter to others
To all those whose lives you touch,
for in this you would glorify yourself and God, for you are God indeed and Love Indeed.
Seek love not outside of yourself, but within, for there is eternal fountain of Love inside.
Quench your thirst from it and you will be filled with it,
For not only will it fill you up, you will share with all freely this Love.
You are the Love, God and Universe combined into one
And it is called LOVE