Love is a gift we are born with and this gift is free to share
And the more we share, the more it grows.
Then why do you restrict yourself in sharing this ever-present gift,
What misery are you going through in your mind and life
That you will restrict its flow, for don't you see, when it doesn't flow,
It stagnates and rotes,
And do you want your magnificence to be like a lifeless corpse
Or do you want to shine your light bright and clear,
Then Love is the answer.
Love, Love, Love
This love has been expressed through the teachings and sharing by masters of yester years.
And it is expressed in your beautiful paintings, music, dance, fun and laughter.
This love weaves the world together and holds together humanity in its tenderness,
And it this love which consoles a broken heart or soothes a broken mind.
Your brothers and sisters of the four legged, displays this love and share it freely always,
And have you seen a mother bird feeding its little ones, or a mamma cat feeding its little kittens,
For they are showing you the purest form of love to emulate and be.
Seek a four-legged brother and sister and look into their eyes and what will you see,
Love staring back at you.
When you are down and out, look to your own beautiful eyes
And what will you see, your Love staring back at you.
You are Love, Love, Love