A Tribute to Mom

Mother, Mother who are you?
Are you a Goddess? Are you a God, who creates and embodies?
Mother, Mother who are you?
Are you a Celestial Being in human disguise?
Carrying on the work of Creator?
Mother, Mother who are you?
Are you a being who embodies the Spirit of Earth and Sky?
To show us the Light and the Way?
Mother, Mother who are you?
Are you the Moon, and the Stars and the Galaxy?
On whom we all gaze upon and wonder,
For O, my dear Mother, I honour you today
For you are the dear embodiment of all and more.
I honour you for your love and caring and giving, and for the countless times you loved me,
Even at times when I did not love you, you stood by me knowing that my child will return home,
Will return to your bosom.
You are an embodiment of pure and simple love
And I am overjoyed to be part of you and for coming through you
And I ask you to teach me this simple love you carry in your heart
And being so that I may share this pure love with all I cross my path.
Be my Teacher, be my Mentor, be my Guide
My dear mom, for this love of your's will light up the world
And will ever burn brightly long after you are gone
And this will be the gift you will leave to the world and me.