Happiness, what is it?

Innocence is the essence of life indeed, for all are innocent and nothing can be judged
For who are we to judge, for you are a Universe in creation
And universe is never concluded and is ever expanding.
So judge not and condemn not
For you do not know that soul's path in this life or others,
Seek innocence in each & every one you see and they will see the same within you.
For all are pure and innocent at one's core level, for they have merely forgotten in doing the
things they deed you call evil.
Stand still and breathe and pull up this quality with in you and you will start to see beauty and
Flowing from one's heart and in this, you will start to see beauty and innocence in all.
God neither judges and nor condemns, for God knows that you have merely forgotten who you
And allows you in your innocence to heal and come back once again in to the truth of who you
Innocence is the byproduct of your Soul, for there are many qualities the soul has
And innocence stands on the top of the list.
Make an utterance daily and loudly, I an Innocence and Beauty
And these are my core essence and I live by it
Moment to Moment in the eternal creation of me in the magical moment of NOW
And in this I define myself and God with in me. and this is the message I give & send to the
world for my life is my message.
If I were to die today, I would go with the knowledge and satisfaction that
I lived by my truth of innocence and love and laughter & I glorified my God through these

I am Innocence and Beauty and Love.