Happiness, what is it?
Which everyone wants, seeks, fights for and looks for everywhere,
Is it euphoria or something else?
Happiness is who you are and is a frame of mind.
And who you are is determined by the choices you make on a moment by moment basis
And the choices you make determines the quality of happiness one experiences on a daily

Happiness is a state of mind you choose to experience
And has nothing to do with the outer experiences.
Outer experience may amplify your experience of joy and happiness,
But is the choice which will set you free
And then you will not seek happiness, but will create JOY instead.
Happiness is a bi-product of productive and happy thoughts.
So, your key to happiness lies in choosing wise and beneficial thoughts.
Thoughts are energy in creation and this energy moves in the direction of your choice and

So, my family and friends, don't look for happiness,
But seek to monitor your thoughts and as the quality of your thoughts improve,
So will your life improve and you will be happier.
Where does thoughts emanate from?

Is it from a past experience or is it being drawn from the collective thought forms of humanity?
When you ask this question, it can set you FREE.
Highest thoughts are from the Soul of one self.

When the thoughts are produced from all the three parts of oneself,
Body, Mind and Soul, and when it is in full synchronicity,
You will produce the highest outcome through your thoughts
And this in turn will produce the highest joy and happiness in your life.