God, the Omnipresence and the Omnipotent, a word used callously by all
Describing the indescribable and claiming it to be true and infallible
Arguing and Killing in the name of God & claiming to their God, the just and loving God
and all other's God to be blasphemous and silly,
How God has been made into a buffoon and given characters and attributes as a human being
For we have made God in the image of Man and given human attributes.
Alas, how did this come about? I wondered aloud and with a sigh, I gave up
For my loving God was made into something, of which I had no control.
So, I surrendered into my stillness and I asked my God about all this and the answer was
I did not create any of this, it all came from the fertile imagination of human mind
And then I ventured to ask, is there any truth to all this
And the answer was again very simple –
As a man thinketh and believes, he will create so.
Then I asked if is there any way, humanity can come out of this ignorance and darkness
For I see great wars and killings in the name of God and again the answer was very simple.
Choose to be and experience the God with in you.
Then I asked, what is this God,
and the answer was again simple - LOVE
Then I yearned to be this Love, this God
and I asked again, how can I be that which you are
and the answer was again simple - YOU AND ME ARE THE SAME.
This I understood and I said I will be that I will be and the answer was
So shall you experience that which you claim to be True.
In this understanding, my heart exploded in a cacophony of colours and joyful celebration
For I know now that I am God/Goddess indeed.
This knowing, I keep to myself and now when I see others, I
know in my heart that they are God/Goddess too
And in this I honour and respect and love them
And important of all, I Accept them as they are.