Divine Lover

Like an anxious lover waits for his beloved, I waited with bated breath
Waited for my Divine Lover to appear
And when it appeared I could not behold his magnificence
For its brightness was like a shining Sun and I could hardly gaze upon my beloved
And my beloved whispered in my ear, come closer to me so that I can whisper in your ear
And sing beautiful lullaby for you for I have waited for eternity for this moment
And now it is here.
Arise and embrace your magnificence for we will never part again, you and me,
This reunion and remembering is part of our Sacred Contract
And the promise we have made to ourselves and that which have been scripted long past.
Now in this union, let us dance to the melody of Life and its melodies
And which will catapult us towards the mysteries of life and death itself
And we could dance upon the stars and the Universe.
And we will become the stars and twinkle bright and this twinkling will awaken many
Our journey together has just begun, for there is magic to be explored and mystery to be solved
For our journey, will be a journey not just for us, but for our brothers and sisters too,
For our journey, will contain many steep mountains and steep valleys and green pastures,
And we will conquer it all with our Strength and Hope
And our journey will be a model for others, a model for our brothers and sisters to follow,
For they will see our struggles & triumph and this will give them hope & strength
To follow their own paths and the world will become a better place of love & sharing and
And in this modelling, I would fulfil my Dharma.