Dance is the expression of God in a physical form.
Dance originated from the heart and mind of God
And was a gift to humanity for self-expression
And to awaken the creative power embedded in the energy centers you call Chakras.
In the movement of body, one is able to sexpress one's inner divinity or any other expression of
life one chooses to exhibit
And in so doing, create a story, a tapestry of life in which many characters can be expressed
Dance is the Breath of Life and of God.
Lovers dance to express their love for each other,
And children dance to express their joy and happiness
And your four legged brothers and sisters danceto express love and solidarity
And the flowers and plants dance to celebrate their existence and beauty
And nature dances to expresses its magnificence through its varying Colours, Sounds and
Waves dance on the ocean to display its fluidity and oneness
And the dolphins and whales dance in the making and honouring of their community
And the birds dance in the expression of flight and freedom
And God dances in the celebration of Humanity and Creation.
So, I invite you to the dance floor and move your body and dance and chase away
Your inner demons and worries,
For in so doing you will rediscover your inner Divinity.
So. dance to the many rhythms of life, both in good times and challenging times,
For dance can be a healing balm for many.
Dance to the sound of music,
Dance in silence
Dance in Union, or by yourself, but dance nonetheless
And in this, the burden of life may look solvable and manageable..