Colours are the rhythm and the heartbeat of the Universe
And where there are no colours, no life can exist in its present form,
For colours feed your soul & heart
And colours sooth your heart, lungs, kidney, intestines and all of your body
For the colours feed your I am Presence.
Partake the food of colours daily and see your life grow,
And you will create harmony and peace in your life
For in each colour there is a secret which the soul knows and wants to decode and bring forth,
For there are Stories & Music, Geometry and Well-Being in colours
Colours you see like the Red, Blue and White
All colours are not just one single colour, but a reflection of a larger reality
And once you know this secret, you will know and understand the secret of the Universe.
Colours are by which you are birthed and protected within the womb of your mother,
For it is the colour of soft yellow when you were in your mother's womb which protects you and
nourishes you
And there are colours for each of your organs and your entire body
Seek this secret from your soul and then you will never need to see a doctor again
For you will know how to bring balance using colours.
The Universe is filled with colours, from the grand nature to the starry night,
All filled with beauty and vibrancy,
In the same way, since you are part of this grand universe, you are filled with colours and
much more than you can see and experience.
For I tell you a secret, there are more than 144 colours
in your palette and all sings a glorified and unified harmony.
Be still and listen to this symphony and you will begin to see the colours in all its glory and hues
And you will weep with joy for you will start to see the incredible magnificence of who you are
And in this you will begin to slowly start accepting yourself and the God with in you,
For you are indeed God expressing in myriad details and also through colours.