Challenges and Difficulties

Before the big rain, there is thunder and lightning,
And it was scary to see the sky becoming dark and cloudy
And then the heavens let loose and the waters fell, sometimes heavy and sometimes light
And after the deluge, all was clear and a beautiful rainbow appears
And the birds sing once again, lovers hold hand and walk again
And say how beautiful is the rainbow and the flowers feel refreshed
And the grass feels wet under your feet, but you walk on and say how beautiful it is Refreshed
And you say - how lovely it is for this brings much lightness and joy into my heart
And I began to sing a song of joy for I know now that without the thunder and heavy downpour,
rainbows cannot appear.
So, I made a promise to myself that from now on I will welcome all the
thunder and darkness falling on my head for I know that at the end, there is always a beautiful
So, I began calling Thunder and Lightning my friend
And slowly I noticed that the thunder and lightning falling on my head is less and less,
But the rainbow started increasing in size and frequency.
Then I danced in joy and ecstasy knowing that rainbow and I had become one.
So, my dear souls, welcome all, what life has to offer, the joy and the pain, for it is through these
both, your soul grows
For your soul wishes to know all its infinite expressions through its countless rebirths and
Pain is a process of growth whereas suffering is a wrong thought embedded into the mind.
Pain and suffering are two distinct things and when you eliminate false thinking, you will
eliminate suffering.
Life is a process of self-discovery and through this discovery you will realize who you truly are –
A divine Soul clothed in a human garment
Blessed be though Soul for you cannot know your magnificence without the human body,
So, honour the body for it is a vehicle through which you will gain freedom for the soul and
reach eternity.