Celestial Home

Like a Blazing sword in the hands of a Brave Warrior
I stood with my blazing torch and touched the intense darkness of my being and I began to see
initially, partially
Then more clearly that all the darkness was created by me,
For I was afraid and in my fearf, I kept on creating darkness for myself and others,
For I felt false comfort in this darkness without knowing that this darkness was enveloping me
and keeping me a prisoner.
Now I stand in the blazing truth of my soul, which my soul has always offered, but I did not see,
For I was addicted to darkness and emptiness,
but now I claim it and this bright torch of my soul shone like a brilliant sun on all the darkness I
was hiding
And keeping it a secret and when the light pierced this intense darkness
I realized that it was all self-creation and there was no darkness at all,
Only an emptiness of love.
Now I was no more afraid to look with in
And I was not seeking nor wanting any thing
For I know now that all that I want is with in me
And through this knowingness I can and will create what I need.
My light also showed me my shadow and how I was hiding from it for this part of me,
I had not accepted and my soul gently whispered to embrace this unloved part of me
And when I did, the remaining darkness disappeared entirely.
Now I was fully ready to embrace and wear the full gear of my beloved Soul
For my beloved soul is the lover I have been seeking for eternity
And I now I adorned the finest dress of my being and stepped into the grand palace of my heart chamber
And my beloved was waiting for me with all the splendor of a regal bride
And when our eyes locked in the eternal moment of now,
I lost myself in the arms of my beloved soul who carried me to the threshold of heaven where
the stars dance,
And where themangels and masters call their home, for now I have become one of them.
I am Home Now, I am Home Now, I am Home Now
My home is Love
My home is Truth
My home is Faith and Trust
My home is Wisdom and Peace
My home is Joy and Celebration of All that Is
My home is Who I Am.