Father, Father, where are though?
I came from your seed
and I came from you and your ancestors
and I carry the same love and wisdom you all carried
for I am You and all my elders.

I honour you my father today
for with out the seed from you I would not be here.
Father, you are noble and gracious and carries much wisdom
and I ask you to share your nobility and grace with me,
for I wish to continue my lineage far into the future
where love flourishes and nurtures every one.

Father, Father, be my guiding light and a lantern
in my darkness,
give me your strength and foresight,
so that I may walk alone and find my own strength,
for in this I will fulfil my destiny and fulfil my Dharma.

Give me your hand dearest Father,
so that I may hold and caress your strong and tender hands,
for I find this soothes me and holds me in tenderness again.
When I look into your eyes, I see great depth and great compassion,
but also strength and love and your eyes speak a thousand words
and this solaces my burning heart.

In the promise of my dearest father to me,
I take refuge in knowing that I am loved and cherished
and I will return home to the warm embrace of my father
for my father is God.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran