Wisdom wells in your heart
and it beckons you to seek and find it
for it is a gift of your soul
and all the solutions you seek is there
including joy and peace, fun and laughter.
You were born with wisdom of the Universe
imprinted into the very cells of your being
and it calls you forth to listen,
for it is the song of your soul
ever encouraging and pushing you to your
glorious hights for you are magnificent and brilliant,
glowing like a thousand sun.

Come back, come back, my friends and family
into yourself and your Soul, for
your soul is giving you a message every moment of your life,
for your living in the world is a message you give out and
your soul wants you to give the message of Hope, courage, peace and love to all
for you are born to be a bringer of light to all
and to wipe away the tears of all who passes you by.

Come back, come back,
there is a story of you waiting to be broadcast
not only in this earth, but to the whole Universe
and your soul is preparing you to broadcast the
finest message you can give
for there are many waiting for you
and have waited for you for eons of time for
your wisdom and love.

Arise my friends from the deep slumber
and join with the wisdom of your soul
and you and I will dance together in this
joyful reunion of our souls, for we are one - You and Me.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran