Love & Pain

Like the raindrops which gently falls on a spring day,
love also gently touches you in all moments of life,
and in knowing this, you rejoice in the awesome beauty of nature
and your life, for you are nature and God, all combined into one.

Welcome the soft rain and also the hard rain,
for both are needed to nourish and feed your soul,
for in welcoming and accepting what is coming in to you,
you will feel peace and contentment.
For the rain to drop, it must communicate with the clouds
and the wind and the Earth,
and in the same way, for your rain to fall, your soul communicates
with all the partners and players of your chosen game and
brings forth the perfect rain drops which will nourish, support and heal you
and propel you into the grandness of who you are.

Falling raindrops are like the gentle whispers
of a beloved one or the humming of a gentle bird,
both of which is beloved to you.
Embrace the raindrops and make it your friend
and let it wash away what need to go,
for in this you will create peace and happiness.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran