Circle of Life

In the great rhythm of life,
there is an order and substance
and if one is in rhythm with oneself,
one naturally moves into the circle of life
for this circle of life is God's eternal creation
in which all are loved equally and eternally.

In the rhythm of life, one reaps what one sows and
only takes what one has put it and no more,
for it is a sacred circle,
and in which all beings participate and equally share
and there is no division and only co-operation.

In the great dance of the divine, this has been ordained
that all beings live in harmony and peace and
for this circle extends way beyond our earth and into the Cosmos itself
and all creation comes forth from this circle of love/life.

In the lighting of the fire,
one evokes the memory of this sacred circle,
in the wearing of a wedding ring, it reminds one of the
love in this sacred circle,
In the chanting of a prayer or hymn, one is reminded of this sacred circle,
in the dancing and singing and celebrating of life,
one is drawn back into this Circle of Life
for this Circle of Life is the Home of God,
the home of mine and yours and every one's else.

Come back into this circle and rejoice once again
in membering with the Family of God,
for this circle awaits your return and in celebration there after.

Come Home,
Come Home
In to the Circle of Life

Where there is no pain nor sorrow,
only love and peace, joy and laughter
You are the keeper of this circle of life, caretaker of this circle,
Honour it, cherish and nourish it with your love and joy
and the circle will grow and the God will grow and the Universe will grow
and you would know yourself fully of who you REALLY are,
A being of light fully clothed in the garment of a human,
A celestial being in the garment wearing a carbon body,

Cast of this darkness from your soul of separateness and
join once again in this sacred circle, for the circle remains
incomplete with out your celestial presence.

Master Rumi
through Rae Chandran