Dragon Workshop

The myths and legends of various religions and cultures from around the world are full of stories about dragons as teachers of divine wisdom. Just as we all have our own Guardian Angels who watch, protect and assist us, we also have our own dragons who wish to serve as our Teachers, Guides and Protectors. The power of dragons are immense, which naturally instils fear for some when connecting to dragon energies. Once any fears and misunderstandings are set aside, we can begin to work with them to assist us with re-aligning to our soul path.

In the beginning of earth's history, there were 12 dragons who volunteered to establish the energy grids on this planet for all life forms to flourish. These guardians held the creative elemental forces from which the foundations of life in the Universe are made of. At this time of great spiritual shift, these potent energies that have been held in time-lock for millennia have now been released for humanity to access. These benevolent beings of great wisdom are returning once again to help us transition into a new wave of consciousness.

This workshop invites participants to connect with the energies of the 12 primordial dragons by using symbols, breath and sounds. Each dragon represents a certain set of traits, and you will be taught how to attune to the energy frequencies that each dragon holds. The dragons at Batu Caves in Malaysia for instance, carry the energy of the Mer-ka-na, the highest energy one can work with for ascension.

During the course, you will be introduced to the Dragon Guides who work with you. You will have many opportunities to receive and sense their energies, and practice working with them. There will be a short channeled message for each individual from the Master of Dragons about some of the qualities and the energies one requires, but may not be aware of. You will also be asked to draw the dragon which you have connected with after a guided meditation to anchor their energy in the physical.

You will learn about the various dragons that are presently on our planet and how to connect with them. Some of them are in Indonesia, Japan, China, Ireland, Africa, South America, Mount Shasta in US, Brazil, etc. These dragons also hold special qualities and abilities that you can tap into. The more you work with these high vibrational beings and from your heart, the more they will deepen your connection with them on the inner planes to gain mastery, transmutation, and courage.

In all previous dragon initiation workshops, most of the participants have been able to access the energy of the dragons with sound.

This is full day workshop from 10:00am to 5.00 pm including two breaks of 10 minutes (morning and afternoon) and 1 hour for lunch.

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