"Appreciate the awesome session yesterday. I feel like I am part of the human race this afternoon."
JN from NJ USA

"After the session I was definitely 'spacey', and can appreciate the guidance of resting and perhaps even having someone accompany/drive after the session . . . Throughout the rest of the day and evening I had a sense of deep peace and relaxation. I was very tired very early in the evening and went to bed much earlier than I otherwise would have . . . My blood pressure was on the low side of what it normally runs . . . I continue to feel 'expanded' in my body, in a very open-hearted way, in contact with 'All That Is.'
CS from Boston US

"I am truly feeling the oneness and connectedness with everything after our session. My God self is very present and I have stopped doing anything to cover it up and be like everyone else. I am just divinely me since our session."
L S from San Diego USA

"When I was a kid and would be trying to fall asleep with my eyes closed, I remember seeing a lot of geometric changing shapes against a black background, like one of those screen-savers that is always moving. That's what I felt was happening in my body yesterday when you came to check on me. What happened after that got even stranger, as, to be frank, I felt like my upper body was on the verge of orgasm. That lasted until I left. After that I continued to have this feeling . . . like the opposite of back pain; it was back pleasure! There was a really intense feeling in my lungs for several hours afterward as well."
H C from UK

This morning, when I got up and stepped onto the floor, the chronic pain in my right foot was NO MORE. Thank you. This pain has been with me for quite a while and other energy work has only temporarily cleared it. SO happy!"
E W from Hong Kong

During the session, I felt that my whole body was on fire. Never felt such intense energy in my entire life.
MS from Arizona US.

I never had a bad day since the activation. The energy seems getting stronger and stronger and am clear in my head.
- AS from S.Carolina

I felt like I am re-born again with a new set of realities. My perspective on life has shifted and am able to hold the vision of a grander me and grander world.
SM from Australia