DNA Workshop

Greetings and Blessings. What a marvelous journey Life is. Life itself is a journey into human consciousness. This journey is so vast. Your consciousness contains all aspects of the Creator. You can dip into it and pick that which you choose to use. Every aspect of human expression is dipping into the Creator's consciousness, taking it, using it and combining it with your mind, your personality, your belief system and your up bringing, whether it is for good or bad. So truly, the process of life is an endeavor of entering into the Universal Mind itself to explore, study, understand, and utilize aspects of the Creator.

The study of DNA is a study of the vastness of human consciousness. There is so much mystery inside every human being that very little is understood. The mystics have seen parts of this mystery, the seers have experienced it and many masters have experienced it. But now in this new consciousness when the planet has shifted, the potential of many, emerging as Masters is very high This is why we have brought this gift at this time. There are many Masters in all parts of the world making a shift through their emerging and re-connection with their I Am Presence. You are all very well aware of some of the great masters who walked this planet. What happened when they walked? The very earth shifted. Parched land became fertile. Rivers flowed once again. Diseases were healed. Being in their presence made one feel calm.

This is the process that these new emerging masters are bringing forth. All the gifts that all the masters carried is being re-activated. Why do you think in many chanelings, we call you Masters? For this is part of your natural state of being. It is your destiny. So work with your DNA. Talk to it. Give instructions to your DNA so that it may be fully activated.

A wise man once said, "The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". By activating your quantum DNA, you are moving into the vastness of who you are and the Creator's Universe. Take your first step of your grand journey into yourself by activating entire strands of your DNA.

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