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Human Aura Webinar

Alpaca Spirit Speaks

Working with the Energy of Dragons

Blessed Atlantean Family,

Colours by Collective Consciousness

DNA Master Rheumeain from Pleaideas.

Master from Venus

Elders from the newly discovered Planet - Kepler

Garam Ve,an


Grand Mother Spider

Jade crystal skull speaks

Master of the Soil

Activating Energetic Codes in Children

Tools to Support Your Consciousness During Times of Change

Moon Spirit

Musical Body by The Celestial Beings.

This is Archangel Metatron.

Spirit of the Human Heart speaks



Master Kundala on Human Body and the Geometry and Codes

The Family of God through Rae Chandran

Spirit of Success speak

Musical Instruments in human body

Masters disguised as Babies

Grand Old Spider speaks

Birds and Bougainvillea - Masters in Disguise supporting humanity

Kundalini and its many layers

Tools to Support Your Consciousness During Times of Change

Blessings my dear fellow beings. This is DNA Master Rheumeain from Pleaideas.

Greetings and Blessings. This is Isis.

Blessed Atlantean Family

Elements and its influence in our lives by Master Kuthumi

Cecil the Lion who was recently killed in Zimbabwe and made headline news around the world.

Soul Shapes and its Functions, AA Metatron and Goddess Sri Roopeshwari

Creation Codes Of The Universe, Goddess of Mathematics and Science, AA Metatron and The Creator

Mathematics and You, Sri Roopeshawari - Goddess of Mathematics and AA Metatron

The Sacred Geometry of the Human Body

Batu Caves Malaysia, Lord Murugan

Masculine and Feminine Food, Amma, Angel Samiel and Master Kuthumi

Changing The Vibration Of Your Name, Archangel Metatron

Power Codes for the New Earth, Archangel Metatron