Soul Shapes and its Functions

By Goddess of Mathematics and Science, AA Metatron and The Creator

Blessings and Greetings to all.

Today we would like to discuss about the topics of shapes. Have you ever wondered about why there are shapes in the world? What are the functions of the shapes? Why are all shapes different? Why is the human body shaped like it is and not like the ones in other realities? Understanding shapes can enhance one's life experience much for there are certain shapes which has a frequential similarity with the human being's frequencies. For eg., a circle has almost the same frequency as a human being, where a square does not have the same vibrational frequency. Why is this so?

There are billions of people on the planet, all with unique frequencies. The soul takes a particular shape for its re-incarnation to achieve what it sets out to do. Although all souls are equal, for different incarnational purposes in different realities, the soul may choose different shapes. And, depending on the close affinity one has with different star systems and galaxy, one may choose to adopt the shape of that particular star system or galaxy depending up on what the soul is trying to achieve in that particular life time. Knowing what the soul has chosen as its shape in this incarnation, can be very beneficial. For you will be able to match with the same or similar shapes available here on earth.

For eg., if your soul has chosen a shape - an elongated diagonal form, then connecting with any elongated diagonal form can be very supportive of you. This elongated diagonal form can be in any format - let us say, a desk you use daily, a painting you see daily, a fruit or vegetable you consume frequently etc., Any objects or materials you associate on a daily basis which has a similar shape can help you maintain your high frequency and especially if you are conscious of it, then the frequency can be enhanced.

Today we would like to offer a glimpse of the various shapes which a soul may choose. Each of these shapes has a certain quality and essence to it. Let us say your soul has chosen a particular shape and has come with a certain frequency and talents associated with it. But now you want to enhance it further or add something more to it, so that you can have a richer experience, then you can incorporate that energy or frequency within you by simply working with that particular shape.

What are the attributes of these 8 different shapes:


1. Elongated diagonal shape

The ability to go with the flow in one's life, easy going, flexible and the general sense that at the end everything will be alright. If it is your desire to cultivate this aspect as part of your personality and emotional body, then work with this particular shape.


2. Oval Shape

Ability to adjust and adapt rather quickly in any environment. Can easily fit into a group or can easily find one's place in any environment. The other qualities
good communication skills, sincere and honest. Also will seek the highest truth always.


3. Building Shape (tall building)

Structures in one's life. The ability to know what one needs to do to enhance one's life - whether in the academic field or in a work place. Also support grounding. Does not live in the head and is balanced - both spiritually and materially. Great friendships, a solid citizen of the earth and always willing to lend a hand to a fellow citizen.


4. Spiral shape

The ability to see higher truth, higher goals, world peace, sacrifice for the good of all, peaceful, nurturing and a great heart. Gentleness, kind, caring and easily forgiving. Other qualities are Inspired Creativity and inspired action.


5. V Shape

Balance is the key for these shapes of soul - will seek balance in everything. Can be tough task masters, but always fair. Will not take advantage of others. Hardworking and can go alone in a job and does not depend upon others much. Also will take care of family in a fair way. They are strong, but gentle inside.


6. S Shape

Carries the energy of exploration and adventure. Will seek new things to enhance their lives and never satisfied with the mundane things. Has grand picture of themselves and their family. Willing to try new things always and eager and enthusiastic in all walks of life.


7. Overlapping Horizontal Oval Shape

These souls are fair in everything. They want equality for all and may fight for it. Have deep connection with the Divine with in and are able to see the larger picture in all things - especially in conflict. Great volunteers during any type of crisis and giving is more important for them than receiving. The other qualities are artistic, easy and fun loving, music and enjoy being in nature.


8. W Shape

They carry the energy of not giving up till they reach their goals. Can become some times self centered and may exhibit the qualities of not caring for others. But they are very passionate in what they do and set out to do. Can achieve any thing if they set their mind to it.

Now dear ones, see which are the qualities you wish to incorporate and then draw out the shape associated with it and place it in a place you can see frequently or carry it with you in your wallet.

In this era of Empowerment, you have the option to choose or change any reality you have come in with. There is no need to suffer any more, for Karma is not a binding tool any more. Free yourself from this and move into chosen reality of your liking. Although your soul may have chosen a particular shape for the personality to master a particular life lesson or balance the karmic energy, simply by choosing another shape with the qualities you desire, you will move into a new reality.

AA Metatron with Sri Roopeshwari