Gaia the living Spirit of Earth here.

Yes, elements are an integral part of one's energy field for with out the elements, you would not be here. You are made up of elements and other materials. Your bones and skins and other organs all contains elemental energy and it is through these elemental energy, you self realize. The elements in you help you to re-member and re-join with the larger part of you and become a natural being of Carrier of Light.

The elements on my body (Earth Spirit) holds the frequencies of many realities and also many codes and imprints. All these are embedded into the micro mini molecular structures which criss crosses the entire universe and it is through these I communicate with other realities. Since you are part of my body, and you contain these elements with in you, you also has the same capacity as I have to travel across the Universe and be in communion with all of Creation. The elements effect the human being in multitude of ways and it impacts the body on a minute by minute basis.

The human energy system called the Chakras are tied into the elements and the very basis of the practice you call Mahakundalini is based on this principle - of balancing the elements with in the chakric column. When you balance the elements, you not only balance the emotions, but also you have mental clarity and objectivity comes into your lives. There are many more elemental energy with in my body and also with in your body than the well known elemental energy of earth, wind, water, fire and ether. There are also the elemental energy of flower kingdom, the crystal kingdom, the animal and bird kingdom. All of you also contain these other elements with in you and these other elements affects your sensory organs.

All the elemental energy contains certain frequencies and essences and one can work with these elemental energies to bring forth certain outcomes. For eg., one of the greatest joy in the Universe is the ability to create and when you create, you are expressing a certain vibrational energy or element of your soul frequency. Balancing the elemental energy of Water and Fire can help one to be more in a creative space as these elemental energy contains the codes of New beginnings and exploration energy. In the same way, air elemental energy can support in releasing and moving forward with out too much dependency based on a past reality. That means, the past does not have to define who we are in the present moment. In the same way, working with the Earth elemental energy can support in manifesting and being fitting this manifested reality to be in harmony with the creation of others thus creating a benevolent outcome for all who are touched by your creation.

The ether element can help remember one's past and how to move forward with the changing times and embracing the larger idea of being one with of all creation and our role in the Universe.

The ancient method of Feng Shui touches on the five elements and many of the cures prescribed in the Feng Shui method is to balance these five elements. There are energies in the clouds, the rain showers, the lakes, the mountains, the rocks, the trees etc., and all these affect the emotional moods of the humans and also the animals. One can synchronize with these energies and when you do, not only will you integrate and become balanced, your creation will become quicker. The energy contained in the clouds has a big effect on the chemical produced in your brain and when this is in imbalance, then you have the sickness you call Depression. Similarly the energy of the rain drops helps in balancing the blood circulation in the human body and the energy of the lakes and mountains affect the human auric system and the bone structures in the body. The elements contained in these (clouds, rain showers, lakes, mountains, rocks and trees) are of a different frequency than the elements you are used to (earth, wind, water, fire and ether) and these elements has been used and called forth by the ancient Tibeteans and the Shamans of Mongolia for raising one's vibration and also to communicate and regulate the weather and to haromonize the weather and to realign my body so that all parts of earth holds well balanced energy.

Those of you who are drawn to shamanic work may want to work with these elements.

The animals carry a different elemental energy and these energy supports in having a healthy body and a well balanced life.

We encourage you to look at the elemental energy and work with it and when you do so, not only will you see much progress in your consciousness but also in the weather patterns and the overall well being of my body (Earth).

Gaia, the Living Spirit of Earth
through Rae Chandran