Mother Mary’s Channeling
By Rae Chandran

This is Mother Mary

Human beings have always asked 3 questions.
1. Who am I?
2. Where am I from?
3. Why was I born?- what is my life purpose?

It is through these 3 exploratory questions that the humans have entered the world and steered out into the world and have discovered many things.
For example, the person who went to the North Pole.

What drove him?
Was it his destiny?
Was it a calling in his heart to explore more than what you are willing to experience in his native place
So this simple exploration-WHO AM I?
This can help open up in people to a large, greater part within themselves.
This is why it is hidden.
That is why it is said “ Unless you venture into this- your life does not grow.”
If it was easily given- u will say “This is my life purpose” and go straight into your life purpose. But then there is no growth.
Just imagine, a rich man’s son. His father would have
worked very hard. The father understood the value of money, responsibility and how to treat people.
But the rich man’s son never had these experiences. He was born in richness. Do you think he will have the same value for money like his father had?
But since the father went through this process, he discovered a lot about himself and humanity.

Same way, the life purpose is hidden in a human being.
And one more thing we want to tell people.
It is not that you fully achieve all the completeness of your life purpose.
One - you step into the life purpose and move along.
That is all that is required.
Does it mean you have to complete your entire life purpose?
You discover your life purpose slowly through:

¥ erroneous mistakes
¥ by falling down
¥ self discovery
¥ realization
Then you are working in to your life purpose. And working itself will raise your vibrations, your frequencies. Nobody expects your life purpose to be completed. And most importantly, no life purpose can be completed in one life time.
Certain parameters are there- I can achieve this level, but this level is not the end level. The end level is infinity.
But this lifetime, I will achieve to this level
But it’s not a completion.
It has stopped for the time being.

Life purpose, in a way is like a circle.
It never stops.
But you can put an “X” mark.
And say “ I stop it here at this time”

This lifetime I will complete this X mark.
But there is the other balance to the X mark
Does this make sense to you?

Now how to find your life purpose?
In one of the ways you would say- USE THE ENERGY OF THE MOON.
1.You open your palms
You take a leaf
And you place the leaf on yr hands

2.Then place the leaf on top of your crown chakra.
Breathe into this.
U will feel a warm flow of energy coming from the leaf into your head.
Into your entire body

There are energy centers on the toes of the feet.
This is the place one must focus

This place contains a large percentage of energy of the life contract.

Because your toes are the ones that touches the ground.
Your life contract is embedded into the ground, onto Mother Earth’s body.

Your life contract is part of the auric field which is also embedded into the part of Mother Earth.
3.If you were to focus on the leaf at the top of the head
4. And breathe from this part into yr hands.
5. And into your big toes
6.You may see numbers appearing
Sometimes the numbers
¥ appear vertically
¥ and sometimes the numbers spin
Make a note of the numbers.

Then what will happen is, these numbers have a numerological understanding and value.
Put the numbers together.

Don’t add up.
Then look at what is the meaning behind each numerology or number.
You will be able to correlate
You will be able to get energy and understand
And u will say “Umm… this is part of my life contract”

This is the first step in understanding one’s life blueprint.

This is Mother Mary