Hello blessed family-


One Creator talking to other Creators. We honour you.

Creation takes place through sound and intention. You are created using sound frequencies. What does it mean? Because thoughts are sound. When your parents agreed to be in harmony and bring forth a child, and energy was created through the thought what they had, thoughts are sounds.

Everything in the universe vibrates with the sound frequency. Some of the wise elders knew about this. Look at the Great Pyramids, who built it? Although there are hieroglyphics, paintings and stories written on the walls in every temple but there is nothing inside the Great chamber of the King. Why?

Because this is a sound chamber and being in the chamber with appropriate harmonics, one can have an elevated consciousness and even can attain liberation or ascension.

Why do you think in every temple, every church, every place there is praying or chanting? Because it creates an energy platform where one is able to move to a new reality, even for a brief moment of time. Have you heard the chanting of Zen? If you were to listen it for 15 minutes in calm state of mind, you will be in a different state of transcendental energies.

King's Chamber

Temple of Life


But Why Sound Affects Human Beings So Much?

Because sound is inter-dimensional and you are inter-dimensional. Truly sound has only 6 notes and these 6 notes relates to your 6 different bodies.

Now you must be aware what sound you listen or you hear on a moment by moment basis, it affects your overall well-being. Sound can generate certain specific frequencies in the body which can alleviate many sicknesses in the body.

Many viruses can be healed or eliminated from the body using certain sound frequencies.

Many purifications can be done using sound frequencies.

People who are bald, who do not have hair on the head, they can do a certain sound and this sound will communicate with the scalp on the head and alchemy can happen there and hair can start growing again.

Same way when a farmer plants seeds, if he sing to the seeds, these seeds has the highest potential to grow into full maturity. So sound can be used for all kind of creation and nature is a sound. Have you heard the birds singing in the morning, of course some time they sing during day time but most birds sing in the early morning time?

Have you ever wondered why they sing in early morning?

You will say they are happy singing, but does it have a purpose? It has three purposes, we have to look into it.

  • Is there a sound vibration,
  • Is there a sound message,
  • Is there a frequency or
  • Is there a message they are giving through sound.

You will be fascinated.

We ask you to look into this. Some of you living, not in apartment, may be in nature area, especially if you walk in the evening, you will hear the sound of crickets. What sound they make? Tik…tik….tik…. what is the meaning? The sound of your DNA. Some of you may have heard frogs croaking, what are they doing?


You will say this is their habit making sound in the night, they are singing to moon. And this sound has special frequency, for next time you are walking near a pond and you hear the frogs making the sound, just stand still and breathe in to it, because they are very aware of you. Some time they will go into water but if you are very quiet be there with the sound, if you can sit down near the water be with the sound and you will have visions, vision of your star heritage, see whole nature is singing.

Let us say whales make a sound in the water, scientist say they make sound calling their mate, NO, this sound activates DNA in every person, every tree every other animal who has water element in them.

Have you heard sound of Dolphins, what can it do for you?

If you hear this sound and be with the sound, you will be able to

  • balance your base chakra,
  • Second chakra and
  • Third chakra.

So everything is sound.

The first sound you hear is the heart beat of your mother when you are in the womb. So among all the senses it is sound which is developed the highest. You can even buy CDs in the market for crying babies, of the heart-beat of a mother and when the baby listens to this sounds, baby will slowly come to calmness and go to sleep.

If you were to just listen to the sounds of rain drops, just be with the sound of rain drops, breathe in the sound, do you think it will affect you? You will feel a nurturing energy coming into you, a mama holding and embracing. So everything in universe is created by sound or is being influenced by the sound.

In the new consciousness on the planet at this time sound and smell will become very important in awakening to a new level of consciousness. Your name is a sound frequency. What is it mean? Say, you have a name, your parents call you, then your other elders in the house call u, then everybody calls you as u grow older and people


calling you with the same name again and again, is creating a sound frequency and it is imprinted in to your energetic body. Behind your ears, there are chakras, there are DNA. So when your ears hear the sound being called again and again and again, depending upon the sound what you are hearing, your DNA is affected. Now, what can you do?

Let’s say you are feeling tired, you are not feeling good, you are in angry mood, agitated mood, if you would analyse, the sounds you have heard in the last two hours, you will know that the sound you have heard was not in harmony with your frequency. Give you an example, let’s say you are sitting in a bus or a train or an aeroplane and a crying baby is next to you or near you. You will see that in a few hour time, one an half or two hour time, you will be agitated because of the sound you are getting from the baby, pierces your energy field and creates the hole in your energetic field and your energy starts dropping down, and you will be angry or agitated and you will say shut up! I cannot deal with it anymore.

Also, any sound we hear about people arguing or fighting will also deplete your energy. So, it is very important, to be able to maintain your energy field by using higher frequency sound. Yes, you cannot control what is outside, naturally you have to hear sometimes. But you can use a higher frequency sound to over-ride the sound what you have herd from a conflict or a child crying or an argument. Sing your own name, sing it vertically with each letter. Let me give an example of our dear sister Jenny Wang, Jenny must imagine J on top of her head and just sing J….. It is going through your entire body in vertical way all the way down and you can sing each letter or say J…E…N…N…Y. Just do it for 90 seconds and then the last name for 90 seconds. You will be able to over-ride the energy which you herd from an argument or fighting or anything.

Dear one, it is time to take control of your life. You cannot change the world as it is right now.

5 Human Beings Are Still Primitive,

  • Hunt or get hunted,
  • Fight or flight.

In this environment one must be vigilant of their energy field and take step to protect. It sounds very simple, why because sound cuts through all the layers of the human mind and go directly to very source of one’s being.

Sound opens up a perception door of reality. Your story book talks about it, how the wall around the city of Jericho was brought down by making certain sound, story of Aladdin making a certain sound and door opens, same way when you make most appropriate sound it will not only repair the auric field but open up a new gate of perception in your reality.

Now some of the ancient ones knew about the sound and how the sound affects the moods of the people during certain times of the day and they are called Ragas.

So they had morning raga, afternoon raga, evening raga and mid-night raga because during this time there is change in body rhythm,

the moods change at that time, the blood also changes.

What does it mean by blood changes, blood will not change but frequency of blood which is pumped at certain times shifts. So we want you to look into that, it can support you very much. This is the Creator.

Hello My Dear Friends, I Am King Akhenaten-

The ancient ones, we the kings and priests of Egypt knew the power of sound. We built the pyramids and the grand structures of the temples using the sound frequencies. We made special sounds to control the nature, to move objects, for protection, so sound was a natural order in our culture.


We had special gatherings where the priest and the layman used to come and sing to create a specific harmony and one was done near the Sphinx and other was done near the Karnak temple in Luxor. Certain sounds affects certain senses in the body. For example sound of Om….has a potential to affect the pineal gland. But that sound will not heal if you have a problem on your toes.

If your toes are hurting and you do the Om sound and send energy to that place, it will not heal. You have different parts in your body and these different parts resonate with different frequencies of sound. But is there one sound which can affect all the parts of the body? Yes there are many. We would like to give you some sounds.

This sound may not make any sense to human mind, do not try to analyse, just be with the sound. Closing your eyes focusing on the crown and we will make this sound nine times – Ooo…Laaa….Mmm… Ooo…Laaa…Mmm… Ooo…Laaa…mmm…

This sound affects all parts of the body and consciousness, this awaken energy is sent to all parts of the body. We ask you to open your palms at this time, right palm. We have given this sound before but for new people we would like them to experience it. Please open your palm, close your eyes and repeat after me 9 times –

Me…Huuuu…Rrr…. Me…Huuuu…Rrr…. Me… Huuuu…Rrr….

Some of you can feel the energy in your palms? Now bring your attention to your spinal column, all the way at the bottom, right at the base of hips, you don’t have to touch with your hand just focus there, make sound 9 times – Ee...Cannnn….. Ee...Cannn….. Ee...Cannn….. Ee...Cannn…..

Now this sound done every day in your meditation for 20 minutes, you will raise your Kundalini. Now this sound affects every part of the body. First open up the energy in your palms, Me Huu Rr, then open the energy of Ee Cannn.

7 Now bring the attention to the middle of your forehead, not on the third eye but middle of forehead. This energy has two meanings, we will do for 9 times -

Tikkunn…. Tikkunn…. Tikkunn…. Tikkunn….

Do you feel the energy in third eye area? What can it do for you? It can help you find a solution of problems in your life. This is King Akhenaten.


We greet all of you masters. We talked about universal sound. The earth is resonating with a specific sound frequency; it is called a harmony earth frequency. This frequency is a same frequency what we have in our body. The scientists recently discovered that. When the seasons change there is a change in the frequency of sound in the nature. That’s why some of people, when the seasons change around October-November they go into depression, because the frequency of the sound the nature is emitting are shifting that time. Now people living in cold places, where the sun light is short during winter times, many people get cabin fever because staying in same place inside the house and they feel depression or sadness and the doctors and scientist say please have more lights in the house. Can we help with the sound, Can we create the sound which will support and get the same frequency before the season changes into winter, Yes. You all need to open the palms now, any palm, fully open palms but no gap between fingers. You can keep in front of your waist or any place of the body. And you will make a sound, 9 times. When this sound if made, so even if there is less sunlight in the nature because of winter time, the person’s mood will not shift because they are drawing the energy of the sun through the sound. Okay, close the eyes- Zuuuuu….Maaaaa…… Zuuuuu……Maaaaa

Some of you may feel energy in your palms. What does it mean? You are connecting with the sun energy. It not only helps you in your divine creativity and gives you life force, but the seasonal changes will not affect your mood because you are drawing the energy of sun. Sun energy is very very important.

When you have more sun energy, you are in a more creative space, more vibrancy in your life. Now we ask you to bring your attention to the top of the head, if you can focus exactly in the middle of the head. Not only there is DNA but there are also energy, shaped like a spiral. When this energy starts moving, it may take a shape of a cone or a pyramid. If this can be awakened, miracles happen. You don’t have to touch that part just attention in the middle of the head, may be just 2” above the head. Close your eyes and we will make a sound, 9 times –

Raaa….Ourrrrr…..Raaa….Ourrrrr… Raaa….Ourrrrr….
Why Is It Important To Open This Place?

Because when you open this place not only a pyramid will appear but
Sometimes you will see a lotus appearing there and gliding afloat,
Because in this space you will see all the Gods and Goddesses you worshiped or honoured, will appear in the lotus.
Did somebody feel energy in your head? Yes, continue this. This is Babaji.
Hello My Dear Friends, I Am The One You Call The BEE.

You are very well aware that we make a sound. Do you know you can have healing with our sound? Why do we make a sound? You will say I was created like that.
No, we have a function. We are doing two things

we are sending the sound frequencies, of what, of your future. We, in our little head, carry the future of humanity. That is why sometimes you have reports when there are less and less bees that means we will forget more of who we are as human beings. Look at the world now, is it going well?

Of course not because they have forgotten the source, they forgot the role why they are here. Second, when we emit the sound, we are giving an intension and this intension energy is picked up by the flowers, flowers invite us. If you observe us carefully, we don’t go to all the flowers, we may go near a flower and may be just put our head inside and then will move out, for some flower we will go deep inside and take the honey. Such flowers did not welcome us, may be these flowers were busy or doing something else. Same way you can use your sound to find out whether what you are trying to do is appropriate at that moment of time for you. We are teaching a Shamanic practice, open your right palm.

Now Let Us Say You Want To Do Something, You Want To Find Out Whether It Is Appropriate Thing To Do At This Particular Moment In Time, Which Is For Highest Good Of Everybody.

So extend your right palm and imagine you are pointing your fingers at the thing -whatever you want to do, keep your right hand steady and make a sound Hu..Su… Hu..Su…. Hu..Su…. by extending the palm and if the energy comes back into your hand, the thing which you wanted to create, that means go for it otherwise that particular moment is not highest good for you to do that.

Even now you can open your palm, right hand and let us take a small thing, you want to get something done tomorrow or something tonight and say is it appropriate for me to do at that moment or is it for highest good for me?

You want to eat a food tonight, is it good for me to eat this food tonight at this particular time, open your palms, Hu…Su… imagining the food or imagining the thing what you want to do and imagining the energy from your hand going into that and if the energy comes back to you, it is good for you to do at this time Hu…Su…. .

You have to do just for few times Hu…Su…. Hu…Su… and if you feel good in your body, if the energy comes back to you, you feel expansion, feel love that means it is appropriate to do at this time. Dear ones use your sound to see what is appropriate for you at any given moment in time. We would like to share a secret with you. Many of you are living in your own country and each country has its own borders. Now For Example When You Are On A Vacation, When People Go On Vacation Most People Feel Better Why?

Because you are in a new consciousness and you are breathing new consciousness in a new land.

Each country has its own consciousness and this consciousness is developed by the thought process of all the people living in that country and from the past energies in that land.

So you are breathing in the consciousness of the land where you are living.
Does That Affect You? Have You Ever Thought Of That?
Yes definitely, because you are breathing the matrix of the country.
As soon as you cross the border you are breathing a new consciousness. I will say I feel good because this is a new consciousness and not the old one and a new feeling. But as a human being we cannot completely cut away from where we were born, where we live.
But Can We Breathe In A Different Consciousness In The Land We Are Living?
 Now for this you put your two hands like this, index finger and middle finger straight in a V shape and point towards ground.
 Just do with your right hand and close your eyes, now we will make a sound – Keee…. Keee….. Keee….
 When you do it you will feel energy in your fingers.
 When you make the sound, you will breathe in the original consciousness of the land, when there were no people, when it was pure original energy.

 So you will feel a shift in your mind, in your thinking and you are not affected by the matrix of the country where you are living. Dear one, use sound for many purposes.

If you do not know any sound, make your own sound. When you are a baby all of you sang songs. If you were to observe a small baby, especially before 6 months, have you seen the baby making sound like ululu or olulu or anything? Any type of sound, and mother will look at the baby and say oh my baby is making sound and mother will try to copy the baby.

Baby is singing its own melody at full frequency. Look at the baby, sometime baby will try to put her hand in the mouth and make some sound. Because when you make your own sound, this is your own individual prayer. Otherwise by taking somebody’s song, somebody wrote a song, No No No. Make your own sound, it is your own prayer, coming in your own voice in your own way, for you are singing to your God within you. Come back to yourself. We are the spirits of the Bees.
Hello My Friends, My Name Is Sush.
I was a planet once upon a time, and my present role is defence of the Creator. Now we want you to look at Rae’s hands. Bring your hands like this…both palms open and fingers straight and rotating palms over one another.
Rotate in front of your waist area.
Close your eyes and make a sound.
When you make the sound, rotate in front of your bellybutton.

It will help you release many unblocked energies in your Solar plexus and especially can bring healing in your emotional body.
Zummm….. Zummmm…. Zummmm…. In front of belly button. You may feel energy in your third eye area and also some slight pain or discomfort in your belly button area.

You can release a lot of blocked energies, especially regarding future we hold, because we are afraid of the future.
We are always afraid of future, we are trying to build our future and that fear will be released. This is Sush.