Hello I am the Bird you call Peacock.

May this day bring you the joy and inner beauty you seek. I am that - knowing in the fullness of my being as the beautiful, courageous and in my passion.  I am conscious of my outer and inner beauty and I hold this dear in my heart.  I am created to be an example to the earth people reminding them about their inner and outer beauty.  What I observe in your earthly world is human being has great difficulty in accepting themselves. They always want to be some one else or like some one else. Isn't time to be still and consider this question.  Why do I think this way - what is driving me to be like some one else or at least thinking that you were like some one else.  I also observe that many on the earth plane ( a very large percentage) of human beings does not accept their physical bodies and some none at all.  They go to great lengths to modify the body or in some case have surgery done on their body to feel beauty.  In all cities of the world, you will see large displays of how to loose your weight, how to look beautiful and many large corporations built their fortune based on this concept.

Every one has inner beauty inside, for all of you were built with that with in. It is only a matter of inner looking to find it.  When you see a beautiful flower or a beautiful sunset or a rainbow, many of you feel joy or beauty in your heart.  The same goes for seeing small babies.  Where did that appreciation for beauty come in?  It was always there.  Only you focused on it and you found it. How about making a continuous focus on your inner beauty every moment of the day and night. Then that will become your reality.  What you focus is what you create. When you are in that space, not only will you see beauty everywhere, you will also draw forth beautiful experiences through the Law of Attraction.  Know full well in your heart that You are all Magnificent and beautiful in the eyes of The Creator.  There is no judgement, other than the judgement you give it to yourself and also some time accepting the judgement of others as truth.

In these powerful times, one must consciously work on getting rid of False Belief Systems which keeps one as a prisoner in one's own mind. Because of the high vibrational energy on the planet, it is quite easy to make a shift in one's thinking when one gives Intent from the fullness of one's being to get rid of all that is which is not serving them any more.  When was the last time you took time for yourself in your self examination?  Many of you constantly seek higher truth, knowledge and wisdom by going to a teacher/guru, attending lectures and workshops and others taking retreats and all this is fine and good. But you must also work on your belief systems constantly, for that is the foundation of your life.  If your belief foundation is erroneous, then no amount of teacher worship/attending workshop or others will have any benefit or if it does, it will be temprorely. 

Thing deeply about this.  Where did the non acceptance part originate from.  If you look into it, many a time it originated in one's home during the early years. Some unconscious parents compare their little ones to others as more cute, more smiling, more loving and many other traits.  When the babies are small, they are very feeling oriented and also very perseptive.  They can feel the thoughts and feelings of their parents and also others.  Then they start growing up in that perception and it becomes a reality for them. 

There are tools which can support to heal this belief system. In some cultures, the unbibilical chord from the baby is preserved for a long period of time and if it is still there, then the process of healing becomes much quicker.  If it is there, then place the unbibilical chord (which might be dry and shrivelled, it does not matter), on to your belly button and breath deeply. You will feel a sense of connection with your inner most being and also with your biological mother. You will start to feel the love you shared with your mother when you were in the womb of your mother. Do this for several weeks and you will start to feel real good about you.  Recommended to do it for 7 weeks (once or twice a week).  Then you will start radiating this real good feel around you and you will start drawing forth loving good experiences to you.

For those of you who cannot access or find their own unbibilical chord, then they have to imagine the chord attached to their naval and connect with me - Imagine the chord extending from your naval to my stomach area.  Do this several times a day (imagine or visualize it happening)  and for a number of days. You will start to see or feel colours coming from my being into your naval area and you will start to feel warmth and joyful feeling there.  While this is going on, gently rub your stomach with the palms of your hand in a clock wise direction.

When you are growing up, you grow up in 7 different stages. All this 7 stages happen before the age of 12.  The first stage is from birth to 2 years old, the second stage from 3 to 7, the third stage from 7 to 9, the fourth stage from 9 to 9 and half months, the fifth stage from 9 and half months to 10 years, the 6th stage from 10 to 11 years and 3 months and the last stage from 11 years and 3 months to 12 years. 

Most of the greater personality and character traits along with development of the emotional body is formed by this period. This sets the stage for the greater drawing of karmic energy and life lesson energy.  During these first twelve years in one's development, inter acting with animal kingdom and the nature kingdom can support the children much in developing self love and self worth. If you have a child below the years we mentioned, allow them to touch animals like house pets, make them care for them and also guide them gently to be in nature and play in nature - especially the trees.  Trees has a special capacity to make one feel good and secure.  If you ar already an adult, you still can work with the animal kingdom and the nature kingdom.  Working with children - either your own or in an environment like the hospital, nursery school or where young children are there, all can help you develop this self love.

As you might be aware, there are those who try to control the world - through manipulation of energy and information.  They are beaming the energy of lack, fear, you are worthless, and other debilitalting energy using enormous crystals and other out of the world technologies.  In this way, they continuously keep you feeling unworthy and through fear they control you. Your television set is one of the devices used to control the people where by they provide programs by which they are able to program people to have a predictble behaviour. One of the recent evidence of this is in the popular game Pokémon Go, where the masses behve in a certain way and can easily be influenced. 

When you feel unworthy, unloved, then this is the time you can easily be manipulated and controlled. 

Use the essence of flowers to support you in regaining this energy with in you.  You can use the essence of Rose or other oils.  The other way is to have good energetic drawings, symbols in your home.  Make your home environment beautiful and peaceful if that environment is one simple room or a corner. Bring in colours to support this.

I would like to bring in a simple meditation in working with me to balance this energy.  In your quiet time, call on me - the Sprit of Peacock and feel my essence/energy coming towards you in a beautiful golden colour.   See this golden colour going through all your chakras and the light from the chakras is spinning the chakras in a perfect round shape.  Now bring this light into the left hand collar bone where the Thymus is located and focus this golden light there. Breath into this light and you will start to feel energy and some time a little discomfort there.  Keep on breathing into that area with the golden light and you will start to feel my energy there.  My energy is inside your body and this was one of the reasons, one of your Indian God having me around him - to remind you about me with in your being.  When you start to feel my presence, I will open the chakra which is there called Thymus Chakra and also known as Peacock Chakra or Inner Golden Beauty Chakra.  The colour will be similar to my colour - soft metallic blue/green colour. This is also one of the place where your soul rests.

I invite you to do this exercise and make me a part of you, for we both are one - BEAUTY and HARMONY.

Peacock Spirit
through Rae Chandran