Spirit of the Human Heart speaks

Greetings, I am the spirit of Human Heart. I am not just a mechanical instrument performing some routine work every day.   I am the embodiment of the Life Itself.   With out my presence, you could not exist.  You are me and I am You. 

You have heard the expression several times that, you are a plural being and not an individual energy.  Yes, you have many beings living inside of you and they all have specific functions and properties,   These beings inside of you are all Spirit beings and are connected to a larger realm of energy which supports humanity's evolution.  We would like to be acknowledged and when we are recognized and appreciated for what we are, much will be revealed to you.  Make it a point every day to spend a few minutes acknowledging all the major organs in your body.  This simple act will open as a gateway to many new realities.  When you acknowledge your body, you are not only acknowledging the spirits living with in your body, you are accessing higher truth and higher wisdom.  Your body is composed of not only the base elements, but also finite particles of a material you call Photon   These photons are electrical in nature and is part of the composite used to create the very earth and other planets and galaxies.  They are very fine particles and contains the signals and very codes of human creation.

When the Pleaideans came and inter mingled with the human beings in giving us their DNA, it was through the photon particles for this is also the base of your very DNA.  These very photons were used to construct the great temples of Egypt.  Now the question rises, how does one get in contact with this incredible and powerful elements of Creation with in themselves.  

The first and the foremost is Acknowledgement and the understanding that it exists in the body.

The second method is through ingestion of light particles from the plants.  The plants are emitting a sacred light and it can be seen and utilized, Some of the new children being born on the planet are able to see this light.  The light is in a fine transulcent form and is in soft purple and golden-green.  Breath in this light and take it to the back of the heads where all the holographic images of your solar connection is kept.  Your true secrets are there.  When you bring in the light to that part of the body, you may feel the energy coming into you and into your eyes and your temples.   When you start to feel this,touch this part of the body - temples with your thumb and pinky finger joined together. You will start to feel pressure there.  Your chakras in the temples will start to respond and it will start to send electrical impulses into your heart and will start to open your Infinite Heart which is the signal for releasing fully and joining fully with the Photon particles with in you.

There are three Hearts in your original heart structure. Infinite Heart, Maxisize Heart and Omsha Heart.  These are energies located with in each heart and is connected to the higher dimensions and realities.  These heart energies are from the time of Creation itself and they are the original Source Energy.  These energies has never been tampered with and hence contains the original intent of the Creator.  We encourage you to connect with these energies.  Not only will you feel energized, the original codes of Creation will be activated with in you and you will open the Garanth Lotus which has more than 12,000 petals.  This is the energy of the few Avatars who walked your planet.    This is for you at this present time, for this knowledge has not been released on the earth plane so far.

There are also spirit beings in your ear and brain area.  Ear and Brain are intrinsically connected and in essence, they act like brother and sister supporting each other.  The spirits in the ear can be contacted by bringing color spectrum in your mind's eye and then transmitting into the ear.  The colors are soft yellow combined with soft pink and soft indigo.  When you do this, you may feel tingling in your ear and this is a good sign.  It means, the spirits in your ear is responding to your consciousness.  When your spirits in your ear fully responds, then not only will you hear fully, but also listen fully and you will be able to retain fully what you hear and listen.  When you are in this space, when you make an intent, your entire body will receive the energy of this intent and manifestation will happen.  Your ear and the spirits are the keys to your manifestation.  

Your brain also has spirits. They are connected to the archetype Gods Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva and also the Holy Ghost.  You can connect with them through the sounds of the Great Whales and Dolphins.  Whales and Dolphins emit a high frequency which is very conducive to activating these energies with in your brain.  When you fully engage these energies with in your brain, then you truly understand the process of Creation in its fullest - Birth of a new consciousness, growth of that consciousness and then transformation of that consciousness.

You may also use the sound of Flute or Sakuhachi (flute from the Far East) in the early mornings to connect with these energies.but the fact will be much lesser than the sounds of whales and dolphins.  

We bring this information to you at this time time for the time is ripe for you to fully know your true powers and potential.

Spirit of the Heart
Through Rae Chandran