Greetings.  This is Archangel Metatron.  

Today we wish to discuss the science behind the names.  Everything in the universe is a vibration.  It has an energy field.  By changing the vibration, we can change the energy.  Energy is what drives human beings.  Everything depends on energy to give it its life force.  When we consciously change the energy by changing the vibration, a new aspect of the Creator's energy is manifested into our lives.  This ancient art of changing the vibration by changing the name has been known to the ancient civilizations as far back as Atlantis.  For it was during Atlantis that this technique was perfected.  For when a project was to be completed and it had the wrong vibration, then it would take considerable amount of time and resources for its completion and it may also have complications in completing it.  So the wise elders of that time came up with the idea of changing the energy signatures to see the project being completed in time and in the planned resources.  This worked magnificently for them for a long time.  But these wise elders knew that this art of name change vibration can be misused by the ignorant masses for their ego gratification and hence this science was a closely guarded secret.  They used this technique in many of their constructions of the many beautiful temples including the Temple of the Law of one.  

What humanity is going through at the present time on earth is in large part a processing of the unfinished energy of Atlantis and of healing the effects of many of the actions undertaken in Atlantis.  The harmonic convergence and the harmonic concordance shifted the vibration of the planet significantly and this resulted in many of the ancient teachings being brought forward, for humanity at this time has collectively decided that many of the old tools will not be misused for any ego gratification and will only be used for benevolent purposes.  One of these tools is the gift of changing the energy vibration of any particular person, or of a country, or of a particular experience.  When a human being is born or a project is undertaken it is given a name, a label which it carries through out its life.  This given name has a certain vibration and energy associated with it.  Depending on the energy vibration, the life path of the person will unfold itself to carry out its chosen role while on the earth.  The same goes for a project or any other endeavor. Everything has a name.  But if we were to change the name, then a new vibration is created.  The trick is to know what is to be changed in the name so that only positive results can occur.  This will require one to go deep with in and find what is most appropriate.   This art of changing the name to change a vibrational reality has been and is being practiced till today in many of the religious and spiritual schools where by the student who enters these institutions is given a new name upon entering these schools.  This means that the old name which was placed on the student is no more there and the student who has a new name has a new vibrational  with choice to create a new reality.  The same principle applies to any given situation where by one is contemplating ending a part of their life and beginning anew.  

These principles can be applied to all the situations of the world or for all the countries.  Simply by changing the vibrational frequency, the entire country's energy pattern can be changed.  For eg., if a country had an original name from the ancient past and then it was changed to a modern one, then the ancient energy by which the country was encased is gone and a new one is created.  This can create an imbalance depending on the new created name.  Let us take the great country of India as an example.   India's original name was Bharat.  When it was changed to India, it changed its vibrational pattern greatly.  Bharat was a name which had a great heart energy and it meant encompassing all.  There was a feeling of unity and sharing with all.  When the name was changed to India, a new energy was created.  In this new energy, the perception of brotherly love, unity and equality was lost and every one became more self centered and looking out for themselves.  Although India had great spiritual heritage, it was never able to uplift the average common man from dire poverty and inequality which still exists greatly today.  This can be changed simply by changing the vibrational pattern by adding a new letter in front of India.  The beauty of this technique is that this new vibration has to be created only energetically and not on the physical level.  This means that there is no need to change the name.  The highest vibration which India can have on its name is by adding the letter S in front of it.  This can be done by the ruling party of that country for a period of 28 days where by the ruling party president of prime minister visualizes this new letter in front of the name of India.  This will open up a new energy of the Creator for that country.

Let us take another example.  Let us take the country of Mexico.   Mexico is now plagued by violence and drugs.  Simply by changing the vibrtaional pattern by adding G in front of their name, a new reality will be created.  Naturally for a country, it will take longer periods of time to see the changes happening by changing the names.  Now the country of USA had great spiritual energy associated with it when it was formed.  But during the last 11 years, after 9/11, the energy vibrational pattern has been changed and this closed the heart chakra of that country.  If they were to put U in front of USA, there will be change in the energy and it will bring in the energy of understanding and compassion and they will not force their will on other nations or other people and they will accept other countries and other people's cultures as it is right now.

This tool of changing the energy vibration can be applied to all or any situations.  A patient with cancer who is dying, an Aids patient who has lost all hope to live, a student who is truant in school, a problem child, a farm which is dying, a project which is being delayed and cannot seem to finish all can be impacted by this technique.  It can also be applied to sporting events, where by a team is always on the loosing end and they want to increase the odds winning or atleast not sliding further in their rankings can all be benefited by this technique.  

This same principle also applies for the street address where one lives.  If a numerical number can be placed in front of their street address, then the entire vibration of that building can be changed.  This has enormous applications as the shops and business in one particular address can have their business turned around by simply placing a numerical number in front of their street address.

I invite you all play with this new science and come with the most appropriate letter and number you can have in your name.

Archangel Metatron
Through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran