Musical Body by The Celestial Beings.

Hello, we are Friends of the Creator.

Today we would like to touch on the subject of Illusion and its purpose.

All of you are aware of illusions and its hold on all of us.  You are also aware that is an illusion. Neverthless you are not able to get out of this game of illusion.  What can be done about this simple but very difficult to comprehend and change situation. The key is in the Musical tones of the body. There are many musical keys in the human body. Your lungs shaped like the piano keys has certain rhythm to it and it plays a certain frequency and melody. You can fine tune this keys and also program it to play beautiful music, your unique music which will fit very well with the grand symphony/orchestra of the Universe. Your lungs also sings a frequency and this produces some enzymes which help your stomach to digest its food in a easy way.  Your kids produce another frequency which helps in the digestive systems and also affects the pineal and brain function. Your legs - soles of your feet produces another frequency and when this is fine tuned, it can affect the gravitational and magnetic energy in the body - lessen it and you will start to feel lighter and brighter.  Your eyes and ears produces other frequencies which helps in the proper functioning of the brain and for sending energy and commandments into your medulla oblangota which controls your motor system in the body - your electrical system in the body.

When you are able to caliberate the different frequencies in your body, the hold your body has on illusionrary energy will diminish greatly.  There are certain frequencies which can help you fine tune the inner frequencies of your body.  We encourage you to work with these and see the results for yourselves.

Your backbone is one of the most important places in the body, for it holds the very energy of one's life force in it.  The entire history of you - your Adam Kadmon Code is inside the spinal column. Your powerful Kundalini energy moves through the two nerve centers which is inside the spinal column.  The spinal column is like the stem of your awakening lotus and if the stem is strong, the lotus it holds is very strong. Your back bone resonates well with the frequencies of the ancient instrument from Persia (Iran) called Lute. It is a fine stringed instrument and you play it by plucking the chords.  This sound will help to strengthen the back bone and also helps you to clear and open the backbone area so that the energy can move through it easily and quickly. When the nerve centres in the spinal column is clean opened, then the kundalini can move easily and effortlessly and there will not be discomfort when the kundalini starts to rise. 

The musical instrument - Levai which comes from Mongolia is another instruments the music of which can help in re-setting the frequencies of one's eyes. Simply listening to it quietly and with a relaxed mind can help much with settling the energies in the eyes. When the eyes are settled and at ease, your mind is naturally at ease and your emotional body is at ease.

For the stomach, the music is from the instrument called Gong which came from inner China.  The sound of this instrument can help repair damaged tissues in the stomach, balance and re-align the stomach lining inside the stomach, reduce the acidity in the stomach, and in the well being of the stomach area. 

The heart area resonates with the sound of an ancient Indian instrument called Sarangi which again is a stringed instrument.  The sound from Sarangi has the potential to heal a broken heart, massage the tissues and muscles in the heart area, remove blockages like fear and in getting to know your heart more fully.  There are many chambers to your heart and each time you listen to this instrument, you will be going deeper and deeper into your inner most heart area - the sanctum of your divine heart.  Early morning and late evenings are best for listening to this sound.

The thighs and the knees responds to the sound of Angklung - which is a musical instrument from Indonesia. There are DNA and chakras inside your thighs (in the back of the thigh) and also in your knee area. The potential for many sickness energy is imprinted in the knee area and during appropriate circumstances, these energies are released and it manifests as illness.

Listening to this sound and bringing your attention to your knee and thigh area while listening can help much in balancing the frequency of this area.

For the brain - we recommend the sound frequency of Rainstick which comes from South America.  The sound from this instrument can reset the thought imprints in the brain area, active the DNA in the centre of the brain and also acts as a massage for the shrinking brain which happens due to stress and faulty thinking. Listen to this sound after you finish your bath as then your body is fully alert and awake. Night time listening is recommended - especially before you fall asleep.

The ear's frequency can be fine tuned by the sound of Xun which comes from Africa. The ears are very important not only for hearing, but for other reasons.  Your tongue in the mouth is directly connected to the ear and also to your emotional body.  There are many meridian points in your ears and your ears when tuned correctly, can hear very subtle sounds just like the animals. Your ears were made to hear the sound frequency emanating from a distance of at least 30 feet.  Fine tune your ears and you will be astonished at the symphony going on in the nature for you will be able to tune into that.

For the lower part of the stomach area - the hip area, we recommend the sounds of Didgerido the instrument of the people of Aborgines from Australia.  The sounds from these instruments can help one in one's elimination process of waste from the body easily.  Also there are chakras in the hip area and this gets activated. In addition, there are two DNA strands in the hip area and when it is activated, one has the natural ability to navigate through the world easily and effortlessly. Noon time - to 3 pm is good time to listen to this sound frequency.

The frequency in the face can be fine tuned with the sound from Harp.  There are many chakras in the face and also there are 3 portals in the face - in the nose area, under the eyes, and on the chin area.  While listening to the sound of Harp, bring your focus on the face and be still for a minimum of 15 minutes.  This will help to stabilize the energy in the face and re-caliberate the energy.

For the Hands (wrist, arms and palms) the music of Daruso which is an ancient Korean flute.  The sound frequency from this can help in better hand and mind co-ordination, better thinking and taking action, when to let go and when to accelerate. There are two major healing chakras in the middle of your palm and also there are ten minor healing chakras underneath your finger tips.  Listening to this sound with your palms opened can help balance the energy in this area. 

Now for the legs, we recommend the sounds of African drums or Japanese Taiko drums which makes a deep booming sound.  These sounds resonate with the earth's frequencies and the chakras underneath your feet which is connected to the frequency of Earth.  Balancing the energy in the leg area can help you feel that you are in command of your life, you can overcome any thing/any difficulties, you take responsibility for your life etc., 

In the centre of your body - right at the navel, there is an important DNA and also a chakra and this place is the nucleus of your body and your power lies there.  Many a time the power in this place is unknown and untapped. The sound for this area is from the musical instrument called Morn Khur from Mangolia/Russia and the Baltic states.  While listening to this sound gently massage your stomach area and it will awaken and adjust the energies there.

Your body is a finely tuned musical instrument.  The sounds from the above instruments will help your body to remember more of its Divinity and Sacredness and when you start doing this, naturally the hold illusion has over you will diminish and slowly vanish altogether.

Now to recap.

Back Bone - Lute

Eyes - Levai

Stomach - Gong

Heart - Sarangi

Kness and Thighs - Ang Klung

Brain - Rainstick

Ear - Xun

Bowl movements and hip area - Didgeridoo

Face - Harp

Arms/Elbows,Palms - Daruso

Legs/knees/shin and toes - African Drum/Japanese Taiko drum

Naval area/Nucleus in the body - Morin Khur

Enjoy the music.  Create haromony.

Celestial Beings - Friends of the Creator