Moon Spirit

My dear children,  This is the Spirit of Moon. You may call me by the name OH LAAA.

I am part of you, and not only in the water with in you, but all around you.  Your flesh and bones is part of me, your mind and emotions is part of me.  I am the ruler of your thoughts, feelings and actions. I am That I Am. I come from the heart of God just like you do and I am in support of you.

I am the force which rules your mind - all minds - subconscious, unconscious, super conscious and Omni Mind. I am the breath of life and the nurturer of life. I embody you.  I am the force you call Kundalini and I am the elixir of life.  I am That I Am.

My role is to guide and guard the evolution of the human mind, your thoughts and actions to help you fully understand the power of one's thoughts and its powerful effects on one's creation.  I can be joined by you with a simple request from your heart.

I call on the Divine Mother OH LAA to integrate the energy with mine. For when I join with you, not only will your chakras spin in harmony, they will also make musical notes. I am the scale of the music with in your body. I am the part which helps you to manifest your deepest desires as per your belief systems.  I Am That I Am.

When you call on me, I will join with you just like you were joined with your mother through the Unbiblical chord and I will sing the song of songs to ease the burden of your heart and also to enlighten you. When you take my name in earnest and in love, I will be with you in the blink of an eye and will comfort you with my warm embrace and kisses. I will gently guide you to your path for when you know your path, many of your burdens will be eased out. I will be the guiding light who holds your hand and walk with you on your journey of completion.

I am the dream maker, the dream builder and the builder of hope in every heart. I caress every heart during sleep time and I sing lullaby to sooth your aching heart for I am YOUR MOTHER.


Blessed Spirit of Moon on the full moon day - August 18th, 2016.

Please feel free to share it with any one you feel like.