Master Thoth

Activating Energetic Codes in Children

Children choose their parents and grandparents about 34 to 36 months before birth.  This may not make sense logically, for the parents may not have met, or be married then.  Souls examine a variety of things before deciding where they will be born and to whom.  The soul is only interested in having experiences to enrich wisdom and growth.  So the soul looks at a variety of people and conditions through which it can fulfill its highest potential.  The soul will scout the energies of the place where it will be born, the potential time frame for birth, the potential to change a timeline, the prospective parents, and the potential of the parents to grow spiritually.  The soul will also look at the potential futures of the parents, grandparents, and the country's potential future.  The soul will also examine the energies of the siblings and their life contracts.

  Almost all babies born on the Earth plane have a special connection to their maternal grandmothers.  This grandmother and the baby would have shared many life times together on the Earth plane and on other planets.  Maternal grandmothers play a very important role in the baby's birth, for there are energetic codes which the grandmother passes to the baby at birth, whether boy or girl. One of these codes is the Goddess Code, which is transferred to a baby of either sex within three and a half months of birth. The Goddess code helps the child grow up in a balanced and harmonious way, with compassion, forgiveness, kindness and gentleness, so the child develops as a healthy human being.   The maternal grandfather also plays a crucial part in the energetic structure of the baby.  This grandfather carries a code called the Galactic Heritage Code.  This code helps the baby remember its origin, and it is fully activated within seven months of birth. It helps the child in its quest to find itself when it moves into adulthood, particularly after the 25th year.  If the grandmother and the grandfather hold a new baby close to their hearts, the potential for the baby's heart centre being opened will be very high.  The grandfather's energy also affects the opening of the Resonance Code. This code helps the child attract what it needs to know itself without going through the difficult and laborious process of difficult karmic lessons. 

  Parents also have much to offer their child. They not only offer their love and support; they also open various codes and energetic structures in the baby. The mother transmits the Life Code through breast feeding.  When this code is activated, the potential to complete the baby’s life mission is greatly enhanced.  Mothers also carry the Terra Code. When this is fully activated, the baby grows up healthy, grounded, and responsible.  This code can be activated when mothers gently massage their baby regularly, especially during the first six months after birth.  Mothers also carry the Warrior Code. When this code is activated, the child will grow up respecting, honoring, and protecting people of the opposite sex. The Warrior Code is activated by gently massaging the baby’s naval.  All these codes must be activated during the first 12 months after birth.

  Fathers also carry important energy and codes for the well being of a child.  One is the Hunter's code, and when activated, this helps a child to be fearless and explore new ideas, places, and experiences. It also awakens courage and faith in self. This code is activated by gently blowing into the spinal column and gently pressing the index finger there at the same time.  This has to be done three times a day for at least 9 days for the code to be fully activated. 

  Fathers also carry the Lineage Code. When fully activated, this code helps the child to be emotionally connected to the family, even after the child has grown up and has its own family. The child will be well balanced in all human relationships throughout life.  This code is activated by gently massing the baby’s sternum, and making a triangle with the fingers on the sternum after the massage is finished.  Massage need not be long - 3 to 5 minutes.

The father also carries the Code of Divinity and Sacredness.  When fully activated, the baby will grow up knowing the sacredness of life and all Creation, with deep appreciation for life and nature, and an attitude of thankfulness for all things. This code is activated by gently massaging both soles and both legs, and blowing into the middle of the soles while massaging.  This must be done for a minimum of 12 times for 3 to 5 minutes, during the first 12 months after birth.

  The baby also chooses its name, the month it wants to be born, the placement of moon in its astrological chart, and the places where it wants to live (12 to 17 places). The baby also chooses the talents and gifts it wants to develop and nurture. 

  A baby also chooses the guides and support system for a lifetime.  Guides change as a person grows in spirituality and awareness, and the baby has already chosen who it wants to work with when it is growing spiritually.  Many of the guides a baby chooses are Masters with whom the baby has worked in other realities and in other lifetimes.  Among the many guides a baby chooses, there will be one guide who will awaken the Freedom Code, also called the Ascension Code.  For this to happen, the right circumstances have to fall into place, and the person has to raise his or her vibration to resonate with the vibrations of the Master. 

  Before birth, the baby also chooses a Remembrance brother or sister who will help them remember their soul path when they start growing up.  These are not biological siblings. They are outside the family, and often the opposite gender.

  The baby also carries Animal codes. Certain animals can trigger memories to help them remember who they are.  This is why most children love animals and want to be near them, and have a pet.

  Children are Masters. They have set up a support system for themselves before they are born.  You may ask about a child being born in a war torn place, or under other difficult circumstances.  Even in these cases, the child has set up a support system for their growth and soul evolution.

You may wonder whether these codes were activated within you as a child, and what you can do to activate them within yourself as an adult. In your quiet time, visualize that you are holding a tiny baby (like a doll), and this doll is you. Massage the doll in the manners proscribed. Energy goes where your attention goes. When you take your attention to the time when you were a small baby, part of you is there. The energy of you as a baby still exists in that time period. You as an adult can do this to yourself by holding the intension. This does not require your father, for example, for you are an extension of your father.

You may have children who are beyond the ages recommended for these Code activations. You can follow the same procedure. Visualize that you are holding your child and activate these codes in your child. You can do this on behalf of the child’s grandparents or other parent. The physical or visualized action of massaging the child automatically activates these codes. You do not need to hold the intension for these activations to be effective. Most parents unconsciously massage their children when they hold them, so the activations are automatic.

 Master Thoth through Rae Chandran