The Sacred Geometry of the Human Body

In the womb, at the beginning of our lives, we were nothing but geometrical forms. All life forms - trees, plants, and animals - began as a sphere. The ovum in the human body is also a sphere. For conception to take place, the ovum must be saturated with hundreds of sperm, and a few must come together. Then cells begin to divide, forming another sacred geometrical symbol - the vesica piscis. At that exact moment, the reality of all the light of the Universe is transmitted into that sacred geometrical form. With further multiplication of cells, another geometrical form begins to manifest - the tetrahedron. This is called the Egg of Life. Within this tetrahedron, 8 core cells are created, and these core cells remain within us at the base chakra, unchanged from birth to death. These 8 cells resonate with sound, music, water, sacred geometry, and the elements.

The human body contains 8 sacred geometric shapes, formed at birth, and remaining throughout our life. These are:

1. Circle or sphere
2. Vesica piscis
3. Tetrahedron
4. Cube, shaped like a square
5. Half moon
6. Octahedron
7. Dodecahedron
8. Flower of Life

In addition, the spiral is interwoven throughout these 8 sacred geometrical shapes.

These forms interact with each other regularly, and our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies experience different aspects of our life through the interactions of these sacred geometrical shapes.

Each of these forms carries a certain frequency and essence, and each is tied to the quality of an Ascended Master, a Sister of Light, or with the Angelic Kingdom.

1. The Circle or Sphere is connected to Master Jesus and is associated with the fullness of life - embracing all of Creation.

2. The Vesica Piscis - is connected to Mother Mary, the Goddess of Creation and the perfect balance between the two opposites.

3. The Star Tetrahedron is connected to Archangel Gabriel and our relation to Universal Light and Universal Wisdom.

4. The Cube is connected to Master Kuthumi and is associated with the Oneness of Body, Mind and Soul, or union with oneself.

5. The Half Moon is connected with Lady Quan Yin and embodies the qualities of Universal Love for us to exist.

6. The Octahedron is connected to Archangel Metatron and is associated with the patterns of life Creation - how Creation is made and manifested.

7. The Dodecahedron is connected with Master Hilarion and is associated with our human body and its interactions with Heaven and Earth.

8. The Flower of Life is associated with Master Thoth and Lord Melchizedek, and represents the cycles of life and death. It is also called as the Cycle of a Fruit Tree. A fruit tree first makes a flower, and then goes through process of metamorphosis to create fruit. Fruit contains the seed which falls to the ground, and then grows into another tree, and the cycle continues.


1. The circle or sphere is in the head area - from the top of the mouth to about 12 inches above the head.

2. The Tetrahedron is located in the front of the body, from base of the neck to the heart.

3. The Cube is located between the heart to just above the solar plexus chakra.

4. The Vesica Piscis covers the entire solar plexus area.

5. The Flower of Life is between the first and second charkas.

6. The Octahedron is between the first chakra to the top of the knee.

7. The Dodecahedron is from below the knee to the toes.

8. The Half Moon is on the soles, underneath the feet.

Spiral geometry goes up and down through all these patterns.

Through your intent, you can strengthen any of these parts of your body by calling on the respective masters and anchoring their light into yourself. You can also draw these geometric patterns on paper, and strengthen parts of your body by using color, intention, energy programming, etc.