Master of the Soil

Hello My Earth Friends.

I am known as the Master of the land where crops are grown. I oversee all the land which are utilized for producing food for human consumption.  My name is Sama - To - Tos - Ke.  I have been entrusted with caring for the land for some time - over 50,000 years.  In ancient times and even as near as four to five hundred years time, the people who worked on the land knew the need for resting the land after a crop is harvested so that the land can replenish itself.  But in recent times and especially during the last century, this has been declining gradually and in the last few decades - up to fifty, this practice has altogether been discarded in many parts of the world. This has created deep seated problems and Soil Erosion is one of the key points to look into.  Many a time this is completely ignored or it is kept side for the sake of more produce and more money. This is happening in most of the countries and it is depleting and damaging the land immeasurably.  The land to replenish itself needs a minimum of 90 to 100 days and if this period is reduced, then the land can only produce one tenth of the crops which otherwise would have yielded between 60 to 90%.  Ofcourse you can say, we are adding fertilizers and manures to replenish the land, but all these are artificial and not natural to the land.  The land needs to be fee for a period of time to replenish itself.

There are bacteria in the land which does the work of replenishing the land. These bacteria need time to multiply and then saturate the land with their essence for the land to become once more fertile.  This multiplication and saturation will require approximately about 50 of your days. When this is not allowed due to a new crop being introduced into the land immediately after the first one is harvested, then the bacteria cannot multiply, for their gestation period for multiplication is about 50 days.  They lie dormant when the crop is on the land and they can only multiply when the land is free of any crops.  Certain small shrubs and weeds are fine, but no major crop should be seeded immediately after the first harvest is done. 

If you observe carefully, you will notice that, the top soil of the land, where the crops seeded take roots are almost completely devoid of any life force and the crops grows not in the most healthy way.  They needed to be supported by chemicals even from a young age.  They need more water, more care and many of them are unhealthy and cannot withstand any natural disasters like heavy wind, heavy rain, floods etc.,  If the crops were naturally growing, then you would see that they are able to withstand the onslaught of nature much more strongly and they will not be as much damaged.

Now let us take a look at your orange growing field.  If you notice, you will notice that due to chemicals being pumped into the land, the oranges may grow bigger in size, but less in its fruit contents and life essences.  It may also stay for longer periods of time on the tree or on the super market shelf with the same glow or colour for longer periods of time, but this is not natural.  So you may end up eating a whole orange or more than one to satisfy your hunger.  In reality a few portion from a naturally grown healthy orange is all that is needed to satisfy your hunger.  One of the main reason people eat more and more food these days is because there is no life force in it.  In many food, there is no life force at all, it is dead food. When we eat dead food, we take only dead energy and this is reflected in our daily life. Also it causes obese and this is one of the main reasons for people putting on weight - eating too much of dead food.

Now take the example of apple and tomato.  If you observe carefully, you will notice that the apples in the super market shelves still has the same glow for over a month and it is not perishing.  If you were to eat that apple, then you are eating a dead apple and as you know eating dead things can harm and damage your liver, intestines, the lining of your stomach, kidneys and your eye sight.  If you look at tomato, you will see that many a time, it is hard and not soft.  Tomatoes should be soft and juicy and it is best eaten with in three days from the time of harvest and it should not be placed in the box you call refrigerator. 

From my perspective, this soul erosion and depletion of top soil is a major problem you are all over looking.  The land is given to you as a gift to you.  You are the undertakers of this land, for the land has consciousness and life force.  Treat it with respect and it will enhance your life very much. 

Now what can you do to support the healing of the agricultural and fruit growing land. First of all do not force the land to accept all kinds of seeds for it to grow.  Certain lands resonate with certain types of vibrations of seed and if these seeds are planted on that land, then it will grow naturally with a minimum of natural manure and also it will produce plenty.  So first find out, which seeds will the land accept fully and then plant those seeds.  Yes, I understand that it can throw your way of growing crops in a curve, but you will start to see the benefits of this in a short time.

Before you seed anything in the soil, meditate on the seed and also the soil and ask that these two are in harmony and resonance and there is mutual support for each.  This will set up the foundation for a rewarding partnership. You can also pass on your DNA to the seeds through holding the seeds into the palms of your hand and then giving intent by breathing into it.  Then you focus on your belly button and send a beam of light from there into the land and the land will also get the essence of your DNA.  This process need not be done in each of the land you have.  You can do it in part of your land and it will be transported to all the lands you have for growing.  Also try to plant the seeds in the early morning or late evenings.  These two times are magical  for there is an opening at this time for much spiritual energy to come in and also the energy of the divine Goddess, from where all creations takes place.  Watering also should be done in the early morning or late evenings.  The seeds starts the process of birthing during these times - early morning and early evenings and the energy of the Goddess will support this birthing process and most of the seeds you have planted will be able to come out of the soil easily and effortlessly.

The seeds have tremendous pressure to birth and there is a struggle going in underneath the soil.  The seeds have to push very hard to break through the soil and be born and in many ways, it is similar to the way babies are born in your world - the babies has to push out to come out through the womb. When the seeds are easily able to be born, then this seedling has the potential to fulfil its highest potential and what is the highest potential for a seed.  That it grows it to be at its naturalness and with the highest fruit/crop contents and then it has fulfilled its dharma.  When these are eaten by the human beings in recognition of the service they have done for us, then their mission is fully completed.  So when we honour them in the seeding process and also when we harvest them and then when we eat them, we are also facilitating their own evolution and in the fulfilment of their life mission.

Everything born in the earth plane has a mission and everything must support everything else. This is a very basis law.

We encourage you to try the following methods to heal and replenish the land.

1. Invite the River Spirit (any river is fine) in your meditation and ask them to seed the land with their fertile soil - especially the silt for again this silt is an energy condensed into that form. If you were to do this for a period of time, you will start to see that the land is naturally being replenished and is becoming more fertile and if you go to the land, you will feel a healthy glow from the land.

2. Everything living on the earth has an auric field and naturally the agricultural land has an aura.  This is completely depleted in most of the lands of the earth and it must be restored bck to its original energy.  This you can do by toning or singing to the land and again light workers like you can do this in your own home or being on the filed and then singing to the land and see and visualize the entire land being filled with a soft golden green light.  Do it every day for three to four minutes and you will again see life force being emenated from the land. One person is all that is needed to do this.

3. Ask for the support of the Moon Sprit in restoring the land. Moon has a big influence on the crops being grown and cultivated.  There are beings in the moon who can beam certain kinds of light and energy which will make the land fertile. These beings do this beaming to many other planetary civilization if asked for.  The energy they beam is called Solarium Ray which is silver/platinum in colour and this acts as a natural fertilizer for the land.

4. There are also Land Angels you can call up on to heal and replenish the land.  One of the Angels you can call on is Ahruel and this angel specifically supports all the bugs and bacteria including the earth worm which makes the land fertile once again.  For soil erosion, call on the Angel Variom Mo and this angel supports in building the top soil in its original form.

5. There are also benevolent space brothers from outer space who has mastered the art of cultivation and preservation and you can call on them also.  Beings from the Pleaideas, Arcturians and Anthares all can help you much.  Call on the Grand Master who guides all these planets in their crop production is named Marhiho. He is called the grand old wizard of land and is closely associated with the being you know as Lord Merlin/Lord Mohak. 

So you see there is help available if you ask for. 

We see the problem with the land as being a major factor in the coming years and months.
Work in restoring the land and your health.

We are at your service.

Sama - To - Tos - Ke
through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran