Jade crystal skull speaks

Hello Brothers and Sisters,  I Am Spirit of Joy - a Jade skull.  My origin is ancient and I come from another world - the world of shapes and forms.  There are millions and millions of planets in this universe most of them has of energy in different forms.  In the world I come from, there are forms of life in the shape of shapes and many in skull structures.  We the skull structures all have definitive roles and my role is to be the holder of Joy and happiness.   My secondary role is as a record keeper for I hold the spectrum of light of the Book of Records with in me.  I am a custodian of the wealth of knowledge and wisdom contained with in the Book of Records.  

This book of records is a light library where everything is alive and pulsing with life energy.  One can access this living light to know everything about Earth and also its entire history.  There were many many life forms on the planet and many of them left after completing their life plan.  The same goes for the animal kingdoms and the plant kingdoms.  Everything has a life structure plan for its evolution and then its disintegration and rejoining with the very elements from which it was created.  This is very process of life itself.  Knowing what went before - or what happend in one life time can support in the present life time.   Some of the healing modalities on your planet is based on this - namely past life regression and healing.  But most of the time it is based on healing only a certain aspect of one's personality, and very rarely touch on one' spiritual past and its effect on this life time.  This neglected aspect is what we wish to speak today.  

Many of you have done considerable amount of work in your past lives in the area of your spiritual growth. And knowing this aspect of your life can immensely support you in this life time - especially as you are all working towards your Ascension status.  When you can tap into this experience, then, you will be able to connect with that past and immediately merge with that energy.  Now you may ask - how do I this?  There is a part in your body - the back of your skull which contains this old experiential energy. This place is protected by a light sheath which acts like a wall between you and the part of the brain which contains the highest energy of one's remembrance.  Your memory is also in your cells and also your muscles and tissues.  During your next meditation time or contemplation time, call on one us - Spirit of Joy which is me or Spirit of Guardianship.  When you focus on this partl of the body and call on us, we will immediately respond.  Next we ask you to ooen one palm facing upwards and one palm facing downward.  We will start sending energy from your Memory Bank into your hands and you will start to feel a slight tingling sensation in the middle of your palms.  Now bring your two hands together like in a prayer position and point towards the toes of your feet and just in front of it.  Hold this position for a minimum of 15 minutes.  After this time, bring your two hands together again like in a prayer position and point towards your throat chakra and hold it for 12 minutes.  When you do this hand gesture in the positions indicated, the energy of the experience of your spiritual growth from past lives will create a pyramidical shape between your throat chakra and your toes and this structure will contain all the energy of your past spiritual lives.   Be with this space for time every day and over time you will start to feel this old energy with in your entire body and especially in your heart area.  Your heart are will start to expand and you will start to feel vibrations behind your heart chakra area.  When this happens, the larger part of your Quantum Self would have integrated with in you.  If you work sincerely with this technique, you will start to feel this energy in and about 180 to 190 days.  

When this starts happening, not oly would you have integrated the past spiritual energy, you would also have transmuted a large part of your karmic energy.    We encourage you to try this.

Spirit of Joy
Through Rae Chandran

Rae chandran