Grand Mother Spider

Hello Dear All, this is Grand Mother Spider.

Like all Grandmothers I embrace all of humanity in love. Our role in the planet is to hold the love of Grandmothers so that all are embraced by this love all the time. Yes, we have other roles too, but our main role in supporting humanity is to spread this love.  Have you seen our web and how it is circular and not in rectangle or square shape. Why it is woven by us in that way. It represents LOVE in its fullest form which is circular and never ending.  No starting point and ending point. You are this love dear, lest not forget it.

In these changing times, if you look towards the nature, you would find much comfort for all of nature including all little bugs and other creatures are all emitting this love to you, for they know that human beings needs it at this time the most. They know about the planetary shift and about the darkness and the fight between the darkness and the light. Nature also is sending out signals and also smells to help humanity. All of nature is also making a grand symphony to support humanity. Simply tune into the sounds and you will feel uplifted.  Even the simple sounds of the Ciccada during the summer times can support you much.  The little dragon flies which is flying around in the summer time is bringing a message to all about the good times which is just around the corner and has been in the making.  Tune in to nature regularly for your well being.

Have a you seen a cat or a dog in the park during summer times just lying down or sleeping under a tree? For by lying down under a shade of a tree, they are rejuvenating their bodies and also their celluar memory about who they are and about their home planet and their families.  You can also do the same.  Be with the trees and the grass and the shrubs and you will also feel the energy of healing sweeping into you.

Our role in all this is to hold the space of space for all of humanity, so that they can heal themselves. The next time you see a spider web, come near us. Do not be afraid and open your heart and we will project the purest love you ever felt into your heart - just like the love you felt when you were a baby and been cradled by your mother.  Our web is not constructed haphazardly, but with careful consideration. We are born mathematicians and our distant cousins - the black and white penguins are also great mathematicians.  We both are from the same planet, but from this universe.  We weave between 34 to 77 strands for our web.  In some cases, it can go up to 117 or 119.  These are all magical numbers for the nature kingdoms for they are the numbers of the Devas, Fairies, Gnomes and other nature Deities.  When you are near us, focus on any of these numbers and breath and call forth the most appropriate nature spirit to come to you at that time and you will be rewarded with their presence.  You will not be able to see them, but you will feel their love and wisdom surrounding you.  These nature spirits are very very gentle and you must be in a place of relaxation and peacefulness to receive their energy. We as one of the caretakers of the nature kingdom regularly communicates with these beings and try to bring solutions to the human kind for their problems.  In ancient cultures, when the village headman or the shaman needed an answer for the entire village, they would make a visit to us and sit with us for some time to gain the answer he was seeking. You can do the same.  We are not harmful in any way nor were we created that way.   As a simple means of protecting us from harm, we have small sacs of poison with in us and when harmed, we gently release it, knowing fully well that it would not cause permanent damage or kill that person.

In your meditation time, call on us - the Spirit of the Master Spider Clan and we will readily come to you.  Ask that we weave a web to protect you from all harmful energy you encounter on a daily basis or the energy you have generated after a powerful meditation or spiritual experience is not contaminated nor leaked.  You can call on us to weave a web around all your chakras so that it does not pick up other energies.  Also ask us to suck the energy of fear and other base emotions from your chakras and then fill it up with the energy of love and compassion.  We can also instill in your chakras the nectar of love from the flower kingdom so that you can start loving yourself fully and start accepting yourself fully. 

We also work with the human psyche.  Human psyche is enmeshed in a tangle of dense and dark energies through erroneous thinking, fear and false belief system.  We can help you to release and untangle many of these energies and instil new thought forms.  We are constantly searching and seeking new ways to support humanity.

From our perspective, one of the bigger problems humanity is facing now is there is no correct or proper doctrine in the religious and spiritual context to lead humanity to its proper destination. Many are corrupted and used for unholy purposes. We can help you understand discernment and the proper judgement in using any of the materials for your spiritual growth. The greatest teacher from our perspective is The Creator and the Nature Kingdom. Make a conscious effort to connect with these beings and see your life change.

We also work with colours and smells.  Certain colours attract certain experiences and people. So choosing colour is important. We can guide you in this for we are experts in colour. One of our favourite colour is soft green and this colour has the potential to heal a human heart by opening the heart fully.  That is the colour of your heart chakra.   You need certain colours for certain experiences and working with us can enlighten your mind on how to use all the colours - even the ones you are not aware of nor like it to support you. Colours are one of the methods used by your hair and skin to attract certain experiences and life lessons in terms of people and circumstances.  So all colours are important. Certain colours - you may not be able to wear while going out, but certainly, indoors, you will be able to use these colours.  Your skin emits a faint order and this is picked by the bugs and they come to you.  This is the classic case of bed bugs biting you because of the odour you are emitting and they are picking up this, to the case of mosquitoes biting you. If you carefully notice, bed bugs and mosquitoes does not bite every body.

Your body is made up of water and this has a large influence on you.  Water can be energised before you drink, bathe with a simple prayer.  But when you call on the water spirits and other spirits who support water to be with you, then the water becomes doubly powerful and potent. This water if drunk can help one reduce the effects of depression.  There are 14 types of spirit beings who support water on your planet and you can call on them to assist you. Out of the 14, 3 are related to the flower kingdom, 4 are related to the soil kingdom and the rest are of light beings who is in charge of the molecular structures of the water. 

Your trees hold much secret of you and also of Earth. Certain trees has certain responsibilities and duties and one of them is the ability to help people know about their past for when we you know your past, you will fully understand your present and will create a benevolent future.  Trees are memory holders and the next time you are near a tree, ask them something about you and they will be able to tell you right away.  Make a friendship with the Tree Kingdom as a support mechanism in your every day life. If you notice, we always weave our web in the shrubs or low level branches and not on the top of the branch because the trees does not require our love to survive, where as human beings needs our love.

The next time, you know of some one who is going to have a baby or you yourself are going to have a baby, talk to us, for we will be able to tell where the baby is coming from, its birth plan, the name the baby would like to have, its contracts with its parents, country and family karma etc., For we are also the record keepers of human beings on the earth and on our web, we have the history of humanity woven in to it. 

So let us join hands together and work together in creating a loving and harmonious world.

Grand Mother Spider
through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran