Blessed Masters, this is Devayani.

I am one of the Beings who hold light and frequency in the holy and ancient cave you call Batu Cave.  There is much energy there and for person who is seeking, will find these energies.  it is not only the energy of the Gods and Goddess there, but also the energy of Dragons, the great bird you call Garuda and the God of the Birds called Arhaitman.  There is also much secret there hidden behind the rocks of the caves.  The next time you are there, put your hands on the rocks of the caves and you will feel much.

Today I wish to discuss the aspect of my energy and what I stand for. I stand for three truths of the Creator - Resurrection, Reconstruction and Re-birth.  These three truths are part of you and is located in three parts of your body in the form of geometrical  patterns - middle of the forehead, under the naval and under the soles of the feet.  One must connect and activate the energies there, for this is the energy which propels you forward, to give you a momentum in your life to seek higher truths and better life. These are the qualities of God every one has and working with these and activating these will help you much.  You can focus on these parts of your body and do tones to activate these energies.  Gama, Sarim and Yvyoo. The colors of these energies are Turquoise, Magenta and Bright Yellow.  There are also Masters associated with these energies and they are Sanat Kumara, Master Buddha and Master Thoth.  

All these Masters holds the energy of these three frequencies along with me.  They hold the male energies of this frequency and I hold the female energy of this frequency.  Our work Is overseen by Archangel Gabriel. 

Connecting with us and these energies can open up the Adam Code with in you, the very truth of who you are.  When you remember who you are, you are also able to grasp the wisdom and connect with all your supporting energies that is available to you.  

When you wake up in the morning lie down in the bed for a few minutes and open your right palm - face upwards and bring your attention to the middle part of your hand and simply make the sound Sahum.  Do it for a few minutes and you will start to feel warmth in your hands.  Then bring your attention to the middle of your forehead and make the appropriate sound.  Then fcpus on the area under the naval and make the appropriate sound. Then bring your attention to the area under neath your feet and make the appropriate sound.  

Finally, bring your right open palm and place it on middle of the head and breath and you will connect with me. I may come as a white serpent or a rain bow of light.  Call on me also to anchor your higher chakras.    I directly with the powerful force of Kundalini.

So my Love Incarnate Beings, I invite you to join me in recreating yourself new in all areas of your life.

Goddess Devayani
Through Rae Chandran

Rae chandran