Garam Ve

Hello my friends, This is Garam Ve,an elder from the planet of Orion.  We the elders hold you in much love for we know that the people on earth is doing a great deal of work and we commend you for that.  What you are doing has great implications not only for the evolution of the planet, but also this entire galaxy and some of the other parts of the universe.  what you are doing here, has a great impact on some of the beings from the ancient past who are ready to come forth and assist in the next phase of development of the planet.
There are two group of beings ready to come forth and one is the group of King Akhanaten who brought the understanding of the Law of One.  The other is the Elders from the Essene community who lived on the hills of Israel and who were some of the original teachers of Jesus and other masters of that time.  
If you notice, the body of King Akhanaten has not been found so far.  This is for a reason.  He took his physical body with him when he left this planet because of persecution.  This being is a leader of a community in Orion where great scientific achievements and the understanding of Science and creation are understood well and experienced.   This being will bring forth this new understanding  to the earth plane with in the next few years.  The time is ripe for that.   This understanding will spread quickly on the planet.  He will be assisted in this by Maitreya the Universal Christ.  King Akhanaten and twelve of his group will take life on this planet in the year 2018 and this coming to the planet will not be through the regular birth process.  It will be a walk in .  Each of the participants in the group will be born in different countries - US, Uk, Germany, Russia, China, Chile, Equador, Mongolia, Tibet, Egypt, Israel and Iceland.  There are certain vortexes and power spots in these lands and they are all connected to Orion.  These beings will collectively come into the planet at one time and will be connected collectively through a web of light which will transmit certain energies and frequencies into them so that they are able to carry out their chosen tasks with out much discomfort and interference.   One of the main work they will be doing will be with the scientific community and also the religious leaders. They will beam a certain spectrum of light into these communities and this has the potential for these communities to be open to new ideas and new realities.  They will also work with the Vatican which has a great influence in these areas.  The present pope who is much influenced by Master Kuthumi will be very receptive of the new ideas which will come forth from these elders.  This will create much debate in the science and religious circle and this will prompt enquiry into the very nature of God and Creation.  One of the reason King Akhanaten is coming is because, he was not able to blend the these two truths while he was alive in Egypt.  (Religion and out side world) and he felt failure on his part.  This time he will also be assisted by Sanat Kumara a great planetary master.   
Orion holds much secret about your planet and its evolution.  There were two types of beings on Orion, one the followers of Belial and the other followers of Light. Many of the problems that are occurring on the planet was being influenced by the dark ones - Belial and after the appearance of King Akhanaten and his group, the influence from the dark ones will be considerably reduced.  For this to happen, they are decoding certain codes and patterns in the human skull.  Your skull contains the holographic imprints of your star heritage and its history.  Almost every one one the planet has been affected by the codes placed by the dark ones on their skull.  Now this will be deactivated and human beings will once again remember their origin and connection. 
You will start to see the affects of this from the year 2020 onwards and will continue till the year 2080 or 2085.  This will be time truly Light returns to the earth and King Akhanaten would have completed his life mission.  This will set up the energy for many of the ancient masters to be born again on the planet like Paramahamsa Yogananda, Luther Burbank, Le Nardo Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, Lao Tau, Maha Chohan, Helenea Baclataky and others.  These beings will completely overlay the new codes and the blue print on the entire surface of the planet.  
So glorious times are ahead dear ones.  Many new pyramids will be bully using the same methods used by the Ancient Egyptians of using sound to move the stones and place them in a particular way.  There will be pyramids built in all the countries and people will once again align with these structures for they are one of be principle code carriers of the new consciousness.  You will begin to remember your original Soul Shape like a pyramid which is in the Sternum part of your body.  There are many pyramid like structures in your body. - in your sternum, in your spinal column, your naval area, behind your skull, your knee cap, your nose area. 
The true understanding of the of Law of One will be understood when people start connecting with the Pyramids with in them.
The other beings who will make their appearance on the earth plane will be the Elders from the Essenes.  These beings are from the stars and they hold much secrets of the stars.  They will start taking life on the planet from the year 2020.  There will be 250 of them and they will start to teach about Star Heritage and Star Karma.   This will help one to understand much about star karma and also the methods to releases and heal them.  This in turn can have a big impact on the violence which is plaguing this planet.  Their effect on the planet can be felt and seen by the year 2039 and onwards.  Again like the group of King Akhanaten, they will stay on this planet till the year 2080-2085.  These Essene elders will also teach about using the mind constructively and about controlling the mind in a very simplified way.  Many of the mind controlling techniques used by the dark ones will be exposed and the true understanding an meaning of mind will be taught.  This will change the way how humans think and act.  They will also teach about understanding the stars in a much broader way, how to use star energy to bring about changes, how to use the star energy for cultivation and crop growing, how to balance the weather etc.,
So dear one, hold on to your hat, for much new truth is coming which will set you all FREE.
Garam Ve
Through Rae Chandran

Rae Chandran