Elders from the newly discovered Planet - Kepler

Dear All, We are the Celestial Beings.  We have invited a wonderful guest today and you would very much enjoy meeting them. 

Laughter and Love to all.  We are the beings from the newly discovered planet called Kepler. Now what can we offer to our Earth brothers and sisters?  Simply the experience of fun and laughter.  The time is fast approaching when you will be able to visit us on our home planet and the time frame for this we see before the year 2030. It is such a short time and we are waiting in excitement of meeting all of you.

Our planet is very similar to yours - not only in size, but also in the gases and atomospheric pressure and vibrations.  We also look a much like you - may be a little short, but with the same complexion many of you have - soft brown colour.  Our hair colour is also similar to yours - black as many of you have.   Now what are some of the things we can bring to you - first is about understanding the younger ones - your toddlers and the young ones.  In our societies, much emphasis is placed on the young ones - for they are very much connected to the Source energy especially when they are small.  We take great care in nurturing them and about their upbringing. It is not only the parents who takes care of the young ones, but also the elders of the community - not just the grandparents but the elders of the community and they are the ones who gives the child the much needed energy and understanding about community and harmony. These are re the core basic principles of our society - how to create and maintain harmony with in oneself and also in the greater society where they live.  The principle parenting is still done by the parents who gave birth, but the early education and imbibing of the principles of life which starts between the age of 3 and 8 is given by the elders and this then becomes a foundation in their life.

We also take great care in the schooling system - no competition and only comradership.  Each student studies or chooses to study in which they are good at and where they feel a resonance and there is no pressure to study one particular subject or curriculum.  The elders observe the young ones when they are in their care and they can see from an young age, the traits, the qualities and the abilities the young ones processes and then this is nurtured and taught by the wise elders of the schools. The school is a fun place and not a place of dread and drudgery.  It is a place of joy and excitement.  We also place much emphasis on the understanding of nature and its seasons and changes and this is also taught to the students from an early age.  So the students equal amount of time outside as in class rooms.  We will gladly share our understanding of our way of education and study with all of you when you start your regular visits which will happened with in the next two decade.

What we have noticed on your planet is there is great anger and a difficulty to process dense energies like hatred and difficulty to forgive.  These energies as we know are dangerous and can actually harm the human body and its meridians.  We have developed scientific instruments to measure and also to heal this aspect with in the human body.  We have technology and machines which can release deeply seeded dense emotions and this works on the emotional body and also on the mental body.  You may have noticed that, many of you try hard and work on releasing dense emotions, but it still comes back.  There may be temporary healing, but permanent healing some times becomes quite difficult. Our machines work with the cellular structure in plucking out the deep embedded cellular memory and imprints of these dense energies with in a physical body. After this is done, we also have healing chambers and healing beds, where in when a person lies down, a certain beam of light and sound is released into them which enables to fill in the vacuum created by the release.  This will have a great impact on their overall personality and much permanent healing can take place.

We encourage you to visit us in your sleep time or in your meditation time and request this service.  We are in service to you all and we await your contact with us for this purpose.

One other unique future of our society is about Money and how we trade goods and services.  Our concept of money is different than the ones you have on your planet, for we believe in the exchange of energy and how this done is left to the individuals and others who are in this - for eg., what should be the energy exchange for a teacher who is educating the children.  This is determined by the parents and the elders and this energy exchange can take any form - money or any other form of service.  We do not place any one particular value on any services offered.  It is decided by both the parties involved and where both the parties feel satisfied and happy. We would like to bring this concept very much to your planet, but we also see that in your earth plane, it is much more complicated with the number of services offered and also with the geographical boundaries set up by you all and also with the different languages and religions you have created.  But we see that in the future, your planet also will slowly embrace this principle and we can offer you much thought on this if needed.

In our planet, the importance of physical body is much emphasised. So outdoor activities like sports and other activities is much encouraged and nurtured.  We believe that once the body is kept in a healthy state, then the other bodies can also be kept in a well balanced state.  So taking care of the body for us is like meditation - for we call this Body Meditation.  When the body is kept in optimum condition, certain chemical reactions takes place with in the cellular structure and also in your chakra centres which can trigger certain energy movements with in all your reality.

In our society, we work with the principles of 12 - even our mathematics is based on the principle of 12, for the mathematics of the Universe is not base ten, but base 12.  Our chakras upto 12 are fully opened and because of this we are able to perceive the larger reality and understand fully the evolution of not only our planet, but our entire galaxy itself.  Some of you are working with the eight chakra, but we encourage you to connect chakras to upto 12 and when you bring in energy, bring it through this 12th chakra.  This chakra has a beautiful colour and is a combination of soft pink/white and gold.  This chakra is shaped like two pyramids joined together and pulsing with these colours. Bring this light into your entire chakras and you will see tingling energy all over your body.  When you activate fully this chakra, then you will be able to connect with the grids in your body and also the grids of the earth.  You will be able to experience of your being on the earth plane.  This also will help you to get in touch with inner earth beings of your planet.

We await your connection with us.

Elders from Planet Kepler
through rae Chandran