Master from Venus

Hello, this is Om Ri Tas, an elder from Venus.

We the elders and the beings from Venus extends our love and support for the earth people for you are our brothers and sisters.  We have watched over you - from the birth of your planet and its evolution to this point.  We are awed by the courage, resilence and never giving up attitude to create a better world.  Yes, there has been interference from other planets with not so good intentions, but you took it all in, never wavering from your exploring and adventurous spirit. We commend you for that.

Venus is also the home of many of the masters and our Lord is the Exalted Master Sanatkumara who rules with his beloved partner.  Sanatkumara in his compassion and benevolence has allowed our planet for you to have extended periods of lives in our planet so that you can rejuvenate and recoup your energy field for the work on the earth plane takes a heavy toll on human energy field and the auras can be damaged.  So during the intervals of reincarnation on the earth plane, many souls come to Venus to recoup and once again be embraced and feel the love of their beloved soul.  

Also Venus is one of the places where you come (almost all the souls) before they take birth on the earth plane to be in full embrace of your divine love and also to be in the most loving company of your beloved guides and other supporting energies before you depart to take birth on the earth plane. This is also the place where you and your guides separate before you take the plunge to come to the earth plane and this is also the place where you are touched on your forehead by your Master Guide so that you forget who you are.  This is also the place, you start to feel separation consciousness.  From the most loving environment, now you are all alone and coming to the earth with only a fraction of your memory. This can be very scary for many and it causes one to develop great fear even before one is born.  This seed fear is carried through out one's life.  This seed exists as a seed atom and over time it has influenced many of your higher intelligence and your every day existence.  This seed fear is what drives many to constantly live in the three lower base chakras.

What we have observed is that these three chakras effect a very large percentage of people on your earth plane including a large majority you call New Age Consciousness People. This seed fear drives human beings for it will constantly tug at the back of your mind about the need to survive alone and then this becomes the predominant motivation for living. How to survive and how to provide for our survival, first for us and then for our loved ones.  This seed fear has caused all the major conflicts of the world and is still causing it.

How does one get away from it or how can one overcome this seed fear.  The seed fear we are taking about is not about food, but of abandonment.  So the mind has devised its mechanism of survival by pushing the need to survive by focusing on food, clothing and shelter.  But from our observation it is the consciousness of Abandonment that is the most strongest emotion in a human and this strong emotion effect all other emotions and thus in turn effect all the chakras and the geometric patterns in the body.  Is there a way to over come this feeling? This consciousness? Yes, we feel that there are certain exercises which can support very much to heal this consciousness of abandonment. 

This consciousness of abandonment is equally strong in both the male and the female.  In the male, it comes out as a person who can provide and who can protect and if this were so, he will not be abandonment.  For the female, it works in a little different way.  For her not to feel abandonment, she needs to provide certain care to her male partner in terms of physical intimacy and  emotional needs or support for the male.  So in many a case, it becomes a barter to deal with this consciousness.  I will give you some thing and you give me some thing else back and now we both need each other and we will not be separate again and we will not be abandonment.  This is also one of the reasons why couples would like to have children, so that they become the bridge between the parents so that if there is any talk of separation, then they can come in the middle and once again this fear of abandonment can be repulsed.

This is also one of the reasons for marriage.  It is rarely based on True Love.  Many a time it is a need fulfilment.  (We are not against marriage, but are stating the facts what we have observed over a long time).

In this new consciousness, one must look deeply with in and ask why am I doing this - any experience you create? What is driving me to create it?  Is it bringing me into my passion or is it part of my need fulfilment?  Whether it is in terms of garnering affection from our parents or other loved ones, if we are brutally honest, many a time you will notice that you are merely doing it for acceptance and when you are accepted, then you do not feel abandonment.

This consciousness drives every aspect of our lives. Think about it, and your observation can change your life considerably. 

One exercise we would like to give is - drawing a house - a simple drawing in a piece of paper and let the house have a chimney on the top and also has some garden.  Colour it if you like. Now imagine, a huge ball of light - like a balloon on top of this house - draw this also and see light coming from this huge balloon into the chimney and your entire house is filled with this light.  This balloon of light is Venus and it is filling your house with it. This house is your birthing place - your mother's womb and it is now filled with light from Venus - soft purple in colour.  Now imagine or visualize that you are inside this house/womb and there is a star being formed inside this house/womb and you are being encircled by this star fully.  You are fully inside this star.  Now see this star slowly rising inside your house/womb and going into the two shoulders of your hands and also in the back of the neck and creating smaller stars in those places.  Now see the original star entering into your pineal gland and exploding with light and then your pineal gland taking the shape of the star and crisscrossing your entire body filling you with the light from the stars - soft purple colour.  Let this colour fully saturate your entire body and also your auric field.  Now project this light at least 3 feet in front of you, back of you, both sides of you and creating a three feet wide circle around of you. Now you are in the Circle of Life.  When you feel the circle complete, open both your palms and see light coming into your palms and igniting the inner flames which are there and see flames of light forming a circle in both your palms.  Now touch all the parts of your body with your hands - like gently massaging or patting all parts of your body. Do it with both the hands. Do it also in the back of the body and also in the front of the body.  Your body will receive the energy from this Circle of Life) and you will start to feel complete and whole.  For you felt complete and whole before you left Venus to incarnate here.

Do this exercise for a minimum of  3 days or 7 days and you will start to heal and you will be able to clearly perceive the change with in you. More self assured, more confidence and faith in oneself and also peace.

We recommend this exercise much.

Om Ri Tas
Elder from Venus