Colours by Collective Consciousness

Hello, We are the collective consciousness.  I have many names, but for this message simply call me Collective Consciousness or simply as CC.

I ask your beautiful heart to open and let the energy of me enter into you and feel it and being embraced by it. Keep your spine straight and breath in this energy into the spine and see it settling down at the bottom of your spine and forming a beautiful image of a soft purple lotus forming there.  Now see the stem and the roots of the lotus going way down and all the way into the heart of Earth.  See it being anchored there and the roots are covered with mud and stones. Breath in this from the bottom - this energy from the mud and stones and take into the stem lotus and bring it all the way up to the middle of the fully opened lotus. See in your mind's eye a beautiful circle being formed on the top of the lotus and now see this circle slowly going into the top of the head and then exiting from there.  When it exits, see the circle breaking into millions of light particles and going over the entire planet and into the outer layer of the earth.  Be with it for some time and see the beauty of these particles of light circulating through the milky way and galaxy.  You will start to see subtle shapes and forms taking place with each particles of light.  See some of it being settling down on stars and some on different planets. See it going deep into these and taking root there.  Now see yourself in these places where your light has been anchored and you may see yourself as particles of light or just light beings.  Use your imagination to do it if you want and see your form there soil and grounded.

This is your truth dear one, for you are part of the entire spectrum of this galaxy and star systems. Connect with this expanded parts of yourself daily and you will start to bring in all your parts of yourself and also be connected with your star heritage.  The larger part of you is not on the earth plane, but on different star systems.  When you start practicing this simple exercise daily, you will not only raise your frequency quickly, but also connect with Masters and others who are from those systems and this will enhance your light more and also open you up much more than you can conceive of.

One of the Masters who is supporting and who is eager to connect with beings who are dedicated to the light is Master OH.  Now I will let Master Oh speak and I will come back at the end of this session.

Master Oh here.  Good to connect with my beloveds, for I see an eagerness in many of you to know more of yourself and to reconnect/re join fully once again with the Light that you are.  In truth you are a spectrum of light, a mixture of multitudes of light and sound.  That is why many a time you are all called Light Beings and Sound Beings.  Now in your world, you mainly talk about the colours you are able to see and feel, but in truth, there are much more colours and many of them cannot be seen by the human eye, unless you open your fourth eye.  In your culture, you refer to three eyes - the two physical eyes and then the third eye. But you also have another important eye and that is in the brain. You also have a heart in the brain.  For assimillitating all the spectrum of light, you must fully open the fourth eye of the brain.  Interestingly, all your cells has also eyes and ears.  Many a masters from the ancient including India knew about this and taught it to their selected students.

But now how do we open this fourth eye. There is a gland in the brain which is called the Sun Gland and you must connect with this gland.  This gland is very very tiny and only can be seen through a microscope.  The doctors and scientists does not have a name for it and they consider it to be a part of the brain.  This sun gland is very receptive to light and especially to sun light.  If you can be in the sun light - especially in the mornings, focus on this gland (you need not know the exact location of this gland inside the brain).  Just focus on the general area of the brain and make the sound AA OOMM, AA OOMM,  AA OOMM several times till you start to feel the movement inside the brain. You may feel a sense of light tingling or a feeling of something is moving there. Just be with this feeling and allow it to settle in.  You may also start to feel a little nausea or spaced out feeling.  You may also experience some blurry vision initially.  But once the energy starts settling down, you will start to have clear visions in your mind and these visions will be from a higher reality and many of these visions will be imprinted with colours and will have coded meanings in them.  If you continue to work like these, then you will start to remember your visions from all the stars and planets where you anchored your  energy from your lotus and where you took birth in a physical form or in your light body.  Slowly these images in colours will move into your auric filed on the physical plane and it will stay there and in appropriate times, these will be anchored in your physical reality as packets of wisdom.

Many of these colour spectrums has been generated from the heart of many great masters and they are flooding the planet with their colour frequency.  Many of these colour spectrums has solutions for every day problems like environment clean up, water pollution, chemicals and spraying of pesticides on the earth body, working on harmonizing the earth's eco system, weather patterns etc., Interestingly, all the colours the masters emit exist as a part of your energy system.

In your energy system you call your chakras, it is not one colour coded, but has many colorus in it. The colours you associate with each chakra is what you observe through your inner eye, and that is all. But it is only a very tiny fraction of the colors there are. Only when you open your fourth eye, you will be able to perceive all the colors of your chakras.

All the chakras has 6 primary colours and then 18 sub primary colors. These sub primary colors are equal to not exactly, but close to the colors of the Rays of the world (1 to 18).  The six primary colours in all the chakras remain the same. When you bring in these new colors through your fourth eye, then the chakras start spinning in harmony and you will start to feel balance very very quickly.  You do not need to sit hours in mediation focusing on the chakras, breathing through it or using some mantras to activate it. 

Use colors intead and the results will be spectacular.

There are also sensors behind the ears and these sensors pick up very very subtle energies from the many beings who are supporting this earth.  Program these sensors or tune in these sensors to the right frequency and this is called Connecting to the Third Language of Light. Set your intention button like your remote button tuned into these frequencies.  These sensors can pick up energies and light particles all the way to the 24th dimensions.  We encourage you to explore this aspect.

When you are near water - especially flowing water, these senses come fully alive and they are picking  up energy vibrations and transmitting them to cells of well being, harmony and remembrance.  Ask that all the sensors in your body be fully activated.  You have an important sensor in your naval area, one in each palm on your thumb area, two on your toes, one big one at the base of your hip area. These sensors react very much to colors. Ask that all the colors codes throught your being (all the 8 bodies) be activated and functioning perfectly. This will take some practice, but it is very much worth the effort.

Now I wiil hand it back to CC for the last part of this message.

When ever you are singing a mantra or doing a sound toning, you are actually activating the higher colors and this is what makes you feel good. It creates a space for you to remember and reconnect with yourself. For eg., when you chant the Gayatri Mantra, in reality you are calling forth the beings who are part of higher colour realm to infuse you with their energy and create an opening for you to remember. That is all.  Every mantra has its own colour spectrums and beings associated with it.  Colors are beings - Spirit beings just Musical Notes. They are not merely sounds or melodies, they are spirit beings of light.

See how colours work for you.  Experiment with it my dear ones and you will discover more of your self.

Collective Consciousness
through Rae Chandran