Lord Murugan at Batu Caves, Malaysia

Greetings dearest brother, this is Murugan. But who is Murugan? Just another aspect of the divine creator like all of you are. There have been many stories written about me that I am the son of Lord Shiva and my brother Ganesha. Many other mythical stories I would say. Truly, we are all part of the Great One in different forms for people in different time zones. We have embodied different incarnations in life various streams depending on which culture they were born. I was born in Mexico too but in a different form which is acceptable to the people of Mexico, including saints in Poland, for that was the form which they could accept.

So, we deities, can take any form, and we travel and make our presence felt in whichever form that people can accept for only to awaken to the light within them. Even the statues that they see and worship. We only ask of them, "You do not have to worship me. You have to worship yourself." The idea of having the statue, praying to the statue is only for one purpose. That you are able to see the light of the statue inside yourself when you look at it.

There is a stirring inside your soul. There is a higher power and this stirring is what gives the statue life. Like Tirupati, the richest temple in India, where people pay lots of money. When people visit this holy place, there is a stirring in their hearts, some force inside of them, awakening them, and they feel that by giving money, it is what awakens them. It is not so! The power of the statue awakens within them inviting them to know themselves. So the statue outside is very appropriate. For it is an honoring of the people. An honoring for them to awaken themselves.

The only regrettable thing is that people give their power away to the statue and say "I am better than them". No. I am just a shining beacon of light, so they can see this light and awaken themselves. But you will see many Indian gods demystified in the future. Islam will also go through a great shift and people will say. "This is not right". Someday, people will say "Why are you worshipping all these statues?" Let us cut it down in size. But not right now. It will take more than 200 years for the transformation to take place. And then, our role would have been fulfilled, and there will not be anymore statues of worship in the world.

And now you my dearest brother, you have been to this cave many times. For the ancients knew about this cave. The power of this cave possess the ability to awaken people's consciousness. This is why this cave has become popular, in the sense, not as a tourist destination, but a place where they can go within much easily. But how many people do it? I would say very little. The purpose of this this cave is a place where you can go within and be connected to Source. And you my dear brother are right in saying that there are many energies here. Including the energies of the blue dragon, the purple dragon and the red dragon.

Yes, and you may call on them to work with them. You are right in saying that many dragons hold energies and have protected the planet. The mighty dragons are compatible with your energy and in working with them, they can bring healing and transformation to the planet. Their main mission is to assist in the transformation of the planet and humanity. So what can they do? They can give you the power to transform things. So, let us say, you need courage to achieve something. You can call on a dragon to give you the power to transform, the courage to be who you truly are. And that is what is important. That is their main role at the present moment. To lead people to have the courage to break out from the fence they have built around themselves. So call on the great ones.

Yes, it is a very worthwhile project you are doing. But do you think that it was an accident that you are doing this dragon project dear brother? I'm sure you know the answer don't you? It is not a concidence. You are guided on the inner level to do so. By whom do you know? By Master Kuthumi. For they are your guides Master Kuthumi and Master Saint Germain. They inspired you. And why? Why only you for dragon project? For you have worked with dragons in the past. So who better qualified? Let us say, there is a circus, and they want to find a circus trainer who has worked with animals. So they will find somebody who has already worked with them before for they know the temperament of animals, how to work with animals, how to feel the animal. Same way, you worked with the mythical dragons, not on this Earth plane but another plane. And you have the wisdom within you. And now, you have awakened to this, and you said in your life stream before you came, "I would awaken to this truth, and I would bring forth this product into the world, the project of working in tandem with the dragons to bring healing to planet earth." So you are honored for this work.

"Lord Muragan, do you have any guidance for me on how to move forward with this publication?"

I would say, first of all, it is good for you to start connecting with the dragons yourself everyday. And then the dragons will inspire you and guide you on how to move forward in the publication of the book. The dragons will also offer you three gifts. I will tell you one of the gifts will be a diamond which you may place in your heart center. What you need to do at this present moment in time is to develop inner courage. Tremendous inner courage and tremendous inner conviction. As you know, any worthwhile project requires inner courage, is it not my dear brother?


Even my statue. Who was it that created the statue? Do you know, it required the tremendous determination of one man to make this happen? When it is completed, it will last for many hundreds of years, is it not? And people come to honor this. Same way! You must develop inner courage and inner conviction in this. And the best way to do this is to connect with these great beings. And then they will guide you. And they will have gifts for you. You can call on me too. I am not here just as a statue. I am a being of light who understands every soul who walks this path without judgement. And I see, and I know, they are on their own evolutionary path. And one day, they do not have to do any of the things, they will have an instant connection with me and the Creator. For I am not just a statue here. I am a living, breathing being.

"Fredaricka gave me some symbols to place here to help shift the Earth grids. I'm not sure if it worked. Could you shed some light on this?"

My dear brother, you must never ask this question again. When you do your work with the highest intention with the purity of your heart. Naturally, it activates the energies. You must believe in that. Do you think your beloved friend Soluntra goes and ask "Am I doing the right work?" No. She believes and she knows. That's it. So this is why it is important for you to come to a place of knowingness. There is no question, it is not a mind. A knowingness inside your body. Not an understanding. A knowingness from your body. Yes! Yes! Yes! And this will require courage, faith and trust in yourself. So know that everything is appropriate. You must also remember one thing. This whole place, Batu Caves and others require tremendous cleansing. For people are coming here with many problems, so their hearts are filled with thoughts "How can they make their life better?" And many a time, a lot of energy is deposited in all over the ground and all over the place. They require constant clearing and healing. So the lightwork that you do and others who come here with great light, why do they come here? They have to cleanse the energy field. Otherwise, what happens like the Lourdes where people go to get healing. Yes, Lourdes does not heal anybody. The belief in Lourdes helps them heal themselves. First of all, what happens? Many of the masses who go there and when they are not healed, they get disappointment and that energy stays in the ground. So they will be other beings who go there just to see the place and they will heal this land with their light. So what you did was appropriate. For there is a lot of healing required here. For people come here with expectations of healing. To heal what? That life will get better. That they can have more peace in their life.

But they must come to a place with a knowingness in their hearts that they will be able to cure themselves, which they don't have at the present moment. Because they are on their own evolutionary path. But you have this understanding deep inside. So, develop that knowingness. And when you do, it works. That's it. No questions to ask anybody because that's the truth. That's your truth. As you know, you are connected to the Universe, but do you think when you do something, it does not affect the Universe dear brother? Same way, so never underestimate yourself. Do the work that you feel called to do from your heart. And do it with the purest intention and with unconditional love. Do you know that when you have a good thought of yourself, that thought goes into Mother Earth? Mother Earth feels it do you know that?

You may want to wear a bracelet around your hand. Or colored strings on your left hand, many colored strings, let us say, colored strings of seven colors of all chakras on your left hand everyday. You can remove it when you shower and you will feel very powerful in a short period of time. It can support you and help you. Like the band you're wearing (entry ticket band) on your left hand.

But most important right now is for you to connect with the dragons first. Let us say you are the president of a company who has a dream of publishing this book. The president of the company is the one who initiates the project of a company. The president knows all aspects of the creation is it not? But now what you are doing, you are taking this idea and asking people to put into this project. But you must have control of the project and that control will come when you start connecting with the dragons. Then you will be able to guide the contributors how to write, how to do it in a different manner. Right now, you are just taking materials from others and say hmmmm.. good, good, good. But it is their truth. And their truth must resonate with your truth for your highest good. So you must develop this connection with the dragon first. And it will support you tremendously. For this is not the only book. There will be 3 books in the future. And one might just be a book on just drawings and captions on dragons. Like the book you are working on now. Color picture, story of dragon, color picture story of dragon. With word sounds, how to activate this particular energy of the dragon. Can you imagine a book like that? It is sound encoded. Do this tone and do the visualization of these colors and how you can activate and anchor this energy. Very powerful book in the future. And even a book will be coming out with just music of dragons. Create special music for dragons which will also be very successful. So it is not just one product. But you must first cultivate this connection with the dragon, so all this vistas of avenues will open up for you in future.

"That sounds exciting."

Yes, but that requires tremendous courage and a conviction in the project that what you're doing is right. That this is what's needed for the world, and never giving up. As you know, any worthwhile project requires commitment is it not? Even writing a book. It requires focus, intention and the belief that what you are doing is appropriate. And that, you must develop that part more. It does not mean that you do not have it. You have it, but an inner knowing that no matter what, it's not going to stop you from proceeding with the project. Because, your intention, your desire, is like a magnet which will draw forth into you. A desire to know God will draw forth God into you. A desire to know love will draw loving experiences into you. Cause you are a magnet. So be the magnet of courage, determination, love, and knowingness in your heart.

"Do you have any other questions?"

"I've always been curious why people believe that climbing up the 274 steps here to access the inner caves can clear one's negative Karma. Can you offer some clarity on this?"

It does have an effect. Steps are there for people to stand there to look at their lives and say, "I have work to do". But how many people actually do that? They do not. It does not mean Karma will be cleansed, it means if you are pure at heart, walking with the intention to be one with the Divine and the grace of the divine in you, and when you climb each step, and honoring the divine within you, and honoring the creator within you, and with the power of grace with each step you take, more and more light will come into your life, which will help you heal a lot of trauma in your life.

And that you can call it Karma clearing or any other thing. I would not like to use the word Karma, because the word Karma has been misused for control, fear into not taking any action, or many other things, is it not? Let us say "Energy Balancing" instead. Karma is a very heavy word. People get stuck with Karma. Let us call it "Energy Balancing". That's all. Karma is only energy balancing, nothing else.

Let us say, you go to your holy place. People who are switched on, they will say "What a marvelous place." And they would be able to go to other dimensions, otherwise they will say "Hmmm…" People who are not prepared will say. "Beautiful architecture." But they will not feel anything, is it not dear one? It is a matter of perspective. Different perspective. So if they climb the steps with the intention of healing and connecting as one with the divine, then they will have the experience. But do you know what happens nowadays? Most people say it is a burden to walk this, and so they find it very hard to climb this, so the intention is only to climb, to get to the top. So they forgot the real intention why they are doing this.

"Cmdr Ashtar downloaded 59 love crystals in 59 countries a few months back and Kuala Lumpur was one of the locations listed. Was it anchored somewhere around this place?"

I would say not here. But in an island between Malaysia and Borneo. For they will be a change in Malaysia in the future in the way the government is run. In 30 years time, there will be a change, where the prime minister will be in the form of a lady who will have great compassion in the heart. She will make great sacrifices for people and it will change this land. For this land is at a crossroad at this time. It has the potential to go 2 ways. Either to one extreme side of religious fanaticism or to open to people and say, let us embrace everybody. The country has been at a crossroad for the last 5 years and is still at this crossroad. It can go to religious fanaticism or we can say, this does not serve us anymore, let us bring people together and not be so focused on religious fanaticism and let us honor the spirit. So they will be massive changes here in future. They will be much unemployment, much unrest in this country. But it is coming up for healing and clearing. And they will be moments again in the future in this country to control more masses, But it will only be for a short time. The masses will rebel and say this is not working and we are not going to be bothered by this. And they will get out of it.

"Thank you Lord Murugan for coming in today to grace us with your presence."

And I would say, thank you my dear brother and I will call you Lord Russell Chen. Like what Lady Kuan Yin said yesterday, "Let us from now on walk together hand in hand with everybody". I send you blue light into your third eye now. Combined with gold light. Open your third eye. Close your eyes and feel this light entering your third eye. Golden blue light. Entering your third eye going deep into your chakric column, flowing down into Mother Earth and coming back again and going up thru your chakric column, all the way into the universe. See this light completely filling up every cell in your body. Pulsating inside. You may feel disoriented for some moments, a feeling of tingling sensation or a "Spaced Out" feeling. But it will pass very soon. Do you know why you are here today?

"Not really."

"It is an initiation for you dear brother."

"Thank you for all your wonderful blessings. Thank you Lord Murugan."

(recorded midway)…they have been depicted in many ways. You can call on the dragons in the great Himalayan mountains. For there is a dragon abode. You would say a dragon gateway, a dragon parking place where many dragons gather. They are also in the mountains of Colorado. Mountains act as antennas for Mother Earth and are connected to each other all around the world. Mother Earth sends messages to other Universes through the mountains. What better place to have the dragons have their homes. So call on the great beings. Do you know of the famous Indian God? Powerful one, the king of birds called Garuda. Do you know who he is really? He is a dragon in a different form. You may even see his statue here today. Call on the great beings of Himalaya mountains and the Colorado mountains and work with them.

"What about the rainbow dragon at the crystal ridge?"

She has another function. Yes, you may connect with her. But I would say at the present moment she has been holding light and doing special planetary healing work for long periods of time. You may call on her. But she will take much time to respond as she is busy with their planetary work at this time. But you may call on other dragons which I mentioned in the Himalayan and Colorado mountains will easily communicate with you for you have worked with them before.

There is one dragon you may want to call on. You may call him as Lord Va. (Toning) Loooorrrrrdddd Vaaaaaaaa. Vaaaaaaaaaaa. Vaaaaaaaaa. Let's connect with the energy with Lord Va. Let's integrate our energies together Russell Chen. Let's have an eternal connection. Once again rekindle in ways more stronger. To give you strength, power and wisdom. Lord Russell.

This is Shiva.