Working with the Energy of Dragon

The material in this chapter Appendix is from Lord Merlin. It was channeled by Rae Chandran on March 31, 2011.

Greetings. This is Lord Merlin. The legend of dragons has been on the Earth for a long time. You might wonder how this came about. Like all legends there is a story behind it. Dragons were created to inspire, and to overcome many of the battles constantly raging in the human psyche. Humans and dragons have a lot in common. Both breathe out fire. Humans breathe out the fire of hatred, anger, and all the other base emotions. Dragons do the same — breathing out the fire of destruction. The question is how to tame the dragon within us and outside of us. All the legends and stories about dragons involve battles between a human being and a dragon. Ultimately the human being wins, thus conquering the dragon, making it a friend. This is also true of the human mind. When you conquer the human mind and make it your friend, you have conquered the dragon inside you.

Dragons also roamed the Earth many millions of years ago, and their remnants can still be found in some parts of the world such as China, and South and Central America. Not all dragons on the Earth plane were enlightened creatures. Most were not. Dragons were not of the Earth. They came from water, but they were able to adapt and adjust fairly quickly to their new environment.

Before the realm of dragons on the Earth, there were 12 dragons who came here from another star system to set up the energetic grid system for this planet. These 12 dragons were invited to come to Earth by an emissary of the Creator to lay the groundwork for the energy of this planet in preparation for the arrival of the human species. There was a long period of preparation before humans could live here. Earth was an experiment, and the dragons were the first beings invited here to set the energetic framework. They brought pure crystalline energy with them and laid it into the ground, and this is what is awakening now. The long dormant crystalline consciousness will awaken fully within the next two decades, and it will assist all of humanity in awakening and remembering its true heritage. After the initial work was done by these 12 magnificent beings, they departed to their homeland and after a long period of time, other creatures started arriving on Earth. Your star system is vast and has a myriad of life forms; some stars have dragons, not unlike the 12 who came initially into this planet. Many found their way to Earth and settled here, for the energy was similar to their home planet. The remnants you find now are the remnants of these dragons. In the course of their own evolution, some of them advanced in consciousness and moved into higher dimensions.

There will be more and more sightings and feelings of being connected with these dragons as humans evolve into higher consciousness. In the course of their advancement, these higher-dimensional dragons fanned out to all the major energy centers in the planet; some moved to Japan, some moved to the Andes Mountains of South America, some moved to Mount Shasta in California, and some moved to the hills of China and Indonesia. Dragon energy is ready to be revealed in the Ural Mountains and Mount Kilimanjaro. These dragons are collectively holding the vibration for humanity to move into the fifth dimension. Human eyesight will be awakened to see the truth in the near future, for this is one of the gifts humans will soon have — the newly awakened eye that sees the truth and can distinguish truth from illusion. These dragons can be contacted by Light Beings by calling on them and connecting with them on an energetic level. They can support you in raising your courage, steeling your will to seek the truth and never give up, giving you fearlessness and wisdom. Many human chakras are connected to dragon energy. Some of the geometric patterns of the chakras are found on the skins of dragons. You can use dragon energy to work with your chakras. Enlightened dragons emit a sound that can support humanity in its awakening, and dragons can teach you about sound vibrations that you can use to awaken your kundalini power.

Some of the original dragons who came to Earth will now communicate with you.

Dragon Vaaa
Greetings. This is the Dragon Vaaa, and I live in the sacred hills of Malaysia, called The Batu Caves. The hills of Batu were chosen specifically for they carry higher vibrations, and the Batu Caves are connected to the energy of three star systems. The ancient people living in this area intuited this, and thus they chose to make this a holy place by consecrating the holy Gods of India into these hills. There is a specific purpose to these hills, for they carry the energetic vibrational pattern for the awakening Mer-Ka-Na in the human being. This is one of the highest vibrational patterns one must achieve before moving into the final stages of one’s ascension from this planet. I hold this energy for humanity. I invite all of you to avail yourselves of this grand energy to awaken further. The tonal frequency to use to work with my energy is Vayooooooooooooo  Vayooooooooooooooo  Vayoooooooooooooooo. The color to visualize is Green.

Dragon Kiyoo
Greetings. I am the dragon being known as Kiyoo. I live in the Himalayan Mountains. Many people have seen me while climbing these mountains, but they thought they had seen a mirage, an illusion, or their minds were playing tricks on them at these higher altitudes. I appear to those with whom I have worked before. I hold the vibrational pattern of the memory of the awakening pineal gland. When you tone my name and visualize your pineal gland opening and expanding, my energy will be infused into your brain and you will see the beginning of new awakened consciousness. Awakening your pineal gland is one of the most glorious things a human being can do to activate the higher brain, where true connection with the Creator can always be maintained. The toal frequency to use to work with me is Kiyoooooooooooooooo. The color to visualize is soft pink.

Lord Vallar
Greetings. I am the being known as Lord Vallar. I am the King of Dragons, and I hold the energy pattern of the great serpent power for the planet Earth. My color is a soft purple with pink in it. I also have some green, along with shades of grey on my skin. The ancient Gods used me in awakening their awesome power by invoking me and infusing my energy within them. I hold the vibrational pattern for the entire set of your DNA. Connect with me and work with me and let us together awaken this awesome power within you. My abode is in the region of Antarctica. My tonal frequency to use is Valarruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. My color is magenta.

Dragon Vyaau
Greetings. I am the dragon whose name is Vyaau. I am the emissary who connects human beings with the [five] elements. Humans in their movement towards ascension must master and work with the kingdoms of the elements. I hold the vibrational energy for the Wind. You must master this element, for it is directly connected to the breath you inhale. Breath has the power to liberate you from illusion. The tonal frequency you can use to work with this element is Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. When you do this tone, you are stretching your vocal chords and thereby enabling yourself to take more oxygen into your body. Work with this tone and elevate yourself.

Lady Asuraya
Greetings. I am the one known as Asuraya. I am of the female form, and I hold the vibrational pattern for human beings to connect with the flower and plant kingdoms, which is a prerequisite for ascension. By connecting with the flower and plant kingdoms, one can truly and fully open one’s heart. The heart must be completely opened before one is allowed to go into the higher dimensions. There are also aromas that we all carry, which can support humanity in its evolutionary process. Call on me, Lady Asuraya, and let us work together to integrate the essence of the flower and plant kingdoms within you.

Dragon Vanni
Greetings. I am the Dragon known as Vanni. I represent the energetic pattern for connecting with the mineral kingdoms. I hold certain specific vibrational patterns for the minerals of this planet — especially the crystal kingdoms. Crystals emit and transmit energy. You must master this quality by integrating with crystals before moving into higher dimensions. Your body is made of crystalline energy, and naturally there is a pull and connection towards the mineral kingdoms. You must consciously awaken to this energy within yourself, bring it forth, and then enhance it to raise your vibration. I, along with my partner Lady Asuraya, hold my energy for the opening of the higher chakras (8 to 11). Connect with us and let us work together in anchoring your higher chakras to your body. The tone you can use to connect with us both is Vooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oh...................................................wyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Dragon Seacleyn
Greetings. I am known by the energetic name of Seacleyn, and my abode is in the mountains of New Zealand. I hold the energy pattern for connecting with the water kingdoms. Water is the source of all life and one must master this element to move into higher dimensions. If one can understand the water patterns in the body, one can understand one’s life fully. Water holds the key to your life. When you can work with the water, most of your problems — personal and global — can be solved instantly. Learn to master this element within yourself. One way of doing this is to hold water in your bare hands and offer it to the sky, and then drink it. Do this three times. This is best done in the early morning before you consume any food. This will start the process of awakening and integrating the essence of water in your body, which in turn will help you to remember your true origin.

Dragon Agniratham
Greetings. I am the dragon known as Agniratham. I am the fire element in the human body. I am the electric impulse in each of you, and I carry the life force inside you. There is great power inside of me and inside of you, and you must work to activate this. The seat of this power is near your naval. Once you are able to master the power of this fire inside yourself, then the balance of the journey to mastery is much easier. This power can consume you and destroy you, or it can transform you and elevate you. Use this power with caution. Start working with small doses of this power first and gradually build it up. The tonal frequency for this is Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii Om.

Lady Molemaaaaaaaa
Greetings. My name is Lady Molemaaaaaaaa. I am called the Baby Dragon, for I hold the energetic pattern for innocence in one’s life. At the core level of every human being, everyone is innocent, pure, and loving. I hold this pattern, lest humanity forget its true nature. Connect with me daily and rediscover your inner beauty, purity, and innocence. Call on me any time you need upliftment and gentle encouragement. You can tone my name — Molemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm three times and you will feel my presence in your heart.

Dragon Valllllllishakkkti
Greetings. I am the Dragon known as Valllllllishakkkti or the gate keeper. My duty is to open the gates of perception in human beings. There are many perceptions; ascension or moving into higher dimensions is a perception. Try to see the higher perceptions in everything so that you are not blinded by the illusions of the everyday world. The color of my energy pattern is soft pink with a little magenta. Bring this color into your mind’s eye and place it into your third eye before you go into mediation. You will then be working to open your higher perspective mind/eye. You can also embody this color on your clothes, carry it with you as a drawing, or use it in any other way so that you are able to perceive more clearly.

Dragon Kieosomb
Greetings. My name is Kieosomb, and I hold the energy pattern for connection with planet Earth. My abode is in the hills of Europe, and many a times I appear as a little bird for the curiosity seekers visiting these places. My role is holding the memory of the deep symbiotic connection one has with planet Earth. For you and planet Earth are partners who have both come here to increase your awareness and growth. Call on me and work with me in awakening this connection.

Dragon Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashtraiii
Greetings. I am the one known as Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashtraiii, meaning the wise one. I hold the energy pattern of putting all things together for the manifestation of something bigger or higher. One must have an understanding of the principles of energy and how it is used in order to move into higher dimensions. I hold certain sacred codes within me. You also have codes, and there are certain codes in the ground as well. When you combine and work with all these codes, you are able to assimilate all the wisdom you have gained and use the love in your heart to move into higher dimensions with ease. The tone to connect with me is Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, in a high pitch and then slowly lowered, eight times.

So you see my friends, why dragons are coming out into to the open now. Play with them, for they can teach you much. This is Lord Merlin.