Spirt of Alpaca speaks

Hello, this is Archangel Michael. Today's guest is Alpaca, the legendary animal from the Andes Mountains.

Love, Love, Love to all of you. We are the Spirit of Alpaca.  We are love indeed.  You are love indeed. We have been here for a long time, holding certain specific frequencies for the planet.

You see, many pockets of Andes mountains are star gates and portals to other realities and many star beings have visited these mountains and still do.  There is a birthing of a new consciousness happening on the planet and the greatest impact of this will be felt in the countries surrounding mountains of Andes.  This is because, the greater force of Earth Spirit you call Kundalini now rests deep underneath these mountains. So greater influence, these regions will play in the awakening process of this planet.  The ancients knew about this and have been preparing for this for a very long time.  It is also one of the reasons, the highest number of shamanic people are living in this part of the world. 

The frequency we hold is the highest form of LOVE.  The same love frequency the child has when it is born.  We emit this love frequency to all beings on the planet and also beyond the earth.  Certain parts of Andes mountains holds certain artefacts and other objects from the distant past and the time is slowly coming for many of its discovery and when this is done, there will be an explosion of more light on the planet.  These artefacts were placed deep inside the mountains and the lakes by some of the very highly advanced societies who had lived on the planet a long time ago.

There is a mystical and magical place on the Andes mountains and you know it by the name Machu Picchu.  This is a sacred place and many spirits live there.  It is also a portal.  This particular corridor is also a transponder of light and codes and is directly tied to the portal in Tibet. Both these places also are frequently visited by benevolent space brothers. 

One of the artefacts which will be found in these mountains areas ae large crystals or objects made out of crystals and shaped like a cylinder or jar with gold strappings on it. These have been kept in hiding for they contain much esoteric and secret wisdom and knowledge about the earth and the universe.  These objects were buried deep inside the earth and a few will be discovered within the next two to three years as these objects will make it appear to be found.  But these cylinders has a mystical quality to it and only pure hearted beings will be able to hold it, for the energy will sicken anybody who holds it, they are not a certain frequency.  People who have attained a high vibrational frequency and if they hold it, it will weigh like a feather or will be very light.  These objects once touched has the capacity to immediately tune all your chakras into its right frequency and also work on activating your DNA strands.  The light from these objects will disconnect you immediately from all discordant energies.  The potential to find these is quite high with in the next two or three years. What we ask you to do, when you find it, work with it, but leave it back there. It is not be carried home and used as a procession.  Then it will loose its properties.  Earth Spirit feeds it and it needs to be on the earth surface in a clean and spiritual environment.

There are also beings living deep underneath the mountains of Machu Picchu.  There is a light temple underneath these mountains which carries an alignment with many star gates and portals - the main one being Sirius and Pleaideas, both of which has great influence on the Pyramids of Giza and surrounding areas.  Start practicing connecting with this underground temple for it will quicken your vibrations.  Our role in this part is to hold the high frequency needed for the temple underneath to exist and continue.  In your history, the invasion and destruction of the indigenous cultures by the Spaniards and others had tilted the balance of earth and it has destroyed many of the ancient star wisdoms which the people at the time had known and lived by.  These wisdom is needed now for the very survival of the planet.  This is one of the reasons the inner force of Earth Spirit moved to this area.  This will in turn in helping the return of the wisdom of the Condors which is necessary to balance the incredible polarizing energy prevailing on the planet now.  A deep unseen battle is going on behind the scenes to control and manipulate the human population and this is being orchestrated by large corporations and others.  So the awakening of the Condor energy is a vital step in restoring this imbalance.  We hold the necessary frequency for this new emerging energy by constantly beaming our light and love to these mountains regions, for the dark ones knows about the importance of these mountains. 

One other role we play is in the process of irrigation and crop growing methods.  Many a time the present methods of farming are harming the human beings in the long term and we send our loving energy into all the crops that are grown around the world, so that the original essence of the crop and fruits is still retained with in them.  There has been large scale genetic manipulation of agricultural crops and it is taking a heavy toll on the human psyche and emotions. 

We also emit our energy into the earth so that the feelings of hopelessness and despair does not become a major part of your energy field.  When these energies becomes a part of your realty by becoming imprinted in your auric field, it will surely come into reality.  Work with us - call on us and ask us to infuse you with our divine presence and love and see yourself bathed in a wonderful and metallic white light.  You will start to feel again the energy of Hope, Courage and Faith in yourself.  Meditate on us by focusing on your third eye and you will see our presence there.

One other important place in these mountains area is Lake Titicaca.  Lake Titicaca holds much secret and there are inner healing temples and cities underneath this lake.  It is also one of the first place you visit before you are born (at least 3 days in advance before you were born).  This lake has many crystals placed inside it with many secrets.  One of the most famous one is called the Sun Disc from the ancient past.  There is also a Moon Disc.  These two discs forms the larger part of the balance between the male and female energies and when these two discs are discovered and aligned, then there will be greater harmony between these two opposing forces.  It will not only help you to balance your heart and head, but also bring balance in many of the countries where the male dominant energies is the strongest.  The time is fast approaching for this to be discovered and activated for this will truly be a stellar event in the history of the earth.  Again we ask you to meditate on these two discs for these two discs were present on the earth plane long back.  We very much encourage you to look into it.

We are at your service. Alpaca Spirit through Rae Chandran