Spirit of 2018

Before we start take a moment to thank the creator within us.
We will chant 3x the syllable

May peace be in yr heart.
For it is for peace u are searching for.
Every human being seeks this peace.
Some seek thru meditation, some thru laughter, work, relationship.
There is peace deep within u This peace exists within each n every human being, in every particle of the physical n other realities.

Every emotion u think u have is an energy manifesting in different realities n we quickly interpret this reality as joy, peace, happiness or something But they are merely energy expressing itself in different forms and human beings giving a name to that.

If one is not aware of these expressions of energies appearing in different forms, one can make this experience as a part of their reality n they start believing in that n in that belief they create a chain from now on.

Beliefs play a very, very important role in the way u look at yr own life and also in choosing to express any form of life- for e.g. a joyous experience, a peaceful experience, a creative experience. Almost all of these experiences have a base in the belief system that u are carrying about yourself.

As u might be aware ,your beliefs create yr everyday reality and thru the law of attraction u attract similar experiences as per yr belief system.

If yr belief system is - The world is a very difficult place, u will draw forth difficult experiences into yr life

If u believe no one appreciates u in yr job- that is what u create and draw such experiences into yr life. So before u begin the new year of 2018, it is important to seriously look at one’s beliefs, and how it is completely mirrored in the life experiences u are having at the present time.

The 2nd thing to note in the coming year

Excessive attention or focus on somebody n not u.
It MUST BE YOU- the 1st focus is YOU! YOU! YOU!
Not in a selfish way but in conscious ways that can raise yr vibrations.
That must be the focus and not other human beings.
Having laid the energies for today’s messages, we draw from this time and let the spirit
of 2018 speak to us. we are the family of God.

Spirit of 2018 :

Hello my brothers and sisters
We are the collective spirits for 2018.
1.We ask you to have in the next few days
i.a picture or draw a cage with its door open
ii. write inside the cage yr name
ii. say - Freedom from fear,
Freedom in the mind,
Freedom in the body,
Freedom in the soul.
What does freedom truly mean?
It is not that i don't have many possibilities but
freedom simply means that I choose to
express this divinity within me for I Am One with the Universe and its Oneness.
Experience this freedom within one’s heart, within one’s inner body, within one’s soul.

2. If all of u were to raise

i.the two fingers-index n middle of your right palm
ii.and just rotate on the crown of yr head for maybe 4 to 5 times.
U will be able to shift yr consciousness. We ask u to do this exercise everyday
for a few brief moments. Just rotating yr 2 fingers on top of yr head. It simply means
- I awaken the divinity within me.

3. Bring yr attention to yr crown chakra area.
i.Simply say the word AMEN.

ii.U will see energetic lights coming out from this word - like a
stream of light coming and going thru yr entire body
vertically into the very ground.
When u say the word AMEN - u are invoking the spirit of a
particular prayer to come into u to work not only opening yr
crown chakra fully but also clearing the pathway to the
higher consciousness

4. In between yr 2 brains, there is an important DNA.
When this DNA is activated and fully integrated then one is always
connected to the higher consciousness of the 5th dimension. And
from this dimension, if u are aware of the limiting beliefs u have
been living up to this point , u will be able to shift it very easily.
Otherwise it is very difficult to shift a lasting belief carried from
100’s of lifetimes.

5. Bring yr attention to yr base chakra

i.Make the sound- Rei Hen (3x)
ii.When u make this sound u will see energy moving from yr base to the crown creating
a shaft of light.

There are 3 spirit beings associated with the base chakra n they control yr thought process n yr memory bank.
Their principle job is only 1 thing- to create obstacles/hurdles in yr life so that u may run and cross all of the hurdles. They are always testing u to come out of the obstacles.
So lets say u want to create something in yr life, depending upon yr belief system there is a thought imprint in yr memory bank n they will search for this thought imprint n bring it into yr particular reality.
What is the reality that we carry as a thought imprint?( what is the thought imprint we carry as our co reality?)

We are not good enough to receive simply, easily n joyously.
We have to struggle to get what we want all the time.
This thought imprint is so strong in many of the human beings that when we try to create something we try to possess it for fear of losing it.
So when u work with the sound Amen on the crown and Rei Hen on the base- u will be able to shift this particular core belief that i am not worthy of God, I am not worthy of anything good in my life. We have to struggle, struggle, struggle and even if we make it, it doesn't last within us.
When u make this sound Rei Hen the power of these 3 spirits will not be prevalent because this sound will dilute the power of these 3 spirits.

6. Bring yr attention to yr heart area underneath the sternum i. Make the sound Za Man (5x)
ii. u will start to feel the vibrations of the pyramid shaped DNA moving in the sternum area.
iii. imagine a beautiful white pigeon in that DNA.
iv. simply chant Za Man

v. u will start to see the white pigeon opening its wings ready to fly
vi. see this beautiful white pigeon now slowly coming out from yr chest
area n moving and flying above u vii. It multiplies into millions of pigeons
viii. and each carrying the one message in its beak- FREEDOM & I AM READY TO RECEIVE

ix. thousands of pigeons flying all around u and dropping this energy of FREEDOM & I am ready to receive This belief that I am not good enough to receive originated because of the false belief system that we carry within our physical body and this energy is centered around one’s navel
We ask u to use the oil
a. Lavender
b. Amyris

- rub this around yr navel area, every nite b4 u go to sleep
- This is to release the false belief of God which originated from the false belief that we are not worthy enough to receive God’s love and abundance.
c. also work with the oil Rosemary
- specifically to create new belief systems For the year 2018 has been designated by the light beings from our side as
- being in complete communion with the one Creator energy
2016- designated as the year of the caterpillar
2017- designated as the year of the cocoon
2018- designated as the year of freedom
Freedom starts from having the belief that I can receive easily n effortlessly for this
Universe is an abundant universe and I am worthy to receive it.

And what can u receive in full for 2018?
God’s love in it’s fullest abundance.
God’s love contains all of abundance energy including material abundance.

7. Now we ask u to open both of yr palms and bring it in front of yr heart. Fully opened palms.
i. the masters from this side will place symbols in each of yr palms at this present time.
ii. in the middle of yr palms there are important DNA- shaped like 2 pyramids up side down( octahedron )
iii. breathe into yr palms at this time

iv. U will start to feel this pyramidal structure moving within yr palms
v. When u feel the energy in yr palms, bring yr palms into the sternum area
- It means I am giving back to myself
- Make a point to note from now onwards: I AM THE NUMBER 1 IN MY LIFE
- not from an ego point of view but an acknowledgement of the Divine within oneself
- and I place this part of my soul, the divine God within me as the most important energy within me and I honor this. so from now onwards I am the number 1 in my life. 8.To commemorate this evening- we have brought out a sacred geometry from the galactic consciousness called the Symbol for Receiving.
i. this symbol needs to be drawn out by yr own hand
ii. then place it inside the front door- entrance door of yr house.Facing the living room or the hall.

Share this with anyone you please or in any forum.
Now having completed the process today, we would like to offer all of u this beautiful energy as directed by Mater Kundala and A A Michael. This energy is the energy of Shakthipath. We will be transmitting this energy to all the participants who are in this conference call at this time. We ask u to be ready to receive this energy at this time. We will be sending this energy thru yr crown chakra area. we will do this for 3 mins.We ask u to be in a receptive state at this time.
Rae San - Chants OM MA
-and does a special toning which completes the transmission.
Let all my brothers and sisters embrace this new consciousness in the year 2018 and receive the abundance which is there in the universe waiting for you. May u be all open in the year 2018 to receive beautiful experiences into yr life- new people, new experiences, new adventures For every area say - I am ready to sing, I am ready to co create for I am the magic, the magic of 2018!
This completes our transmission process but AA Metraton is here along with Babaji, Master Kundala, Krishna, Shiva and many other beings, Isis. they are ready to answer any questions at this present time.
Q1.What is the single thing to do in 2018?
Love yourself 100% as u are in this particular moment of time.
Accept yourself 100%
As with the will of God-U are a spirit having a physical body reincarnation. Realize this So number 1 is to love yourself 100%.
Q2. What have the Masters to say about the many predictions of natural disasters?
Please remember 1 thing, predictions are only potential energies. Yr own consciousness can shift all potentials. What was the prediction b4 1999? The prediction was there would be the 3rd World War starting in 1999 and about 80% of the people would have died by 2012. It was also predicted by Nostradamus and many of the psychics but it did not happen because human beings shifted the particular potential. So our suggestion is instead of focusing on the predictions, what can a human being do to change that by shifting the frequencies in themselves and projecting these higher frequencies into the planet Earth. So that Mother Earth doesn't need to go thru this to bring about the changes.
If enough human beings believe that it can happen- they will create that reality.We believe energetically there will be some disasters but not as given by many of the beings that bring out such message, fear or control. We believe LOVE can change that frequency because energy of love has the highest frequency. We ask all of u to hold higher love and send love to the ground but first being loving yourself and u will shift consciousness.

Q3A.What has stopped me from moving into ascension energy?
We will answer this in one simple line- Embrace the new consciousness and the new tools given in this timeline to accelerate yr vibration frequencies. U go on doing the same thing- u will have the same result. But if u want to accelerate and have a new result, u must do things in a new way. Simply embrace the new consciousness n the new tools given to increase yr vibrations - it will take u very far.

Q3B. How can I get the new tools?
When u are ready, u knock on the doors and the doors are opened. There are many new tools already available. Simply seek and ask to be shown this in yr meditations. I am ready to receive the new tools. God tell me what to do, what I need to know this time in my life. I am ready to receive the new understanding, the new energy in this new consciousness. Then u will be guided which book to read and where to find.

Q4. What are the reasons for the 11 dogs that I have in my house n when will they go?
Find balance in yr life. Dear One u have the inner wisdom- come back to yr soul on a daily basis.It does not matter how many dogs there are but it is who u are in relation to that and that is what makes the difference, tests are what makes yr life grow. So come back to a balance state- how can u manage yourself as u manage yr dogs. It is an inner choice u have to make

Q5.How can we change self judgement?
Because when one doesn't accept oneself for what they are, they always make valued judgement of themselves and reflect this valued judgement on to others too. Simply say I accept who I am at this present moment-embracing both the light n dark side.Love who u are at this present moment.

Q6.I want to know my path and guidance to move in the right direction.
Be still and come back into the stillness n simply say I am ready receive here the love, the experience, the wisdom of the beloved soul.