Hello Friends and Family
First of all warm welcome and Namaste to all of u.

We will have a channeling from AA Metraton
Brothers and sisters of light
What do we hold in our lives?
What thoughts?
What hopes?

What beliefs?
What aspirations?

We all as human beings hold many aspirations and dreams for our lives. And we work
sincerely and earnestly to achieve that aspirations and dreams. But many a time we feel
that we are not able to achieve that. How much in our heart we tried- but
disappointments again and again.
We believe we are not worthy enough to receive.
We blame ourselves, blame the family, blame the society and
sometimes even blame God.
What do human beings seek in life?

Human beings seek
good living,
the basic necessities taken care of
and FREEDOM in the HEART!

But these things seem to be evading human beings.
We send our children to the finest school and encourage them to study so that they
become responsible citizens and create for themselves.We want them to be successful
as when we are successful we can have all the things we want in life. So our whole life

we gear towards having these things cause we believe if we have these things- we can
be more successful, comfortable and that will give us the peace, the security and
freedom we seek.
If u look at LIFE- most people’s lives are based on this:
How to survive, and to survive in a comfortable way?
We take courses, we attend workshops, we read books, we do visualization, we do
chanting, affirmations but nothing seems to work in a long term or lasting time.
What is happening here?
What is blocking us?

What is belief?
It’s simply an understanding.
A critical factor in finding JOY in one’s life.
What is many people’s understanding of life?
Even if we have everything -SOMEONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY!
IT”S ALL UP TO GOD! - He gives and he takes whenever He wants.
- We are puppets in the hands of God.
- He is only testing u n it will come to u no matter what- destiny
for traditional christians- U ARE BORN IN SINS!
- God is always going to be distant from us. Look at the picture of Michael Angelo
God’s hand and man’s hand not touching there is a gap
between the fingers. So no matter what we do we cannot attain
God nor join God’s force.

These beliefs affect us in our present reality, combined
with our
families beliefs,
ancestral beliefs
country’s beliefs

Do these beliefs affect our present reality?
Yes! Yes! Yes!
U believe there are energies- do u not? Of course u do!
You also carry the heredity traits, the essence, the qualities, the energies of the beliefs
that is in u within this present times.
A person has died 10 generations back- What happens when u die?
Your energy is divided into 3 parts:
i. one part u carry with you to the other side
ii. the second part u will leave it into the ground

that is why when u visit a place even for the first time in this
life time u feel a familiarity because u have been there and
anchored yr own energy there when u died.
iii. the third part of the energy- u will leave it with yr family.
Since u are leaving part of yr energy which also contains all yr fears, belief system,
thought patterns, energetic imprints. Everything is given to yr children n family
members. And then this is carried forward.
Now look at yr own life, some of u are in yr 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.
What were yr parents thoughts?
Many of yr parents were alive when it was the 2nd world war. There was great fear in
the world because of this. SURVIVAL was difficult for many.
Would u say that the energy of yr parents were transferred to you?
Yes! Yes!

Let’s take the example of Singapore. Singapore was colonized and many of the elders
presently living have memories of that n the hardships they faced.Freedom of
movement was not there. Freedom of expression was not there.
Do u think they passed this onto their children?
Yes, Yes!. Even now in Singapore- what is one of the predominant thing?
Do not break any rules, u will be punished.
See this is ancestral imprints acting in the present time line.
Let us look at the issues:

What are the impressions of yr father, grandfather, great grandfather and many others

b4 that in yr family lineage about the understanding of money?

• Money is difficult to come by
• Money is evil
• Ancient belief system of money
When u have money u must give it away.Only then are u
considered a good man otherwise u are a poly miser. Or if u have
money the king will take it away. Are these influencing you? Yes, it
is influencing yr present thinking of money.
Look at the situations of yr great, great grandfather. They would have had many, many
plans and inventions but because of the timeline they were living- they had to invest
their time or talents with a rich man, landlord or king. Talents were misused or taken
away from them for commercial purposes by the king or landlord or rich man. So this life
time, they hide their talents. All of u listening and living are yr own elders. You are yr
father’s energy, u are yr grandfather and grandmother’s energy. U are yr own elders.

A polytheistic God sits above and judges everything.Yr mythology
and story books which children read has a big influence on their
anima. All are based on a punishing cruel God. Look at the many
cultures, what do the cultures say especially in young children’s
story- its about a punishing God.

Misuse of Power

And who are the powerful people in ancient times, the priest and the
religious leaders as of right now. Many times they had more power than the
king. In Egypt they had more power than the Pharaohs. No one can talk to
them, debate or question their authority. Many times if u speak yr truth u
could be killed, othrosized - there was great fear to be away from the tribe.
Do u think that it is influencing u right now? Yes, very much so. That is why
many of u don't want to spread or speak yr truth in front of other people. U
want to hide n be normal so that in this life time this type of punishment wont be meted
out to u.
False Beliefs

There are stories of gods based on false beliefs: A god who is judgmental, envious,
jealous, who kills one god to fight another god, pleases other gods, a bribing god. We
have given human attributes to god n said these are attributes of god as well. These
beliefs are prevalent in many people even now.
One of the main issue for people in this lifetime is the belief
that if they have money they cannot attain God.
**If u believe that money was not good and u carry this
belief for many life times, unless u remove that belief- no
matter how hard u try, u will always have a lack of money in
this life time.
What is the core belief of money in the past lifetimes?
Money is to be given away

Giving is better than receiving
Yr rewards come from heaven after u die
Lets say u have 10 lifetimes believing money is not
good. but this lifetime u want to change it. U tried everything- reading books,
workshops, visualization n everything else. But things do not seem to work because the
beliefs of yr 10 lives are much stronger than yr present lifetime. I to 10, so those
lifetimes win

What is yr belief about Karma?

Is karma another form of punishment?
All religious teachings of karma is FALSE.
A religion is based upon Karma and fears on karma.
Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism all is a large part based on
karma n punishment.
What is the belief of karma to many?
When something bad happens or does not happen- we immediately say its a karmic
impact. So what do we do? We go to the priest or astrologer- try to please god by doing
ritual ceremonies and offerings.
What does KARMA actually mean?
It simply means ENERGY IMBALANCE!.
An energy which is cleared but imbalanced is coming again for rebalancing and
What are yr beliefs about family?

It comes from many ancient times. In the family the men are the bread winners.
Where does this belief come from?
Since he is the bread winner he has absolute authority in the house. In the ancient time,
during the caveman time we lived in the wilderness- u had to hunt for survival. And for
hunting u needed strength and courage.Men were more muscular so they were
considered to be the principle hunter in the tribe. So they take the hunt to the family n
the family gladly accepts the hunt. Even now it is carried forward- man bread winner,
main hunter for the family. Family has to accept. All over the world in big cooperations
who is the boss? Men, everywhere is it not? All these are belief systems based on the
past experiences.
Another important belief system is that communication with God is
a one way experience -u talk and God doesn't answer.
U cannot change an outcome because there is destiny. Can u see
how everything is working out in this present life time?
This forms a large base for the personality and yr outlook in life is based from these
past perceptions.

Now to change these beliefs, it is not easy. It takes

It requires work.
U have to write down every area of yr life of what are the beliefs
u are having about money in yr life- I will never have enough
money, even if I have must give it away, or the tax collector will
come n take it or any other things?
What is yr belief about relationships in yr lives?
I have to struggle and make ends meet- give it to my family so that I can feed my family.
What is yr belief ?
That u will never be appreciated in life
What is yr belief?
That u will not have grace that only exceptionally good people feel the grace of God?
Nothing good happens in yr life-never get the grace to move forward in life.
What are yr beliefs about God?

Important- What is yr belief about love?
Love is only one way. Nobody can love u 100%.

Love is conditional because I provide for my family.If I cannot provide, I will not be
What is yr belief about creativity?
I will never be appreciated.
My creativity is mediocre.
I am not good enough in anything in my life.
What is yr belief about yr own body?

My face is unattractive.
I have a fat stomach.
I am bald, I am short, I am tall, I am skinny, I am black. Many
other things.

What is yr beliefs about rich people?
All rich people are cunning and crooked.
They become rich thru deceit and not honesty- they cheat people.
Or they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.
So many people don't like rich people.
There is no other reason than that they are rich.
So what do we tell them?
U guys are showing off yr wealth or richness.
Dear Ones, u must look at everything.
How did u come to this place of judgements or perceptions?
Because we don't have!
So because we don't have, we perceive everyone who has as a bad person. All these
perceptions of energies of yr beliefs is in yr auric field. So it is very, very important that
one must cleanse and purify one’s auric field.
Beliefs cannot be changed easily because u are not changing the beliefs for just this
present life time but 100s of lifetimes. It takes constant effort of watching yr thoughts n
words ALL THE TIME. Watch yr actions. It must be done at a soul level. It is not very
difficult. It requires constant attention and actions.We encourage u as this will set u free.
Exercise 1

1. Imagine a human being as u- around u draw many circles. One circle surrounded by
another bigger circle. Many, many circles around-225 circles. And in this circles
write yr belief systems that are prevalent in this life time. U must be very honest in
writing all the belief systems that is preventing u.

2. Then imagine a beautiful golden light coming from yr belly button and

going to the centre of the circle. Then going around all the circles.
3. This golden light will become a golden flame. and it is touching each of yr
beliefs that u have written in every area.
4. It is transmuted and replaced with a new word of belief that u
want to have.

So we ask u to think about yr beliefs in every area that we mentioned and put it in the
drawing of yours. Write down yr limiting beliefs as much as u can think. The light from yr
belly button is like a golden torch, torching these beliefs and u have to rewrite on top of
what has gone, yr new beliefs in yr life. Replace the old with the new in this energy field
around u.
5. Breathe and when u breathe u will feel these

circles transforming n slowly take a
shape of a pillar. This pillar will go between u all
the way to the top and all the way to
the middle of the earth. U hold this entire energy
in yr physical body in a vertical position
6. We encourage u to do this for 21 days minimum.
U will start to see a birthing of new consciousness in many areas of yr life.
Do not be afraid to question yr beliefs especially about yr understanding of God.
U have heard this expression many, many times- Truth Sets You Free! Relooking at yr
own beliefs will set u free. U have suffered enough my brothers and sisters. Break the
chain that u have put yourself in.

After u have done this exercise for 21 days for the:v
1st week u say- I also release all belief systems that are affecting me n influencing me
from my other realities, dimensions, time and space especially at the Galactic level.
The next week at the solar Level

Following week at the Universal Level
After that Multi Universal Level.
If u can do it- u set yourself free
And finally I release all the imprints that i carry from all the star systems where I had
lives. Galactics, and other universes that i had lives. I release all those imprints within
I guarantee u, u will see a big difference in yr lives in 6 weeks time.
This is AA Metraton.
Q & A
1. How do we release imprints from other dimensions?
Once u release the earth imprints and the earth belief systems by the exercise as given
it will be very easy to release all the other imprints just by intention. But for the earth
imprints are the strongest in their present energetic field.
2. What are the belief systems on earth that we need to work on?
We encourage you to work on 3 areas initially.
I. Beliefs about a fearful punishing God.
II. Beliefs about money
III. Beliefs about I am not good enough.
Work on these 3 areas first.
• The beliefs about the punishing God
• There is not enough money
• I am not good enough in life

U must remember- Your present life consists of all lives combined together, right now.
100 lives or 5 000 lives- u are a composition of all yr past lives at this point. So changing
the present time will affect all those life times because those lives still exist as an
energetic form. When we change here- we change the past- n we will change the future.
At the back of yr body, there is an energy in yr spinal column n it is grey in color. It
represents the past energy. There is another column- blue in color representing the
present energy. The other one is gold- yr future.

So when u change the past, naturally the present will change
Imagine this line of energy at the back of yr body. Starting from
the beautiful grey color. But this grey energy has many knots
tied up depending upon yr belief system and yr karmic energy.
Breathe in gold and turquoise light to this and see this grey
color being dissolved. Many past karmic energy can be
3. Why do we have to change belief systems?
Because many karmic actions and interactions are based on our belief
systems. Every action we take is based on our beliefs. so when u change yr beliefs will
shift a lot of karmic energy.
Dear Family, the beginning of this year is only 1 month n the beautiful Chinese New
Year is coming. We like you to take time and say -This year I am going to focus n work
on myself. This year my main focus is me and self realization.
Who AM I?
What is holding me back?
Make yourself the priority of 2018.
It is a good investment that will pay high dividends later part of the year.
I leave u with this question:
WHAT DRIVES YOUR SOUL? Ask yourself this
Blessings - this is AA Metraton.

Beliefs plays a very important part and one of the beliefs I give u an example in my life
is that deep down at some level is that I am not good enough for God.
Even when Buddha appeared before me and asked me, what do u want?
I felt how can Buddha appear before me as I am such a bad guy.
I told buddha, I don't know what I want .
He said I will come back when u know what u want.
This is the biggest mistake of my life. He asked me in 1987 .
And I always ask myself if I had given Buddha the right answer where will I be at this
My belief is that I am a very bad guy, born very, very poor in India, had to struggle and I
have all the problems because I am a bad guy. I am not joking - this was my belief for
many, many years.
My mother used to teach me that giving is better than receiving. Give, give, give
because yr gift will come from God. Never show off yrself, never stand out in a crowd
because u will become an ego person. always hide yr light.
Everyone of us carry this feeling of not good enough in our lives.
So this one takes a lot of work to do.
We have to be very honest with ourselves.

Really working at that level and writing it down.
Thank You.