Human Aura Webinar

Dear Friends, We all are fortunate to have blessings of Master Rae Chandran. He has started with the Web-Classes from this year and first web-class was held on 26th January, 2018 at 5.30 pm (India Time).
Master Rae Chandran explained in detail about our Aura layers, different energies we carry in these layers and how these energies affect our daily life. Most importantly, he showed how easy it is to maintain our auric field and the path to Ascension becomes smoother by keeping our auric field cleansed and pure all the time.
It was amazing to see how easily Master Rae channelled Master Maharia, AA Metatron, King Akathana and Mother Mary to explain Human Aura & the layers and gave simple exercises to keep our auric energies clean and pure on daily basis.
The spiritual knowledge we receive from Master Rae Chandran is invaluable. Please use this material for your personal use only and do not share it with people or use commercially. It will lose its integrity.
We, Jayant, Meghna and Begam are thankful to Master Rae Chandran for allowing us to put his knowledge in PDF form so that all the seekers can refer to it and implement the exercises in their life and move forward on the path of Ascension.

Human Aura And It’s Maintenance
Web-Class 26th January, 2018
We will start with the chanting of OM for three times.
Hello my friends and family of light workers. We are Master Maharia, AA Metatron and King Akathana. We are the emissaries of the creator. We wish to bring some new understanding about the ASCENSION process itself. We believe that this class will move forward in ascension and everybody who is participating will have the highest opportunity for attaining liberation within the next few years’ time.

The First Process In This Is Maintaining One’s Auric Field.
When There Are Holes In The Aura, the life force seeps out,
 We feel tired frequently,
 Drained of energy,
 Lethargy,
 Not steady mind,
 Our emotions go up and down and of course
 A feeling that we are not good,
 We feel tired and
 Don’t feel good in our life.
The HUMAN AURA is like a sheet around you and there are 14 layers to this sheet. So maintaining the auric field is very important because this is a starting point of ascension itself. We wish to bring some understanding about the different bodies we carry at present moment. Our aura has many many bodies. It is comprised of many energies and many frequencies of light.
- * - * - * - * - * -
1) - Pain Body- Orangish Red
One of the most predominant body existing in one’s auric field in almost all human beings is called Pain Body Aura Energy. This pain body is Orangish Red colour.
It is expanded in many human beings and when a child is small, it is rather small but when a human starts growing this energy starts expanding. When this pain body is fully active, then one tries to hurt another human being or tries to hurt themselves through word, actions and sometimes doing other things using black magic and other things. People act out when this pain body is very very strong. The pain is coming from their own actions but they cannot see it and they blame other people. Many believe that it is through somebody’s action they are in pain and they will like to commit the same pain on other human beings. It can come through many sources but mostly it comes from perceived thoughts one has about one’s life.

This body energy is all around a human being. Now This Pain Body Is The Basis Of Our Emotions. When the pain body is fully active, then our main focus on life is we should not get hurt, so before we get hurt, we cause to hurt other, so it become like a defensive mechanism. This Body Is Of Red Colour.
Every human being carries this pain body in certain levels. When our pain is healed, naturally we will not cause pain in others through our words, actions and deeds. If you look at human beings you can see some people telling lies, children telling lies, adults telling lies why? If you really dig deep you will see that they are not doing to harm others but lie becomes a mechanism so they will not get hurt. It is very very simple to remove this energy.

Any time a human being attacks another human being through words, thoughts or deeds they are carrying their pain body with them and it is interacting, intermingling or strongly influencing their actions and their words. It is like a balloon around them. Sometimes the balloon is very large and when it is large, they want to hurt or cause pain to others.
It Is Very Simple To Remove This.
 Just breathe beautiful soft blue colour around your body and  See this pain body which is like a balloon around you slowly collapsing and falling underneath your feet and then it is washed away.
 Do this for 11 days.
How Will You Know It Is Working?-
 We will not be in defence mechanism mode all the time.
 We will not try to defend ourselves every time.
 We are able to stand in our truth.
 So other person’s words, deeds will not have much effect on us. Since you are not in pain,
 You will not cause pain to others through words, actions or deeds. When the pain body is healed it can affect all other bodies.
- * - * - * - * - * -


2) - Anger Body- Olive Green
Now The Pain Body Is Directly Connected To The Next Body You Call The Anger Body.
People have different levels of anger body. Some are very strong, some are very tiny. People feel angry towards themselves, parents, society, towards the country, towards the government, to God. Many believe that their pain is coming from all these people.
Let me give a simple example, many Islamic terrorist around the world are angry towards America. But if you talk to them they tell u we are not angry at American people, but we are angry to ideology which America holds. People say I am black, I am angry because I was born in a ghetto and I don’t have much opportunities, my parents left me very early.
People can describe any number of situations. What people do not realise is that THEY HAVE A CHOICE. It does not matter what situation was, if you feel in control you will not feel anger towards anything. It is a perceived thought in mind which causes anger. A foreign policy by a particular government or in one’s own family. My father liked my brother more than me, anger towards a school teacher or any situation you think was not fair to you creates an anger body and it stays with you. This Anger If Not Released Can Accumulate And Accumulate Through Many Many Life Times.
Anger Can Become Rage And Rage Can Become Violence.
It you talk to the people who are in jail cells, why did you attack somebody?
They would most time say they felt threatened or they were attacked energetically or through words and they perceived that they have the right to attack because some injustice was done to them because these people’s anger body is so magnified, they see everybody as a threat to them. Many Islamic terrorists, their anger body is very very strong because they believe that the whole world does not understand them and they have collective anger towards anybody who feels good about themselves.
You Can Simply Dissolve This Body By Imagining Light Going Around Yourself. That Is All. The Colour Of This Is OLIVE GREEN.
You can ask yourself this question, when we hurt other people through words, deeds or actions which part of our wounded part is coming forward. We are hurt that is why we want to hurt other people. You talk to many terrorists they say we like everybody but we do not like government policies so we are hurting. Since we are hurting we have to hurt others. So all attacks, there is a justification in their mind that

they can do that because they are hurt. They hurt me so I am going to hurt them. This
body is very very active in many human beings.
Again simply imagining Beautiful Blue Light around you and
simply saying
“I Am Asking That My Anger Body Be Completely Be Collapsed”
that’s all, it is enough.
Almost all human being on this planet carry certain part of this anger body. When a right button is pushed anger can come out. We believe a perceived threat in our life so I need to be angry to protect myself.
So it is mechanism for self-protection that’s all.
Just imagine beautiful soft blue light around you and simply say “I am asking that my anger body be healed and completely collapsed so I can move forward in love, not out of any perceived threat which made me make this anger”.
So One Of The EXERCISE You May Want To Do Is-

 Write down honestly on a piece of paper, which are the things which is making you angry.

 What makes you itch?
You will be amazed if you are honest, because we are hurting so much, we perceive that our hurt come from other people.
People can have grudges almost going back 50 years, people who passed away 50 years back, still holding anger towards the person.
And if you are very honest, you will work with it and say what is making me cause anger towards this person, towards this nation, towards any ideology I hold. Many times it is just a perceived notion in our mind that somebody harmed me in anyway so I need to get back to them.
If you are very honest, you will be able to see how a perceived wrong notion made us like this towards a particular person. Just to give a small example: people in India, they do not like Pakistan and vice-a-versa, many people don’t like China, and many people don’t like this country or that country, why? Can you be neutral? Can you look at and say what is causing me this to think like this? But things are things, some will say foreign policy. That does not matter, we are here to mark our emotions and Not React to out-side energies but be responsible to ourselves. We ask you to work with this.

This is AA Metatron.

 Imagine there is a glass cylinder, a big glass container and you are inside this container.
 And a soft pink light is coming from all the corners of this container into your entire body.
 Every cell of your body is filled with this beautiful soft pink light.
 Ask that every pain you are carrying in all your bodies, throughout all life times and existence, not only on earth but all other reality is being dissolved by this pink light.
 All perceived threat, all violence I experienced or I witnessed all energy be transformed by the pink light.
 All the energy of anger which is embedded into all my bodies is being released into this soft pink light and I am once again healed and loved.

Because anger if not healed can become rage, rage can become violence. Many times anger is a perceived threat to them. So many times we are trying to defend ourselves always using harsh words. So when we use harsh words we must ask which part of our anger body is being activated. Anger Is A Self-Protective Mechanism, we all carry anger but how do you express it? Being strict is different than being angry.
Anger means some perceived threat towards your ideology or yourself. In ancient times there was a ritual and the ritual was done in the island of MU, continent of MU.
An initiate will sit down and the people will come to insult him, tell all kinds of bad words to him, they will try to push every button. It is watched how you respond. Because truly you can’t be hurt, it is a perceived notion that somebody can harm or hurt you through words or deeds. We need to look into that which part of our anger body,
There Are Three Layers To The Anger Body-
 Which part of our anger body is enlarged?
 What makes you angry?
It is simple human ego because other person is not up to your standard or not acting in the way you wanted to act. It is coming from human ego only. When you see a thing which you did not like it causes anger in you. Who has the ability to control your anger? YOU. Can we come to your place?


No outside circumstance affects us and we are able to stay in our power? We believe it is possible, of course possible. Can you work on it yourself and see next time any time you get angry what is causing anger and you will see it is a perceived injustice playing out in your mind.
This person harmed me, this person told me, and this person did not meet my expectation anything. It is a perceived injustice you think, it should happen this way and when it did not happen you get angry. If anger is not controlled it can become rage and rage can become violence. Violence towards ourselves and violence towards others and we justify this violence. There was an ancient test in Tibet and this is for one month. The initiate is put in a place and other initiates will insult him in every way except physical violence all kind of taunting, screaming and shouting. Everything. It is a game, how will you respond, that is the test. If you are able to stand in you place, it does not matter what others say, what we think other person did that causes anger or pain in us. Who controls our thoughts?

We control. We want you to look into this, of course there are many situations which we want to happen in certain way but did not happen, that does not mean we have to be angry we can respond in a very different way.
Look at the teacher Dalai Lama. Do you think many things are to his liking? Nobody responds in a different way is it not dear one? THAT IS MASTERY.
And we believe that all of you can come to this place. We ask you to do an experiment, write down who is pushing your button and can we not respond? Many will say if they do not, they will run over us again and again. That is a very easy answer. You will see a difference. What did Mahatma Gandhi said, what all religion say, what Jesus said on the cross, what Mahatma Gandhi do when he was shot “I forgive him” truly we cannot be hurt.
It is only a perceived idea that we are hurt which causes us to hurt others and create anger. So you must write down which are the things which makes me angry. In your own life a perceived injustice, or government policy or anything else, you will start to see 90% is your own creation. A perceived threat to us so that I need to defend, I need to be angry so that I can defend myself.

Next Time You Get Angry
Just stand still, slowly count one to ten or
get a glass of water,
Take a break.
Come back and you will see that situation which caused you anger, you are able to see at a different level. Of course some time anger is important to display but anger with compassion not anger with hatred. So you must write down what other things which is making me angry.
What made you think that this is causing me angry, what was the cause? You will start to see that many times it is a perceived injustice done to you or your country or to your religion and that is the basis of anger itself. In your aura, there are many bodies and if the anger body is very strong, than it can overlap the other bodies.
- * - * - * - * - * -

3) Love Body-Purple Colour
Our third body is called the love body and is soft purple in colour.
This is developed more and more when
 one is in love with oneself fully,
 in love with humanity and
 All of creation.
But love has many forms.
Love means sometimes
 Silence,
 Love means acceptance,
 Forgiveness,
 Compassion, action,
 Love is sharing, love is caring.
This body need to be very active for ascension but not to the degree that you can live your life only in love because we are living in a duality world and sometimes we have to stand up for our rights, so love must be expressed but also that we are not hurting ourselves in expressing the love.
Love exists in all human beings even though it may be displayed or expressed in certain moments or to certain people. You can activate this love body when you wake-up in the morning simply by asking-
 That this energetic body of soft purple colour or love body be fully open,
 Imagine this soft purple colour enveloping you and  You are inside this soft purple colour love body for a few moments.
 That’s all is needed.

We ask you to do it tomorrow. Activate this love body and see how your day goes, full day. If you are observant, you will see that situations are different. Because you changed inside, the reaction or response from other people will also be different. - * - * - * - * - * -

4)-Ancestral Body- Pale White Colour
The next body to work with is called the ancestral body which is in pale white colour. It is very important to understand this ancestral body because your skin colour, your hair, your body type, your blood type and many other things are influenced by a genetic lineage.
Genetic lineage also contains the belief system that trails the tribe mentality, society mentality, the sicknesses, hardship imprints which are transmitted from many life times throughout this genetic lineage.
You carry these influences within you very deeply in your sub-conscious mind, deep down human beings believe that life is very very hard for ancestors went through very hard times and we carry this lineage energy within us.
For example if this is very prevalent in our energy field then we will try to hoard things, always trying to keep for the future, excessive competition to win, cannot share, very stingy with everything because if I share then I will not have it. Always wants to defend ourselves. So life becomes a battle who wins and I need to win all the time. Every human being on the planet carry some level of this energy within us. The colour is pale white.
- * - * - * - * - * -

5)-Buddha Body- Green Colour
The next body we have the Buddha body. It is also called the compassionate body or the green body. True Compassion Means True Acceptance and allowing other person to be who they are. Look at Master Jesus or Master Buddha they did not tell anybody “believe in us” especially Jesus, he loved the people as they were, the same with Dalai Lama.
If you come to be near him and understand him he does not preach that you must become a Buddhist, although he talks about it but does not say convert into this Buddhism.

When this body is fully activated-
 Your heart opens up,
 Your compassion for others and
 Acceptance of others as they are in their life at this time, without you trying
to change them or you think they must change them.
This compassionate body is soft green in colour.
- * - * - * - * - * -
6)-Explorer Body- Metallic Blue Colour
The next auric body which is around you is called explorer body and in Metallic blue colour. This also called the creative body or creative energy existing within us. You might develop this by-
 Breathing and asking this explorer body to be fully awakened and integrated.
 When that start happening, you will start to see larger truth in everything,
 the whole forest and just not the trees and
 Ability to imagine something larger rather that remaining with mundane things.

Now this explorer body is very active in many of the young people who are born especially after 1982. Look at the people who walked the South Pole or North Pole or the great adventurers who made changes in people’s perception what reality is. Look at Thomas Alva Edison his explorer body was very active. One day a reporter of that time went to him and told him “you have done 5000 experiments but all have failed. We are destined to live with oil lamps.” And Edison said “Young man, I have not failed, I have successfully identified 5000 times, why this will not work.”
They did not accept life as it was, I am going to try to achieve something beyond the scope of my life to make my life much better and I will take humanity with me. The colour is metallic blue and gold. I encourage all of you to work with this body, develop this body, integrate the energy of this body and you will see miracles happening in your life. Many of the scientists who invented things which made our life better all had this body fully expanded.
Look at the people who made bicycles, people who made band aid or any invention which changed the life of humanity.
But Now You Can Call For This Body-
 And this body is inside your pineal gland.
 Ask to be fully opened and see yourself in metallic blue and gold colour like a fine mist of layer coming from the pineal gland and enveloping you and
 Simply breathe into it and simply say
“I Integrate This Energy Into The Earth And Into The Heavens, My Explorer Body”
You will see miracles in life family.

CREATIVE BODY. This Colour Is Soft Orange
Now this body is very active in young children. If you really watch young people,
what they do-
 May be lie down on the floor and start talking to themselves and drawing
 They draw houses,
 Mommy,
 Garden,
 Trees,
 Flowers,
 Animals
 Birds, everything.
Now if this body is fully nurtured and allowed the child to be in this state of energy,
this child can become very creative in the life. If this body is not active then people get comfortable in doing the repetitive things and they will say this is safe so I will continue to repeat this.
They exist or live in the comfort zone believing that this is all that they can do and this is comfortable and I stay in this. In this level they have less enthusiasm in life and they do same thing repetition again and again, for them there is no change in life.

- * - * - * - * - * -


7)-Peace Body- Pure White Colour
The Next Layer In Our Aura Is Called The Peace Body And Is In Pure White Colour.
What is peace?
 Peace Is A Choice…

 Peace Means Wisdom…
Ask yourself right now-
 Am I peaceful with myself?
 Am I at peace with my immediate family…?
 With my extended family…
 With my friends…
 Colleagues…
 Neighbours…
 With my country…
 Are you peaceful with your culture…?
 Are you peaceful with earth…?
 Are you at peace with GOD?
Write down your answers. What is it causing u not to be at peace with any of these?
Is it a perceived anger or perceived hurt you are carrying? Many times you will see it
is a perceived hurt. Perceived in our own mind that somebody hurt us. We ask you
to look into this.
- * - * - * - * - * -

8) Star Body- Silver Colour
The Next Layer Of Auric Energy Is Called The Star Body And It Is Silver In
Colour. This Auric Energy Represents-
 The lineage of our lives on other planets,
 Other systems of our galaxies.
Since we lived on other planets, galaxies we carry those imprints within our cellular
memory. But the beautiful thing is we also incarnated in higher dimensional planets
before and we carry those imprints also within us. It also contains Star Codes, Star
Frequencies And Star Vibrations. You can ask for star bodies of your life in
Arcturus, Lyra, Pleiades, Andromeda, Antorus, Orion, Sirius because these are
codes and you can connect with these codes to remember energy and activate
higher frequencies of light within you.
Many of these codes are stored on your elbow, now when you hit your elbow do you
get a shock in your body? Why that part is so delicate in our body? Have
you ever thought of that? Both elbows, this is the secret to the stars dear
one. All the lives you had in other reality in other star systems contains
there, connect with the energy. Why do you think people like stars, and
the beautiful song? Twinkle Twinkle little star…how I wonder who you

are. It’s all in your elbow. We encourage you to open up this part.
- * - * - * - * - * -


9) - Musical Body- Magenta Colour
Now the next body is called the musical body. The musical body is magenta in colour. Human beings are finely tuned to the sound and our sound is the first quality we develop when we are born. You hear sound from the time you wake-up till you go to bed.
What is the sound you hear when you wake-up in the morning, sound of passing car or a coffee machine or cooking in the kitchen? Sound affects your aura and your energy field right from the morning when you wake-up till u go to bed. What kind of sound are you listening in the morning when you wake-up, what kind of music is coming from the radio, what is the melody or rhythm in the music you are listening?
If you notice, if you listen to heavy metal or rap music your aura gets damaged very easily, you feel tired, anger or restlessness. Certain musical notes can bring you in a calm state of mind.
If you look at people working in production line 30-40 years back, when they were doing the work they will sing. Children when they are very small they babble and sing when they are small.
When you sing with your own voice, not listening but singing in your own voice-
 You will be able to be nourished and
 Uplifted and
 Energy field will be high.
Even if you say my voice is not good but for your body that is the best voice. So let it come out from your mouth in any way, you are singing to yourself. You are not only nurturing but this body called your musical body is fully activated and you are in harmony with nature because nature is making music all the time and you are able to fine tune to this music coming from the nature. This body is in beautiful magenta colour.
- * - * - * - * - * -

10)-Night Or Moon Body- Soft Indigo Colour
The next body which is part of your auric field is called the night body or the moon body and has soft indigo colour. Human beings need to be nurtured by the night. But human beings rarely spend a night out. It is impossible to be under night sky without any light, especially in a city. The night body is nourished by energy from the moon. The Moon Rules Our Subconscious Mind And Our Emotions. Now you may say how can I do it? If you can be under the night sky without any light for half an hour per week, that is all needed.
Because this night body energy-
 supports your endocrine system
 kidneys, blood stream,
 balances your thoughts,
 emotions and
 Words you express.
If you were to spend two hours per week just being under the night sky, not listening to the music but just sitting down and being still, this has a capacity to transport you to another reality. Your dreams will become very powerful and when you wake up in the morning you will feel exuberant and not tired. The colour of the night body is soft indigo. Now this body along with the next body called Sun body is very important for ascension.
- * - * - * - * - * -


11) - Sun Body - Platinum Colour
Next body is called the sun body and colour is platinum. As you know sun is the
giver of life. Why do you think people cannot create even when they have been trying
for so long? Because they do not have much sun energy within them. Let us look at a
plant, we can give water but without sun enzymes cannot reproduce.
Sun breaks down amino acids and transforms a seed into energy, same way without a
little sun energy in human physical body, there is not much light in the physical body.
When your sun body is fully activated it is called the luminous body and every cell
then vibrates with the sun consciousness. It is called vibrating with the consciousness
of light inside.
Sun body colour is beautiful shining platinum. People On Ascension, We Encourage
To Definitely Work With These Two Bodies The Moon Body And The Sun Body Or

Luminous Body.
- * - * - * - * - * -


12) - Dream Body- Soft Beige
The next body that is 12th layer is called the dream body. Its colour is soft beige. The dream body is where you process information and karmic energy when you sleep.
Karmic energy is very very dense and heavy.
As a human being we cannot process the heavy density while being awake, so many heavy dense karmic energies are processed during sleep time.
But there is one little secret to this body, you can program your dream body to find solutions to your present day life situations. The colour of the dream body is soft beige.

- * - * - * - * - * -


13) - Wisdom Body/Masters Body- Shining White Colour
The next body the human beings have in their energy field is called wisdom body or the master’s body and is shining white. This body contains the truth of who you are. Wisdom becomes a part of your everyday life. These are like small bubbles of light around your body.
 Becoming aware of this body and
 Asking this body to be fully alive and
 Bring forth its body wisdom that’s all is needed.
We will give an exercise how to work with all these bodies.
- * - * - * - * - * -

14)-Water Body
The next and the last layer of the body is called the water body. The water body represents the fluids in your physical system. Including all the fluids the blood and other fluids supporting the physical body and other bodies. When the water is fully activated and balanced then your emotional energy is well balanced. When your emotional body is well balanced then your mind is balanced. Your mind is feminine and when the mind is balanced the feminine brings forth new wisdom, births new consciousness and new light. And your water body is soft blue colour.

It is important on a daily basis you must cleanse your aura and cleansing is done in all these 14 bodies. What happens when all your bodies are cleansed and purified, then you are able to perceive the energies coming to you from your guides and creator and your beloved soul more easily. When your aura is not cleansed and purified and has much of dense energy you are not able to remember the guidance given to you by your guides and creator. Many times you may have a vague remembrance that you are going to this temple for healing or something but when you wake up it is gone because your aura is not clear and clean.

We would like you to work with all these bodies.


We Would Like To Give A Simple Exercise.
 Imagine that you are sitting or standing and there are 14 circles surrounding you, one circle encaging the next circle.
 Between each circle there is a small gap and in this gap there is one auric body.

 You may like to draw it out with 14 circles and 14 auric bodies.
 Breathe it in and you will see these circles start moving and vibrating.
 These circles are moving around you, spinning very fast. Breathe into it.
 Breathe the colours into you.
 Slowly you will start to see it coming into you. Entering your entire body.
 Feel the colours into you- all the colours.
 Slowly it is creating a pillar of light from top to the bottom.
And all the colours are in equal in proportion and It is going up to the heaven and going down And simply say “I create balance in my auric field.
I carry the light of God in my aura.
See These Few Words Written Vertically Inside Of You.
 It repairs the auric field
 Brings changes in the thinking and the mental capacities.
We encourage you to do this exercise.
What happens when you start working with these bodies? After You Do This For 21 Days
 You can tune in to any of this auric body to get answers.
 To enhance the energy from the auric body.
For example, if you are looking for wisdom in particular area, simply tune into the wisdom body. If you are looking for peace, breathe into the peace body. You can tap into any body you want.


The First Step in Ascension in Raising Vibration Is Maintenance of One’s Auric Field.
We encourage you to draw yourself as a human being and put 14 circles around you and colour these 14 circles with the colours of the bodies and breathe into it, work with it every day and you will start to see a difference.
What happens if you work for 3 to 4 weeks every day, you would have integrated and balanced the energies in most of these bodies? Every night, When You Go to Bed & You Wake up in the Morning, Talk To Your Body And Say-
 “I awaken all my auric bodies and all my auric bodies are completely balanced”
When You Go To Bed At Night Time Again Say-
 “I ask my auric body to be completely cleansed and purified”. You can even make a sound.
It is Hebrew sound…….. EL...Naaaa…..RaFaNaLaaa.
This Is The Sound Of AA Raphael, The Angel Of Healing.
With this sound you can balance any energies in your auric field and see all these 14 colours around you balanced and in harmony. When you wake up in the morning simply breathe into it and say “All these colours are fully balanced, equally throughout my auric body”.

Then before you go to bed in the night time make this sound ELNAaaa…RaFaNaLaaa….and say “Whatever energy I might have picked up today which is part of my energetic field which is not in harmony with my soul truth be dissolved at this time so that my aura is once again pure and clean”.


How Do You Know It Is Working?
 You will become more clear & more clarity in the mind
 More remembrance…
 More aware of everything,
 Your word, Thoughts and also your Environment
 You become aware of the energies
 You start taking great care of your thoughts because you know your thoughts can create damages in your auric fields so you become conscious and aware of your thoughts.
Hello my friends this is Maharia. We ask you to keep a Journal Called Auric Maintenance Body Journal. Do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning and evening and then write down in this journal your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings. You will see that you start shedding many of the old belief system, energy imprints from your many bodies. Your thoughts will become lighter and clearer and you are able to let go of things more easily. Not only thoughts and energies, but also material possessions and you are not too concerned. So more freedom in your heart. Even if you do it sincerely for a week, you will see a difference in your thinking. - * - * - * - * - * -

Questions & Answers

This is Maharia.
Now we will take some questions from you.
Q – You talked about anger body and mentioned two different colours…Blue and soft pink…
A – Yes, this anger body is very active in every human being at different levels. How do you know it is very active…you will react many times, reaction almost all time comes from anger.
Q – When we work with pain body we breathe in soft blue colour, while working with anger body we have to breathe in two different colours, light blue & soft pink right?
A – Yes because anger body is very very strong and it influences all other bodies.
It started when we were cave people...this person took my food…he took my hunting trophy…so it becomes a material fighting imposition…if I don’t preserve then it will be carried away from me so I have to be in strong place so I will attack anybody who tries to threaten me…so Anger Comes From Self-Protection…many times you see in office atmosphere this playing out every day. If you really observe people who are constantly angry, they are weak in-side and only way they can maintain some form of balance is by being angry and in control. It is coming from ancient time for example let us say your country was attacked…your hunt was taken away…you were kicked out for your belief system…you are not acceptable in the tribe…all this energy still exists in our reality. So once you work with the anger body many other bodies are easy to work. How do you know anger body is very active…you will be angry with everybody…and you will hurt other people with words, thoughts and deeds.
Q – Moon body…since we are in city it is not easy to be under moon without any other lights.
A – It will still work…when weather gets better if one goes up on terrace and be under the moon body even with street lights, it is better than not doing anything. But let me give one secret to everybody...where is the galaxy…it is underneath your think you are looking at stars & galaxies outside…dear family you are projecting which already exists at your back. This is a big topic but be content that you have it within you.


Q – While working with star body we need to work with elbow…so how to go about this Sir?
A – Just becoming aware of the elbow area that’s all….and asking that the energy embedded into that part becomes active.
But we encourage everybody to work with this anger body because this body is very very active in many levels and once this body is resolved many other bodies can be resolved very easily.
Q - Will crystals help in balancing the energies in the body?
A – Yes, but as you know crystals pick up every energy, not only good energy but bad energy too.

Q - How do you know it is working?
A - Your thoughts become clearer, you become more perceptive, you become aware of energies. We encourage you to do this auric maintenance as daily exercise before you go to bed. It takes just a few minutes, just imagine beautiful golden light going through all the four bodies and asking that “all the four bodies are balanced equally and simultaneously.”

Then When You Go out in the Morning, You Must Protect Your Auric Field With AA Michael’s Light. See Your Entire Auric Energy Is Covered With Metallic Blue Light And Ask That You Are Fully Protected In Its Totality. Then In The Evening, I Cleanse My Auric Field, All Thought Imprints, Thought Projections, Every Action And Every Experience I Had Today. This Is The First And Foremost Key To Ascension. We Are Teaching You Ascension Principle And This Is The First Key. WE ONLY SUGGEST ONE THING. Imagine Your Aura Being Covered In A Beautiful Golden Light. Make A Statement “Every Body Of My Auric Field Is Balanced And Purified”.

- * - * - * - * - *

Mother Mary
Hello my dear family this is Mother Mary here, we are all with you. we have been listening to the conversation. I will give a simple meditation.
Imagine you are standing and all the colours of these bodies mentioned are coming like a fountain, from your feet to the top of your head, and like wires of light it is coming out through your entire body. Just allow all these colours to coming from ground all the way going to your star chakra and falling around you and you are bathing in all these colours.
And Now See Colours Expanding Almost 8 Feet In Front, 8 Feet At Your Right, 8 Feet On Left And 8 Feet At Your Back. And then you see a pyramid within this 8 feet, a glass pyramid and you are standing inside this pyramid and this pyramid is filled with all these colours and you are in middle of this. You breathe and just make a statement. “These colours are going to every body in equal proportion and every body is equally healed”. You do this for few days and once you feel comfortable you simply say-
“ I Fully Activate My Sun Body And Moon Body”…
“I will also give you more. I fully activate and balance my geometric body, musical body and my mathematical body”. But this can only be done once you start working and balance other bodies. Dear one, this will set you firmly on the ascension path because this is the starting of ascension work. This is Mother Mary. We are all with you, especially we ask you to work with first two bodies. The pain body and anger body.
Because this two body because these two bodies has many sub bodies and many sub layers. Disappointment body, you wanted something and it did not happen you carry that energy with you. Expectations body, father’s body mother’s body energy, your country’s image body, your lower level astral bodies, your higher level astral bodies, your galactic body many many levels.

But first work with these bodies as all other bodies will naturally be healed and balanced. I am going to reveal something which has never been revealed before.
Once you work continuously for the 45 days with the exercise given today then we ask you to call in complete sacredness in your heart, light a lamp if you want to…and say -
“I call on my Mahatma Body”, and this body is a beautiful turquoise colour.
Mahatma is next to GOD. Mahatma takes energy from GOD, very strong and dilute 352 levels and bring it to this cosmos. It is energy next to GOD itself, but you must balance your other bodies to come to this place. We want to offer this gift to all of you because all of you can do it and are ready for this.
All of you are on path of ascension and our beloved sister Jenny Cheong from Singapore, are you ready sister? “Yes, I am ready”…then before 2021 you can have ascension my dearest one…”Thank you very much”…work with the Mahatma energy…”thank you…thank you…I am grateful…”
We would like to say one thing. You must protect your aura, because your aura is very very important, because your aura contains memory, your gifts, your talents.
This is the place you are also attacked. You must remember more the ego more the resistance from other side. Your auric maintenance becomes very very important.
See all the colours circling around and you can simply chant..
El Na Ra… Ra.Fa.Na…Laaa ….

And say “I am balancing all my auric bodies simultaneously and equally”.
It must become a natural part of your everyday routine in the morning.
Now a question is - will crystals help in balancing the energies in our body?
The answer is Yes, but as you know crystals carry all energies and crystals pick up every energy. Not only good energy but bad energy too.

How do you know it is working?
 Your thoughts become more clear,
 You become more perceptive,
 You become aware of energies.
We encourage you to do this auric maintenance as daily exercise before you go to bed. It takes just a few minutes, Imagine Beautiful Golden Light Going Through All The Four Bodies And ask that “All The Four Bodies Are Balanced Equally And Simultaneously.”
This must become daily practice.
When you go out in the morning, you must protect your auric field with AA Michael’s light. See Your Entire Auric Energy Is Covered With Metallic Blue Light And Ask That You Are Fully Protected In Its Totality. Then in the evening, “I Cleanse My Auric Field, All Thought Imprints, Thought Projections, Every Action And Every Experience I Had Today”.
This is the first and foremost key to ascension. We are teaching you ascension principle and this is the first key. I thank each and every beautiful soul who are here today. It is my promise to all of you that we will support and we will collectively have ascension and I will support each and every one of you till my last breath to move into full ascension. I believe that collectively we can do it.
Before you go AA Michael is here and he is going to place his sword on each of your head right now, take this energy for one minute.
Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you.