Master Kundala on Human Body and the Geometry and Codes

Blessings to all. We wish to bring some understanding on the new realities unfolding on the planet at this time and how to open upto some new realities.

Humanity is slowly shifting from chakra based focus to geometries and sacred codes. In the new reality which is unfolding now and will become more apparent in 2018, understanding these new paradigms can be helpful in tapping into the unseen energies. What do we man by unseen energies? There are benevolent beings on the planet who are supporting humanity at this time and they seem hidden and can be called upon to assist in gathering energy and working with them. You are all aware of the nature spirits which is supporting humanity. In the same way, there are energies of animals, mountains, rivers, seas, sun, moon and the dragons which is supporting humanity at this time. All these energies are encoded in the sacred geometry which exists in the human body.

One of the most important energy to be called forth is the energy of the Dragons, for they seeded the planet with the original consciousness of Quantum Crystalline awakening and these were held by the mineral kingdoms and especially the rocks and the stones. After the shift of the magnetic grid over the past several years, the Earth is moving into the crystalline consciousness and the mineral kingdom is releasing these deep held secrets through the process of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and through melting of the ice and other earth changes. These energies need to be brought forth, for these contain the crystal codes which are necessary for the Earth and the Humanity to fully move into the important time line of December 21st, 2020, when humanity will make another important choice to fully embrace the new Aquarian consciousness. These energies will greatly impact the human body and the geometry which exists with in the body and can have tremendous changes in their energy field.

One of the most important sacred geometry which exists in the human body is the geometry you call Tetrahedron. This is situated between your neck and chest area. This geometric pattern regulates how you view your earthly life and your responses and reactions to it. When this geometry pattern is in complete and not damaged due to dense energies you carry, then your views on life will be on a positive note and appreciation and gratitude becomes a part of your every day reality. Each of the geometric patterns, has a specific master associated with it and the master of Tetrahedron is Archangel Metatron.

The next important geometry is called Vesica Piscis and it is like two circles cutting into each other. This called the balancing the two opposites with in oneself - the male/female energies with in us. When this is working in optimum condition, then one tends to view life - not in terms of polarity, but in wholeness and in joy. Connect with the Master of this geometric pattern - Lord Maitreya who is a representation of the Universal Christ Consciousness unfolding on the planet at this time.

There is another important geometric pattern on the Spinal Column and it is shaped like a Circle which is cut in half. This place holds the sacred energy of the Dragons and they are sacred beings and human being's chakras and energy grid in the body is tied into the spinal column of the Dragons and the Dragon Codes. What are the Dragon Codes? They are the collective wisdom of the Central Sun - meaning - Central Sun holds all the wisdom of all the masters and other enlightened beings not only of the earth, but through out our galaxy and the entire Universe. Connecting to the Dragons and working with them, will help one in understanding the true nature of reality and one's role in the Creation of the Universe and being able to experience the energy of All That Is. Your spinal column is directly related to the energy of the mineral and rock kingdom.

On the left shoulder, you have another important geometry and this is shaped like pyramids - three pyramids combined together - one on top of another - and this contains the energy of Codes for Star Alignment. Understanding this, helps one to understand the alignment one has with Stars, understanding the Star Karma, Star Lessons and Star Consciousness.

On the right shoulder, you have another sacred geometry and this is shaped like a rose and this contains the solutions to life's challenges, which you have designed yourself as a part of your Soul Blue Print. The colour of this particular geometry is soft blue. Imagine this geometric pattern on your right shoulder and breath into it and see it spinning in clock wise directions. This will start to throw away some accumulated dense energy and you will start to feel a little lighter on your shoulder and also you will start to think more clearly and clarity is gained in the mind.

There are also sacred geometry in the belly button and this is shaped like rings of light - and this contains the energy of all past interactions and our family lineage and patterns we have acquired from our parents and our ancestral heritage. Understanding this helps one to move away or out of past programming and belief systems, including cultural beliefs.

On the base chakra, you have a geometric pattern shaped like a V and this holds the memory of earth lives and its challenges we have had in the past. It also holds the energy of the Karmic imprints we have with other people in our lives.

Between the two big toes, you have another geometric pattern and this relates to your connection to Earth Sprit and other beings like animals, plants, trees and the nature etc., The shape is like an oval and this working with this helps one understand one's interconnectedness to all of Creation through the beings which exist as a part of Earth's reality.

Get to know your body geometry and you will change your reality.

Master Kundala
through Rae Chandran