The Family of God through Rae Chandran

Dear All,

We are the Family of God. We greet you in all Divine Love and Grace. This day, we wish to bring forth some new understanding which can support you in these changing times.

First thing is the influence of sound on your physical body. The first sound we hear when we wake up in the morning has a large influence in the way you think throughout the day. Observe the first sound you hear when you wake up. Is it the sound of the yawn you make or your partner make in the bed, the sound of the alarm going off, the sound of the vehicle passing by or the sound of the coffee machine or washing machine or the sound of the birds singing nearby. Be with a sound which feels natural to you and is soothing to your senses. When you connect with the sounds you feel soothing, then take this sound through the power of your thought into your Pineal gland and rest there. Be there for a few minutes. The pineal gland will slowly start distributing this sound through your signature cell to your body and your entire cell will carry this sound frequency and you will feel an upliftment. Second point we wish to note is the air you breathe. Most people breath unconsciously without truly knowing the power of breath and the air they breathe. Again, if you can be conscious of the first breath you take when you wake up in the morning, then you can program this in breath, with your intent to create what you want in your life for that day, and when you do this, the air you breathe will call forth all its other components and bring this in to you and you inhale this through your breath and again this will go into all the cells of your body. So, the first two things you must become aware after you wake up, is the Sound frequency you hear first thing in the morning and the first air you breathe. After completing this process which may take only a few minutes, imagine colors coming into you or towards you from all the four sides and from the top, bottom and around you. Visualize a mixture of colors and see yourself immersed in these colors and be in it for a few minutes. This can calm all the anxiety you may have for that day or about any other situations you are facing in your life. Doing this for a minimum of five minutes is all that is necessary.

The other point to note is the things you see first when you wake up in the morning. The images you see first in the forming forms an imprint in your brain and the energy of that will be transmitted into your cells. Images of nature, beauty, animals gracing peacefully, a flower garden, a gently flowing water, whales swimming in the ocean gracefully are all very supportive in creating a good imprint in your brain. Remember that you are a Quantum Being and existing in many dimensions and realities.

The first word you say to yourself or others in the morning as soon as you wake up will determine the quality of the energy in the words you may use throughout day. Most people will say and especially if they are living with other family members - Good Morning or other Greetings. But when it is said in a monotone way and without any feelings, your words may not carry any essence in it and throughout the day, your words which will be coming out from your mouth may not have much power and energy in it.

The first thing to say when you wake up in the morning is - I am a quantum being and I experience my life quantumly. I express my life energy today through my quantumness and I create my all my experiences through my quantumness. Or you may wish to say first in the morning these phrases. Gratitude, Appreciation, Blessings, Joy or Wellbeing. Words are not just mere words, but energy containers. Each letter of the word contains sound frequency and energy in it. Used properly, it can create miracles in your life. The other point to note when you wake up in the morning is to acknowledge and observe your body. Your body is a finely tuned instrument carrying billions of cells and consciousness. It also has tremendous wisdom. Each of your organs along with the muscles, tissues, blood, bones, skin, hair, nails and teeth all contain energy - karmic and deep wisdom. Observing and communicating with the body to open up to its inherent wisdom and also the dormant energies will support you much to go through that day in a much more aware state. When you make up a friendship with your body, your body will respond to you and support you with bringing forth answers and solutions to the problems you seek in your daily life. Your body is the greatest friend you can have at any given moment. The other point to note when you wake up in the morning is to call forth all your supporting energies available to you to come to you and to be with you throughout the day. There are many many supporting energies available to each one on the planet and when you call them forth, they will flock to you. You do not need to know their names to call them forth.

After you do this, imagine or visualize how you want your day to be - and hold this energy in your belly button and underneath the soles of your feet and then you will be carrying and walking this energy throughout the day. Do not focus on the challenges, but on the solutions and the end result of what you want to see, happen. Dear ones, these are simple exercises and if practiced daily for a short time can and will change your life for the better.

We are the Family of God
through Rae Chandran