Spirit of Success speaks

Hello, Hello to All,
it is time that I came out of the closet and revealed myself. I had hoped that you would discover me, but it has not happened. Some and just a few knew about my existence and they kept it among themselves. One is the president of a transatlantic air liner. Having said that, I would like to briefly give you a glimpse of who I am and what I do.

I was created along with others to support humanity and when humanity understood its responsibility in creating and understanding the power of mind to create, then I was to come forth openly and guide humanity in creating an abundant and joyful society/world. But this has not happened as humanity has not fully grasped the power of the mind and its role in the creative consciousness of the Universe.

There are pockets in your body and in your auric field which contains certain codes and embedded energies which when awakened, will give you the essence and the power to create what you desire. Most of humanity has only heard much about Karma and how it influences every part of our lives including the power to create abundantly. These codes and embedded energy is in everybody and one must awaken to this truth with in themselves so that as they grow spiritually, they are also able to create abundantly in their material life. The first energy which must be awakened in this is the energy underneath the two elbows. This part of the arm contains many secrets and is very ancient and hence it has wrinkles around it. There are three energies inside each elbow. One is of the potential of what one may Create, the other is how to Recognize this potential and the third is how to take Creative Action to bring forth what they want to create. These three energies are shaped like a pod of seed and all bunched together. When you focus on this part and visualize this pod of seed and breath into it, you will start to see that this pod will start to move and shake/vibrate and will slowly detach or become individual seed, these three seeds all have distinct markings and characteristics on it and there are certain patterns embedded on it. These patterns start to open and you will start to see energies pouring out from these seeds and flowing into your elbows and into the palms, where by the chakras of the palms are awakened. If you were to place a piece of paper in which you have written what you want to manifest and then do this exercise, this paper will have the energy from this pod and you may want to use this piece of paper during your mediation to be placed on the top of your head and be with it. The energy from this paper will go into your higher brain and into your pineal and pituitary gland and then it will be sent into all your chakras and organs. When you awaken these three energies, you are awakening the 3 - triumvirate energy with in you - of the Son, Father and the Holy Ghost or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Perception, Creation and Release.

We encourage you to start this exercise and start with one of the dreams or projects you want to attain and see the results for yourself.

How does this work - these energies will shift subtly, the deep seated thought patterns and belief systems one holds about one self and one's power to create abundantly.

Now to the second point - there are three minor energy points around your hip area and these energy points pertains to the energy of Receiving, Sustaining and Growth.

Every life streams on the planet (human beings) are gifted with these three energies and every life contract they bring forth to the world contains at least 7 distinct potential energies to manifest great abundance in one's life. These seven distinct energies manifest during different time cycles of their life and is controlled by the planetary movements which influences every one's life depending on their time and place of birth.

For eg., the first energy out of this seven for people living in US, UK and Canada appears during the ages between 20 to 25, whereas this potential for the people of Asia may appear anywhere between the age of 18 and 26/27.

The second cycle appears for everybody between the ages of 27 to 30.
The third cycle appears between 31 to 38.

Fourth cycle appears between 40 and 44

Fifth cycle appears between 48 and 54/55/56

Sixth cycle appears after 61

Seventh cycle between 69 to 74

So if one were to pay attention to these time periods and if one is observant, one will be able to clearly identify these energy and work with them.

We encourage you to focus first on the three energy points on the hip area and breath into it and see it opening and vibrating. The first points of energy are shaped like eyes and you may see shapes of eyes in various colors appearing there. The second point of energy is shaped like a golden vase and the third point of energy is shaped like a long golden rod. Breath into these three points while simultaneously visualizing these three shapes. When you feel the energy or the essence of these points, imagine or visualize your intent of what you want to create being poured forth from the golden vase into the golden rod and you are holding this golden rod with your hands. This represents the ability to walk with this truth in your life as this golden rod acts like a walking stick guiding you to your creation. One of the Masters you can forth for this particular meditation is Master Anhuth and you may see this master as always carrying a rod in his hand. This Master is also known as Merlin and you will notice that he always carries a rod in his hand with a crystal on top of it. So activating these two points - underneath the elbows and the hip area can bring you the desired result you see in creating material abundance in your life.

Spirit of Success
through Rae Chandran