Masculine and Feminine Food


Today I would like to speak on the topic of food. The food that you eat has a lot to do with the way you experience life. You have heard the expression - you are what you eat. It is literally true. If you observe carefully, you would be able to make a great deal about a person just by observing the food he/she eats. All food consumed by humans can be categorized into two main categories - Masculine and Feminine. What are masculine and feminine foods and how does it affect you? The goal in life is to create balance in every aspect and this begins with food for food affects human behaviour. At the subconscious level, the memory of every human being is imbued with the experience of not having food (whether this happened yesterday or thousands of years). If most people were to travel back to a time period of 30,000 years, they will be surprised to know that they scavenged for food. Even times when they killed for food and this memory of not having food or enough food is still submerged deep into our psyche. One small eg. can be seen about it when people visit restaurants which serve buffet. Almost all the time most of us eat more than we need for our body remembers the time when we did not have enough. So our natural tendency is to eat to whatever we are exposed to from an young age and we grow into it. Once you have a basic understanding of the energies of food, you would be able to choose which food supports you and which food depletes you in your energy.

Food also plays a very major role in one's awakening process. We are coming into a time where the feminine energies are most important because to eat more feminine energy and to dissolve the masculine energies somewhat, but not completely because they are needed, but for just this short period of time we need to see the feminine energies more prominent. When you are in a masculine body there is much feminine energies in the body for we are both masculine and feminine. We can say some foods are better than others, some have chemicals and some do not, some are heavy, some are light etc., and there is always the debate among people whether they should eat meat or not. If people could focus on eating food which are more feminine, this would activate the feminine energy with in their bodies and they would see a tremendous wealth of their soul's energies coming forward. It would be like a new aspect of the Creator being activated from within them. And this would offer tremendous wisdom and wealth of skills and abilities that would simply emerge from a person who eats more feminine vibration food. We the ascended masters are asking many to embrace the feminine qualities to be activated from within, and also to use them in their actions, their thoughts and their meditation skills. So to eat in this way is extremely important. Sometimes we have to take physical action in order for us to make those spiritual shifts and we believe that eating in this way would be a physical action that would anchor many spiritual shifts that would activate the energy of greater love, greater creativity and greater beauty. Eating in this way would change the entire vibration of the body and this is what we need to do change the entire vibration of the body in order to ascend further. And with so many people emanating feminine energies, Mother Earth also embraces these vibrations and it will be a healing for the physical reality. This diet is to heal the physical reality, physical body and the physical earth.

Let us take the first meal of the day - breakfast. The medical professional will tell you that a healthy breakfast is the key to the day and every one should eat a well balanced breakfast. Now let us take that doctrine and look at it closely.
When one wakes up in the morning and if that person had a restful sleep, then that person's energy field is in a receptive mood. So if we take a food which is opposite to that, then that receptive part of our being/the creative part of our being is slowly being drained of that energy. On the other hand if we eat food which can support one's energy field in the morning, then that person's energy field would mostly be enhanced and that person can be in a creative space. The energy of the first food/drink in the morning sets the energy pattern for the entire day.

To give you an idea, let us take a typical American breakfast. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Coffee/Tea, Orange juice etc.,
All the above foods are masculine in energy and when eaten, the creative part of us shuts down and the masculine parts takes over. So when can we eat masculine food? Lunch time is the best time to eat masculine food for it will give you the input to carry you forward. The evening food should also be feminine as it will help not only in the health arena, but also help you to have creative ideas when you sleep and you are more in a feeling level experience when you wake up.

One other thing to note about the energy of the food is in the way it is cooked. The highest vibration is when it is cooked in an earthen pot for the earthen pot contains the highest energy of the Mother Earth than any other man made cooking vessels for earthen pots contain the most natural essence in its making.

Now let us take a look at some of the foods and see which one is masculine and which one is feminine.

Bread - of any kind including whole wheat/rye or any other - Masculine

Cereal - Feminine (only natural cereal is feminine)

Milk - Cow Milk if it is factory produced is Masculine. If it is grown in a farm where the cow is free to roam around, then that milk is feminine

Sheep milk - Feminine

Egg - Masculine

Apple - Feminine

Orange - Feminine

Bacon - Masculine

Avocado - Feminine and also the No.1 balanced food which can be eaten any time.

Banana - Masculine

Papaya - Feminine

Pineapple - Masculine

Grapes - Masculine

Mango - Masculine

Berry (raspberry/blue berry) - Feminine and balanced

Herb teas (most of them except Green tea) - Masculine

Celery Feminine

Carrots Feminine

Lettuce Feminine

Cabbage Masculine

Turnip Feminine

Radish Feminine

Cauliflower - Feminine

Broccoli Feminine

Spinach Feminine

Sweet potato - Masculine

Cucumber Masculine

Chickpeas Masculine

Lentils Feminine

Onion Masculine

Garlic Feminine

Asparagus Feminine

Lady finger Feminine

Sweet Corn - Feminine (if it is organic) otherwise Masculine if mass produced

Pepper Feminine

Tomato (baby tomato only) - Feminine

Eggplant Masculine

Leek Feminine

Soy Masculine

Zucchini Masculine

Apricot Masculine

Cantaloupe - Feminine

Cherry Feminine

Fig Feminine

Dates Masculine

Pear Feminine

Strawberry - Masculine

Watermelon - Masculine

Mushroom - Feminine

Pomegranate -Feminine

Kiwi fruit Feminine

Olives Masculine

Dear ones, all the food can be divided into these two categories including water. Cold water is masculine and warm water is feminine. Experiment with the foods you take and you would come up with the most appropriate one for you.

You are all in an accelerated time with tremendous input of highly spiritual energy on the planet and you want to be in the best of your energy field to be able to use these highly potent charged energies. So you want to keep your body as light as possible to be able to use these energies and just by observing the food you take, you would be able to come up make the necessary adjustment to support you in this process. Now some more food categories.

Meat (all kinds of meat) - Masculine

Fish - Masculine

Shrimps (small ones and small fish which is less than one inch) - Feminine

Rice (all kinds of rice including brown rice) - Masculine

Pasta (all kinds of pasta) - Masculine

Pizza (all pizzas) Masculine

Cookies/all cookies Masculine

Dry grapes - Feminine

Nuts (walnuts, almond) Feminine

Peanuts Masculine

Cashew Nuts - Masculine

Salads without dressing - Feminine

Salad with dressing Masculine

Indian curry Masculine

Cucumber Masculine

Baked Beans Masculine

Chicken Pot pie Masculine

Hot Dogs Masculine

Potato chips Masculine

Mashed potatoes/Hash brown - Masculine

Coffee/Tea Masculine

Soda Masculine

Chocolates all kinds Masculine

Cakes all kinds Masculine

Corn Chips Masculine

Doughnuts Masculine

French Fries Masculine

Bagels and Muffins Masculine

Pretzels Masculine

Yogurt Masculine unless it is made in the home with organic milk and other ingredients

Ketchup/Mayonnaise Masculine

Peanut butter and other jams - Masculine

Now what are the foods, one can eat to create a healthy energy experience starting from morning?

For breakfast cereal without factory produced milk, avocado, papaya, freshly squeezed orange juices are all recommended. For afternoon, it is good to have masculine food as it is the energy driver as it gets you going (in the morning you want to be receptive). For snacks in the early evening (if you are used to it) instead of munching on cookies and candies, nuts without any seasoning (organic nuts), raisin, are all recommended. For dinner, the best foods which are feminine in nature are: fresh foods, pima (especially the yellow color one), baby carrots, spinach fresh or steamed, kidney beans, green peas, baby tomatoes, miniature apples etc.,

Dear ones play with the food energy mentioned above and come up with your own diet plan.

Amma, Angel Samiel and Master Kuthumi
through Rae Chandran