Grand Old Spider speaks

Hello, we are the celestial beings and our guest for today is the Grand old Spider.

Grand Old Spider speaks

Human beings has to understand their role if they want to survive in this planet. Everything must evolve and what does not evolve will naturally die out. Look at all the varieties of animals and plants which were on the planet, and look how many survive now. Yes, some became extinct because of human interference, but many died out as they were not evolving. Everything must evolve and that is the golden role. When one does not evolve, that chain of evolution is broken and it will be replaced by something else, for this chain cannot have interruptions.

This planet was set up as a planet of free choice for a reason and that reason being whether one can by its willfulness evolve. You are discovering this process now and will continue to do so for some more time and there is great anticipation on the other side that you will all evolve. What happens when human beings do not evolve, for it will not only effect the earth, but all which is in it including all the animals and the plants and the tree and everything else. We have been evolving and have been doing our part to support and sustain the planet and ourselves and we will continue to do so. But there is fear among us all that if the human beings cannot make it, then we will not make it. This has put lots of anxiety among all the species and it has caused great alarm.

Before we came here we were told that human beings will awaken during this time period and the planet will shift and along with it, we will also shift and change. It was on this assumption that we all volunteered to come and we are very much disappointed in the human beings. We are at a cross road and do not know what will be our future and this unknowingness is very uneasy on us and our wellbeing. Our little ones can feel and sense this and we try to insulate or protect them from this reality. But many of them has glimpses of understanding about what is happening and because of this, the spirit to live fully is gone in many of the youngsters for the feeling is that what good is it for, for we are all going to die anyway. We believe that this is not the way to live.

What we do ask the human beings for now is.

Be still and communicate with us, so that our youngsters can feel the peace coming from you and be reassured. Take a few moments daily to send your love to all of us and we will feel it and we will know that human beings care for us, for our destiny is completely in the hand of human beings and their evolution on this planet.

Many a time when you walk or pass by, you may see us in the trees, pause and send a greeting to us silently and we will feel acknowledged and respected and assured. When you see a flower, acknowledge that flower and send a blessing to them reassuring them and giving them hope. Hold this intention to acknowledge and send this love silently whenever you walk - to all the beings including the little ones - worms, bugs, flying ones, etc., When you make it a habit to acknowledge all, you will also acknowledge your divine heart and its very essence and through the very power of attraction, you will start to draw forth these or similar kinds of vibrations in your life.

There is one important purpose for our being here. (speaking specifically of Spiders), for we are the web through which you can make your connection to your star brothers and sisters. Have you ever thought of why we weave web and if you look closely, you will see that many times it looks like galaxy or other forms of star-formation. Through our web, one can easily access a certain amount of galactic consciousness. We encourage you to look into this. The pattern of our webs have been used in the past to construct grand chambers and temples and if you were to see some of the ruins from an aerial view, it will resemble a giant web. We are called the Giant Web of light carriers. We hold this energy for all of you. Connect with us and avail of this wisdom.

Grand Old Spider Master
through Rae Chandran