Birds and Bougainvillea - Masters in Disguise supporting humanity

Hello we are the Celestial beings called Founders.

Some of you may already know us, for we have been here from the time of inception of this planet. There were many preparations before human beings could come down to inhabit this planet, for this planet was set up as an experimental planet. Our role in this was to support the Creator in choosing who will be coming to the planet in support of the arriving humanity. Like a stage being made before the band could play, much needed to be done before human beings arrived. We were given the task of choosing the most appropriate life forms which could come to the planet and thrive here, and also be in support of humanity. So, we scouted throughout many universes to find the most appropriate life forms and then inviting them to come here. Many agreed to come here as volunteers and some did not. Many had a time frame for coming and they were contracted to be here for only a certain amount of time and then they left. One of them was Dinosaurs and Dragons, the other was Unicorn and giant whales and other creatures which lived under the ocean. All of these were visitors to the earth bringing specific energies for a specific time and then they left. Traces of their existences still exist today.

It was not only the animals who came and anchored the energy here. There were many being from various galaxies, star systems who also participated in preparation. One of them was Giants. You may have heard stories about Giants roaming the earth and this was true. The other was very short people called Aradh who were only 2 and half feet and dark in color. The beings from the plant and tree kingdom also supported the earth's inhabitation preparation and many of the plant and tree kingdom still do. There were also beings and energies from various star systems and other galaxies who came here to support. Along with all this, the kingdom of the Birds also arrived and they were called the Gate Keepers, for they held within their beak ancient secrets and truths. There were large birds before, who could fly nonstop over thousands of miles and they were tasked with the work of anchoring and making certain areas on the earth powerful Vortexes and Sacred Spots. Birds hold much secret for humanity. One of your Great Teacher - Master Yeshua talked about birds being one of his teacher. Also St. Francis of Assisi talked about Birds teaching him about the language of the animal kingdom. As you may have noticed. birds sing all the time, not only in the morning, but also in the night. What is the message they are communicating? If you listen carefully, you will notice that the bird songs have a certain rhythm, melody and energy behind it. They are communicating the truth of the Creator when they sing. Many a time, when they sing, they are sending energy of peace, tranquility and harmony into Earth and also to the people.

Have you noticed after a heavy thunderstorm or hurricane has passed, the birds come out and sing, to pacify the frightened people. The next time you hear a bird sing, be still and listen, and you will decipher their message. Birds work directly with the Mental kingdom and their melodies can affect not only the upper portion of the mind, but all levels of mind like the unconscious, subconscious, super conscious and Omni mind. Their sounds can affect our energy centers called Chakras and also the geometric patterns in the physical body. Yes, there are geometric patterns in the physical body placed by the Archangelic beings. Bird's

sound also penetrates deeply into the psychic and can help one understand the inter connectedness of all life.

We would like you to try this experiment. Next time, you are faced with a challenging situation and you want to get an answer, talk to the birds. Calm yourself and call on the bird kingdom. If you are in nature, the energy of your thoughts on the questions will easily be picked up by the birds in that area and will bring forth a solution quickly - many a time with in the first thirty minutes of your placing the intent to get an answer. In addition to not only bringing an answer to your queries, the colors of the birds have a very soothing effect on the human body. Many colors of the birds act like a healing or soothing balm on the human soul. The colors feed the soul, for colors are the food for the soul. Yes, Love is very important for the soul, but colors are equally important. For your soul is a color combination combined with a frequency of sound. In just having a picture of two birds sitting in harmony together in the bedroom can help to reduce the tensions between two partners. Listening to the singing of the birds can open up new realities for certain synapses occur in the brain which can create certain chemical reactions in the brain creating a sense of peace and harmony. Birds are also the carrier of important news - about birth and death (in some of the methods of announcement of a baby, you depict a bird carrying a baby in a sack in it beak. This is literally true, for they are the carries of information. That is why in many religious settings, you will see images of birds carved on the walls of that place. Feeding the birds daily is a good anti dote for healing and rectifying karmic energies, for birds truly are the messengers from God.

We also invited certain plants and flower kingdom to come to the earth and as you can see, there is a large variety here. One of the most important one who volunteered to come is the one you call Bougainvillea. They come in a variety of colors - almost 15 in total and they grow in most of the places where there is a bit of warm climate. What are their properties? They are holding the frequencies of the Vesica Pisces - the Father/Mother God energy and being near them can help you remember more about your connection to both these energies.

One other great being who came to this planet to plant the seeds of Spirituality is Master Sri Bonato. This was a great master from another Universe called Manashreeas which is in the 24th dimension. This being is truly the Father of Spirituality here on planet Earth. When this being came, he brought with him from his dimension a Flame of Light called Green Light which carried the potential for humanity to evolve and move forward. Even now in your modern world, in all your traffic stops, when the lights appear green on the signal, it means it is safe to go/cross. This light is anchored deep into the mountains of Tibet. One can access this light and this being in your meditation. We encourage you to do this, for it can lift your vibration significantly. When you connect with this light, it means, it is safe for you to accept your light and you give permission to yourself to evolve and Ascend. There were also many other beings who supported in preparing the earth plane. We will discuss more of them in the next few messages.

The Founders
through Rae Chandran